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  2. When I started out 20mm was all that was available at the time. No 15mm or 28mm. I do remember 30mm and 54mm were the popular go-to at the time (from the occasional wargaming mag I might come across). Times may have changed and scales come and gone but I've stayed with 20mm. Good to hear you're also working your way through your pile. From the sounds of it, you will be busy as well. Remember the ACW period with much fondness and enjoyment but no longer have any desire to return to that period simply because it got played out to death by myself. Sorry if I might be misleading you. What's o
  3. Congrats on the metal guard army! My Valhallans remain my favourite army for any game, despite not playing 40k for a long time.
  4. So I bought a large compliment of Steel Legion off of someone on WAU a long time ago as part of a plan to do a 3rd War for Armageddon Imperial army (which is where the Celestial Lions, the chapter I collect, got Inquisitoned). So first step is that I'm going to paint up the infantry. Then I might paint the commisars (I have Yarrick and a converted regular commisar) or I'll make a start on the plethora of vehicles I have. Chimeras should probably get done first since, you know, Steel Legion. There are roughly 130 infantry (counting heavy weapon teams as 2 models). I think I
  5. Yep. The transfer wound up curling up inside of itself and the print dissolved. I've given up and printed on paper, will dust lightly with varnish to ensure it sticks properly.
  6. sand table is great lol (look out for sand sharks). I recall, as very young lad in an alternate universe, finding an airfix 8th army chap in my parents front garden. Pretty sure it was from a previous owner but for the next few years I kept looking out but never did find anymore. The things you remember when young hey. 20mm is a nice fit between the two scales. 28mm are tempting for my aging eyes but I just happen to have thousands of 15-18mm metals, from nearly 30 years of collecting (hording) so will keep ploughing through them on and off. I just managed to get the union brigade done
  7. Yesterday
  8. Did you seal it with a varnish first?
  9. Standard white decal sheets. Which is why I've printed extra, as I'm going to have to be extra careful cutting them out to avoid white lines around them. Current shot. Nothing says early 90s like strong solid colour.
  10. sell the games at full price ($125 in Aus) to PS5 players, and hand them out for free under gamepass to PC/Xbox customers best was i saw it put was along the lines of 'MS doesnt want to win some schoolboy fight about what console is better, they want to make money'
  11. Last week
  12. You should see my thumb on the other hand then πŸ˜› Man, I can't wait to see this bad boy finished. Did you just use regular decal paper and an inkjet to make the decals? I've been considering getting a printer for decals that can print white, but they are super expensive.
  13. Tonight I called in some help from the wife. I'm sure when I bought this 20odd years ago it had a decal sheet. Tonight I gave her a couple of crappy images from Sarna and some measurements, and now I have a new decal sheet.
  14. I think they'll allow the studios to operate as normal - in the same way they have done with Obsidian. The objective isn't to starve sony of games, the objective is to ensure they're optimised for xbox and pc, and to ensure that on release date they're available on game pass - subscription is their main focus right now.
  15. So, that happened. What do people think?
  16. Had a multi-plane game of Canvas Eagle. Some game pics and flight path.
  17. Finished up a Gui Feng today, had a go at doing a crystal blade, pretty pleased with it
  18. Krefey is a fraud! He's not a real hobbiest! The evidence is above this! There's no-where near enough scars and scrapes on his fingers from hobby knife accidents. 😝
  19. Thanks πŸ™‚ Helps that I've taken 4 weeks off of work as I really needed a break. The first batch of resin parts I designed has been dropped off and they fit πŸ™‚ Need to wait for the rest and then paint those then glue them on.
  20. My completed Honeys. I’m happy to get them done, though I will not be in the running for this months competition. Dopey here forgot to include the required date/theme in the pre painted photo ☺️.
  21. Thanks for the advice! I'll try the talc for the resin. A bit of slicing involved, but the two halves are ready. Has come out rather well for my first attempt. Keen to get the resin in now.
  22. If I may offer some advice, you may want to vent the bit at the end of the claw to the top of the mold, you can then use that to por the resin, so that fill from the bottom. I used Lego to billed the box, but not! the cheap stuff you can get from Target, it will leek. I have found release agent is best when pouring the silicone and talc is best for the resin. ketil
  23. I thought you were joking when you said you would be painting an entire fleet this month. Incredibly well done, they look fantastic.
  24. I got some Stoner Rapid Release on recommendation from a friend and am using that as the release agent. Have just poured the 2nd half of the two part mold. Going to bed, so will see how it turns out tomorrow.
  25. Pro tip: to help ensure there's no air bubbles, you can sit the molds on a vibrating platform after you pour. I used to have a piece of mdf on some spare springs, with a cheap crappy vibrator cable-tied to it. Also I found dusting the inside of the pour areas with talcum powder helped attract resin into the corners.
  26. Sooo, I'm working on a "secret" project and it involves a lot of the same model. So I've decided to convert a bunch of them so they don't all look the same. As such, I'm going to be attempting to so some resin casting of a few converted pieces that I can then play with and attach to the various models to give the models some points of difference. First picture is of the mold I made. I got some advice from @chromedog on making the mold and where to put some vents etc. The holes are key holes to help make sure each half of the 2 part mold fit together properly for when Input the resin
  27. I think I counted about 95ish including the unfinished ones not in these photos. The "unfinished" ones are painted at least. I'll paint the rest of the bits when i get the 3D printed parts.
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