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  2. I like it. Saves me looking at those other sites to get this news. Once set up I expect these are no effort so why not keep 'em?
  3. That great psychic squall blocking interstellar communication has lifted for but a moment. Images have been broadcast from the surface of an embattled world – spearing through a great shadow in the warp. The post The Shadow Clears appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
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  5. True. I prefer the term fossil myself who are known for skipping the food and water part altogether. For now.
  6. Lady Haera Helmawr is making her way to the underhive this weekend with a showstopping new model, and given how she treats her friends, you won’t want to make an enemy of the de-facto new ruler of Necromunda by committing a social faux-pas. Perhaps this pamphlet – apparently distributed by the Hive Primus authorities – will explain what you need to know about the new administration. ++ Instructional Pamphlet NC08-99A/M-SU ++ A Hive Denizen’s Guide to Your Noble Betters Revised Helmawr Succession Edition Translated into Low Gothic by Scrivener Adept-Primus Perontus Maxalian, House Helmawr Rejoice, louts, worms, and lowlifes, for the time of Imperial succession is at hand! The most honourable, munificent and plenipotentiary Lord of Necromunda has ascended to her rightful seat from the mire of pretenders and charlatans, and the common proles – that’s you – of Hive City are required by law to recognise the unalloyed magnificence of Lady Haera Helmawr, the 138th Lord of all Necromunda. In lieu of the formal education that is so lacking beneath The Wall, allow this instructional manuscript to broaden your minds – respectfully narrow as they are – regarding proper recognition of your Spire-dwelling betters. Ignorance is no excuse when consorting with the Noble Houses of blessed Necromunda. The first and most important step is to determine who is worthy of your just adoration – some hive scum may wear flamboyant fineries, but true nobility is a quality that cannot be bought or stolen. Even those who engage directly with the underhive rabble – like the Krieg Mesters of House Greim – carry themselves with irrepressible dignity, while no amount of unearned arrogance can outweigh the burden of being born common. Certain citizens of status in Hive City, especially those in control of the common Houses, may style themselves ‘Lords’ or affect an air of peerage. Respectable though their contributions to the Palatine may be, they are mere commoners like you – large, savage, and spectacularly dangerous, but boorish nonetheless. Under no circumstances are you to believe the claims of certain aristocrat-presenting rebels with delusions of grandeur, no matter how refined and exquisite their raiment might be. Vagabonds such as the so-called ‘Lady Credo’ are to be rigorously scorned, for they have not earned their position of superiority over you by congenital merit – not like the justly-elevated scions of the Noble Houses. If you are of not of suitably high birth, proper etiquette dictates you remove yourself from the noble party’s presence immediately, though House gangs with suitably close ties may barter for their co-operation – for an acceptable display of financial gratitude, of course. Most importantly, the most gracious and virtuous Lady Haera Helmawr is not to be disturbed about her business should she choose to enlighten the Hive with her presence, as is her divine right. True sons and daughters of Necromunda are obliged to throw themselves upon her exquisite power spear – and indeed, this duty is itself a beneficence, for such an end is surely more glorious than a lifetime of squalor. Mark well these words, philistines of Hive Primus. Your meagre reputation – and indeed, your meagre life – may one day rely upon a fortunate glance from the superior class. All hail Lady Haera Helmawr! Rightful master of Necromunda! Well, that was certainly… confident. It did get one thing right, though – Lady Helmawr is only days away from pre-order, and she’s undeniably in charge. For now. You can continue the tale of the Aranthean Succession in the forthcoming Vaults of Tenemos book, in which a mysterious Redemptionist prophet whips the faithful into a frenzied quest for holy relics. The post The Hiver’s Guide to the Nobles of Necromunda – Succession Edition appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  7. Have you seen the new Boss Snikrot miniature? It’s no big surprise if you haven’t – he’s the sneakiest Ork around, and an effective Blood Axe Kommando leader. He’s leading the new Boarding Patrol: Orks into pre-order this weekend, so we wondered how his hand-picked sneak-boyz would look on the battlefield. Boss Snikrot’s Blood Axe Boarders First, let’s have a closer look at that Boarding Patrol. Though the Red Skull Kommandos are his go-to cronies, any Ork who can hold their tongue for more than 10 seconds can find a place on a secret Snikrot mission. This time he’s brought 10 Beast Snagga Boyz along for the ride, plus five freebootin’ Flash Gitz* picked up on his travels through space. Combined with his tooled-up Kommandos, this is a box with lots of punch up close, plenty of firepower for clearing corridors, and loads of bodies for splitting up and securing objectives. Da Big Distrakshun Plan On a full-size battlefield, Snikrot can bring more of his buddies along for a sneaky stab-a-thon. Is a Blood Axe army even a Blood Axe army if it’s not maximising its Kommandos? In a moment of sheer Orky genius, the Boss has bartered for the aid of some mercenary Flyboyz piloting Deffkoptas and Dakkajets. It’s a lesson he learned in the jungles of Armageddon – if the ‘umies are too busy looking up for the koptas, they’ll never notice the Orks stabbin’ ‘em from the front. Taktiks! Waaagh! Gitcleava Battle Mob Let’s not forget, Snikrot is a humble soul. He doesn’t need to be in command all the time – he’s quite happy tagging along with a larger Ork force. Deploy him right in front of your enemy’s nastiest units, preferably tucked away in some scattered cover, and the distraction he and his Kommandos create can let your massive mobs of Ork Boyz move up the board in relative safety. Your other boyz will appreciate the fact that the enemy is shooting at something else for a turn or two** and long-range Lootas and Mek Gunz can take a moment to find a perfect position to unleash the dakka. You will need some fighty lads to help out the embattled Kommandos eventually – the Stormboyz can drop right in where they’re needed. How would you factor the stealthiest Ork in the galaxy into your battle plans? Do you, a fine and upstanding Ork, even believe in battle plans? You can find out this weekend when Boarding Patrol: Orks – your first chance to get hold of the new Boss Snikrot – goes up for pre-order. * Although they’re a Heavy Support choice, Orks can take a unit thanks to their special Mustering Rules. ** We’re sure Snikrot will forgive the Warboss for using his lads as bait. The post Build Da Sneakiest Mob in Da Galaxy With Boss Snikrot and His Ded ‘Ard Kommandos appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  8. The Middle-earth™ Strategy Battle Game ,and its amazing potential for dramatic narratives, resonates strongly with many hobbyists. We often feature fantastic creations that celebrate the magnificent world of Middle-earth, but today we’ve got something truly mind blowing. Here’s Lachlan Linton-Keane from Zorpazorp with the lowdown on creating an awe-inspiring Osgiliath gaming board. I’ve been working on a massive Osgiliath gaming board for over a decade, and when the new Osgiliath box set and Gondor Ruins were announced – I just had to add a whole new city block of flooded cityscape! My original board at this stage was 40 square feet, made from two 5’x4’ halves stacked full of scratch-built foam buildings. Nothing quite beats the intricate detailing of Games Workshop plastic scenery, but to match the large scale of my original board, I was going to need a LOT of kits. Luckily the folks at Warhammer Community came to the rescue and fired over 100 sprues of the new Osgiliath Ruins. The filming of our massive Osgiliath Campaign was just around the corner, and the pressure was on to finally complete this war-torn Gondorian city. My first step was to summon a bunch of mates, arm ourselves with clippers and scalpels, and clean up all the sprues. This took a staggering 23 hours, but it was essential to complete this phase first so that the momentum of building such a massive city layout wasn’t interrupted by constantly clipping out important pieces. The kits are yet another clever modular masterpiece from the hands of Ray, the scenery master of the Warhammer Design Studio. Each sprue is stunningly detailed, with all sorts of Gondorian-style windows, walls, and doors. I was acutely aware that I was probably the only person outside of Warhammer World with this many kits to work with, so I decided to stay true to the Zorpazorp motto of ‘stupidly massive’ and build three ruined skyscrapers for a truly epic sense of scale. My first big decision was to only add flooring every two stories, which is not only perfect for gameplay as it creates easy access to models, but also conserved lots of floor tiles for extra bridges and gangways. My other top technique was assembling the buildings with many of the ruined tiles flipped upside down. Inverting the pieces allowed us to create cool impact holes in the sides of our taller, more intact buildings, as if a catapult shot had blasted the side out of our mighty structures. It also kept to a good ratio of intact and ruined wall pieces – something essential with such tall structures. The floor and wall tiles lock together perfectly, and so I was able to glue together the buildings in storeys, securing the walls to their corresponding floors below but not above. This meant the whole structure could be pulled apart for storage and also made the scenery fully destructible. We’ve even written some house rules into our campaign – if those pesky Mordor catapults hit the buildings, parts of the structure can collapse! We lift off the ruined top level, pull out a middle section, and then replace the top, it then looks like the upper building has been blasted off. With three towers completed, and linked with gangways made from more floor and wall tiles, I decided to make a flooded city docks section. This would give Gothmog’s amphibious assault rafts a perfect landing point from which to begin their attack. The five buildings of this section were constructed in interesting shapes, and with small gangways linking them both to each other and to the massive towers, allowing players to choose between fighting in the treacherous, submerged city streets or across the ruined upper levels. Choose your peril, sons of Gondor! After a simple paint scheme with some spray cans, dry brushing, washes, and weathering, it was time to cover them in rubble and water. To create this effect, we drowned the entire 60 square feet of Osgiliath in over 100 pounds of epoxy resin to represent the waters of the river Anduin. The board is now flooded, the armies are moving and the great Battle of Osgiliath is about to begin! You can check out a whole playlist of videos we made about this project on the Zorpazorp YouTube channel. Thanks so much Lachlan, truly a project to make even Celebrimbor proud. The Osgiliath Ruins are currently available in the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game: Battle of Osgiliath boxed set, but they will be released separately in the near future. Sign up for the Warhammer Community letter to receive the first word of their release. The post We Sent One Hobbyist 100 Sprues of Osgiliath™ Ruins and He Built a Whole City appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  9. strewth - my paltry collection of ambitious projects pales into comparison to your collection Sir b20f08 haha. Kudos to the king! I reckon theres about 75 boxes of toys in that bookcase. Always good to have options and variety in projects for us hobbyists. The GNW stuff has been a more recent interest of mine I have to admit however, let me get through my Gettysburg 3d print stage first (2 weekends ago printed out approx 35 "warlord "Epic" like bases on top of goodness know how many I have already printed , some where the shed). Zombies, meh, guys like us are well sorted for an apocalypse. Probs run of out water and food well before figures to paint lol. Look forward to the progress. You are probably well over painting Naps for a while I expect, yes?
  10. 100% just scrap it completely. If major wargaming announcements only elicit a couple of posts from people in dedicated threads then I don't think we need every single thing RSS feeds spit out.
  11. Is having the sub forum for Warhammer Community better? Or should I make it a separate forum entirely?
  12. A decent enough collection to fulfil this new year-long project.
  13. Thanks. Three shelves contain Napoleonics (20mm) - mostly excess from the Borodino Project. Top shelf house my 20mm Medievals (for Lion Rampant). Stacked on the very top are a few odds and sods including Korean War jets, opened and unfinished 40K, modelling accessories such as train lines and gun emplacements. The very bottom shelf comprise my 25mm Bolt Action - inf and vehicles. Next to them sit unopened 20mm ACW HQ command (both sides). Shelf immediately above that consist of WW2 German destroyers in 1/700, 20mm Great Northern War (fought between Sweden and Russia), and Russian Civil War figurines completes the group. There is much more - heaps more packed in boxes and bins but that belongs to the Eternal Hall of Shame and therefore deniable! 😁
  14. Wow that like a Gamers doomsday preppers equivalent store of goodies! I'd definitely waver haha but impressive start for sure with those soviet chaps. You still have any 20mm naps left over from Borodino or are they all WW2 figs? I can't really tell from the photo (old eyes).
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  16. Want to get back into painting minis after a decent break. Grabbed a few boxes off my shelving of shame and have made a slow start. Not sure how long this particular painting endeavour will last so have chosen to lump it all into one length-of-this-year blanket project. That way if I waver (and I will) my accountability is covered. First project: 15mm Soviet WW2 infantry in summer uniform. Bought by mistake. Too lazy to sell so decided to paint up. Never really going to play this scale so am pretty lax regarding materials - ran out of 20mm bases and found a decent enough substitute from the local hardware store. I am also using cheap craft paints as it makes sense with large quantity of figures. Plus I have a personal preference for craft paints. I made a start a few days back by priming in White then basecoating with Yellow Ochre. There are a total of one hundred and thirty Soviets in the original box kit, divided into five sprues of twenty-six figures each. Started painting the first sprue lot with black boots, some weaponry and green helmets. Sloppy or careless start made at this stage. The ensuing detailing will improve the final finished state. The flocking will also change colour. Next effort will be to detail as much before starting the next project - 2 boxes of Bolt Action figurines. Cheers.
  17. The Arks of Omen series continues with a crimson-clad close combat machine who gets an awesome new miniature and tears his way through an army of his hated nemeses. No, not that one. The post Sunday Preview – Commander Farsight Takes His Shot at the Arks of Omen appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  18. I can definitely specify a forum it can post to. Let me check the details. Might just see if it can't post to a thread per manufacturer
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  20. Imagine waiting in fear for the next Chaos incursion into your realms, only for two to show up at once. That’s what the residents of the Mortal Realms have to deal with this week, as new heroes and battletomes for the followers of Khorne and Slaanesh arrive side-by-side to liven the place up. Battletome: Blades of Khorne The Blades of Khorne are battle-hungry servants of the Blood God, dedicated to wanton slaughter and frenzied butchery in the name of their bloodthirsty patron. The new Battletome: Blades of Khorne chronicles their bloody history across the ages with extensive background lore and bestiary entries, while 41 updated warscrolls and new Path to Glory campaign rules – which bestow divine gifts on your champions in return for offerings of skulls – bring them alive on the battlefield.* Battletome: Blades of Khorne (Limited Edition) Dedicate your bookshelf to Khorne with a luxury Limited Edition version of the new battletome, limited to just 500 numbered copies worldwide. This edition sports a premium soft-touch cover with gold foil lettering and gilt page edges, while a red ribbon page marker ensures you’ll never lose track of your most important dedications to Khorne.* Realmgore Ritualist Khorne scorns magic in all its forms, but that doesn’t mean his followers can’t produce miraculous effects through pure faith and prayer alone. The Realmgore Ritualist specialises in offering bloodthirsty benedictions to the Lord of Skulls and carving sinister runes into terrain features and objectives, urging the Bloodbound to even greater heights of violence.* Vanguard: Blades of Khorne Begin a blood-crazed campaign of carnage with Vanguard: Blades of Khorne, a collection of mighty mortal warriors led by a powerful Slaughterpriest of Khorne. A force of 10 Bloodreavers and 10 Blood Warriors are backed up by three Mighty Skullcrushers, which together with their leader form a vicious close combat-dominating force capable of cutting the enemy to bloody ribbons.* Warscroll Cards: Blades of Khorne Don’t lose track of your rules amidst all the carnage – Warscroll Cards: Blades of Khorne keep all of your most important rules close at hand with a set of 41 reference cards and 30 tokens for all of your special abilities.* Blades of Khorne Dice Set Dice rolls are certifiably the best way of cutting apart your foes in Warhammer Age of Sigmar, so you’ll want to bless your own with a set of Blood God-approved dice. These 20 dice are cast in a vivid blood-red plastic with brassy orange pips, and include Khorne’s iconic sigil on the 6 fact.* Battletome: Hedonites of Slaanesh Though their god is absent from its palace of pleasures, the Hedonites of Slaanesh are nonetheless active across the Mortal Realms, reaving and despoiling as their indulgent whims take them. Battletome: Hedonites of Slaanesh is your portal to their world of sinful revelries, detailing the Dark Prince’s followers and setting the stage for their conquest with 36 updated warscrolls and Pitched Battle profiles. A suite of Path to Glory campaign rules offers cruel temptation to their enemies, reaping plentiful rewards when a momentary boon proves too enticing to resist.** Battletome: Hedonites of Slaanesh (Limited Edition) Nobody knows indulgence and excess like the followers of Slaanesh, and this Limited Edition battletome replete with glittering gold foil is right up their alley. This premium tome is bound in a sensual soft-touch cover with gilt page edges, and includes a red ribbon page marker – but it’s only limited to 500 copies, so make sure to snap yours up soon. Lord of Hubris All Hedonites are convinced of their own magnificence, but none exude well-earned arrogance quite like the Lord of Hubris. They stride the battlefield with the confidence of master duelists, challenging enemy heroes to single combat and letting foes take the first strike to prove their superiority – a momentary advantage that swiftly turns to horror once these supreme warriors deign to strike back.* Wondering how to give your Lord of Hubris a suitably supercilious paint job? Let the Warhammer Paint team show you how with just 10 pots of paint. The post Saturday Pre-orders – Khorne and Slaanesh Compete for Dominance of the Mortal Realms appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  21. Who are the greatest warriors in the galaxy? Is it the Orks, who live to fight and fight to live, or the Black Templars, with ironclad faith and zeal behind every swing of the sword? Today’s Black Library pre-orders may well help you find the answer. Warboss The fortress world of Aranua has fallen at last, the great green horde is triumphant, and Warboss Gazrot Goresnappa would be celebrating his historic victory… if he weren’t flat as a pancake underneath the severed head of a Gargant. Oops. Mike Brooks continues his descent into the madness of Orky fiction with Warboss, a riotous tale of the succession crisis that erupts when all six clans of the no-longer-united Waaagh! decide they’re best-suited to lead. A prophecy tells that the one true boss will be the first to find a mysterious door beneath a human fortress, but will Blood Axe boss Da Genrul be the one to reach it? Perhaps it’ll be Speedboss Zagnob or Mag Dedfist of the Goffs? What about Snaggi Littletoof, the shining light of the grot revolution? All we know is, there’ll be plenty of green mayhem before the answer’s revealed. This novel is available to pre-order now in hardback, eBook, and MP3 audiobook editions. Crusaders of Dorn The Black Templars number amongst the most renowned Space Marine chapters in Imperial history, always at the forefront of its deadliest campaigns. This compilation of seven short stories by Guy Haley delves into their background like nothing else before, highlighting key moments like High Marshal Helbrecht’s first crusade, all for the first time in audiobook format. Crusaders of Dorn includes the short stories Circle of Honour, The Black Pilgrims, Helbrecht: The Crusader, The Uncanny Crusade, The Glorious Tomb, Only Blood and Season of Shadows, and is available to pre-order now. Head to the webstore now to pick up these awesome tales from the 41st Millennium. The post Black Library Pre-orders – Orks and Templars Conquer Today’s Novels appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  22. Cinderak City burns. With the supposed death of Lord Helmawr and the ensuing succession crisis tearing Necromunda apart in an orgy of gang violence and scheming, a mysterious prophet arises at the head of a Redemptionist crusade determined to take Hive Temenos. The next chapter of Necromunda’s grand story continues in a new campaign book, The Aranthian Succession: Vaults of Temenos. Like much of the Imperium, Necromunda is built upon the bones of martyrs, and faith is a fundamental part of everyday life. In the wake of the disastrous events described in Cinderak Burning, the people turn to saints and relics to save them, and a Great Pilgrimage led by a Redemptionist Prophet has drawn thousands of members to its ranks. Whoever this prophet is, though, he has nothing to do with House Cawdor – much to the chagrin of Lord Mormae, Thane of Cawdor. Vaults of Temenos traces this twisted story of faith, heresy, and long-lost secrets with over 40 pages of narrative background that bring the events on Necromunda up to date. This lore also supports part two of the Succession Campaign – Road to Temenos. You’ll find all the rules you need to play this violently flavourful campaign, including benefits for aligning with certain factions, as well as holy relics – sainted objects that instil powerful boons – and rules for designing your very own spiritual paraphernalia. There are seven narrative scenarios themed around the events of the Great Pilgrimage, which you can weave into your campaign or play as one-off skirmish games. The book details four Dramatis Personae: the Prophet of the Redemption, Axon Hammer, Durgan Kill-Fist, and Scrutinator-Primus Servalen. There’s also a heavily-armoured profile for the Guild of Coin Ironcrawlers. You’ll find plenty of new rules for Cawdor gangs in the ash wastes, including crew profiles for both Cawdor and Redemptionist Road Preachers, new Cawdor Way-Brethren – foolhardy souls who pilot the rickety Ridge Walkers – as well as Vehicle Gang Tactics. For the Palanite Enforcers, the book includes rules for Hardcase Cyber-Mastiffs and Sanctioner Automata. You’ll be able to experience the rapture of these revelations and more when The Aranthain Succession: Vaults of Temenos goes on pre-order in the near future. The post The Aranthian Succession: Vaults of Temenos Serves up Saints, Sinners, and Savage Skirmishes appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  23. Had a lot of issues actually printing this - it's wings in particular failed 3-4 times, but today i was finally able to find time to pin and glue the model together - hopefully now i'll get some time to paint this before the end of the month: I'm struggling a bit for a paint-scheme though too. I've got a good/weird idea for the base, but i'm not really sure what to try for the model itself. if not - Bloodthirster is complete: and waiting on the bases to arrive from AliExpress for my Great Unclean One: i also really hope this guy adds the Keeper of Secrets (or any Slaanesh daemons) out soon, to complete the set.
  24. The Mortal Realms are in the grip of a season of savagery known as the Era of the Beast, a magical manifestation emitting waves of primal energy. This is music to the ears of both Khorne and Slaanesh – any excess in violence suits both gods just fine. Khorne just loves bloodshed, while gratuitous atrocities help weaken Slaanesh’s chains. Though the Blood God has very little interest in the vestiges of civilisation, his blood cults have nevertheless risen up in cities all over the Mortal Realms.* The promise of unrestrained violence tempts everyone from sullen veterans and embittered workers to bored bloodthirsty nobles into these barbarous sects. Few of these cults worship Khorne directly. They turn instead to approximations and avatars – such as the porcine deity known as King Cleaver, venerated by the Butcherfolk of Hammerhal.** Even the indentured pit-fighters of Har Kuron have formed a cult known as the Red Ruin, born from the bitterness of innumerable defeats at the hands of Khainite gladiatrices. Beyond the cities, the Lord of Slaughter’s gaze is frequently fixed on Ghur, where Dawnbringer columns and vast Waaaghs! fall under the axe of the Slaughterhosts. This vast rolling battle joined by the black-armoured Bloodthirsters known as the Baleful Lords, and the powerful ritualists of the Flayed. On the other hand, the followers of Slaanesh are scattered to the winds, each host and hero pursuing their own obsessions. Glutos Orscollion the Grand Gourmand is ever the epicurean, and after feasting on the core of a Krondspine Incarnate he now salivates over the elemental flavours of the other seven realms. While Slaanesh remains absent – still bound in Uhl-Gysh – the twins formed of his essence have attempted to sow discord in Settler’s Gain, whose civilians pursue a purer perfection under the watchful eyes of their aelven masters. Despite inciting an unsuccessful rebellion, Synessa and Dexcessa have turned their attention to other cities, quietly confident that their exploitation of pride will eventually cripple the Lumineth Realm-lords’ pet project. Far beyond the Mortal Realms, in the roiling realm of chaos, the Realm of Slaanesh keenly feels the loss of its master. At the centre of the six Circles of Seduction stands the towering Palace of Pleasure.*** The debauched depravities undertaken by the daemons that reside within may lack that certain spark provided by the Lord of Sin, but many mortals are still tempted to explore this monument to obsession and obscenity. Regardless of what the future holds for Khorne and Slaanesh, you can learn all about the current state of affairs for each faction in their respective Battletomes, which both go on pre-order tomorrow. * He can’t help but enjoy how cities conveniently collect lots of skulls in one easy-to-massacre place… ** Or the wild-scouring Claws of Karanak, who emulate the Blood God’s favoured pooch. *** They are the Circles of Avidity, Gluttony, Carnality, Paramountcy, Vainglory and Indolency – in that order. The post So Just What Have Khorne and Slaanesh Been up to During the Era of the Beast? appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  25. This weekend, excess reigns supreme as the new Battletome: Hedonites of Slaanesh rises loud and proud above the Mortal Realms, granting blissful updates to the Prince of Pleasure’s faithful sybarites. Slickbrush Luke from the Warhammer Community writing team, whose first sin is pride,* has swaggered over to show off his own army of dashing duelists. Over to you, Luke. When the mortal half of the Hedonites of Slaanesh range launched a few years ago, I was in paradise. I generally prefer the devotees of the Chaos Gods to their daemonic comrades, and the Hedonites have carved a wonderful niche within the Age of Sigmar. With the new Battletome: Hedonites of Slaanesh tantalisingly close, I was enticed by the dread Lord of Words on Warhammer Community to present my own pageant of pleasure. Inspired by their Arabian Nights-esque vibe, the many collapsed statues on bases, and the sand texture on the Dread Pageant Warhammer Underworlds warband, I immediately knew I wanted to create a grand Caravan of Slaanesh in the realm of Ulgu. There, in some forsaken and endless desert of shadows, these misguided souls would quest for sensations that shimmered at sense’s horizon like treacherous oases. I continued the basing theme from the Dread Pageant with careful use of some all-purpose DIY filler and pieces of modelling putty scored with lines to look like mosaic flooring. After figuring out the basing method on some test bases, the next step was deciding on an overall colour scheme. I knew I wanted to make use of Retributor Armour, and decided to work in the purple associated with Slaanesh by washing it with Druchii Violet for a dark, rosy gold. For other armour and weapons, I went for a magical mother-of-pearl effect. To achieve this I based these parts with Grey Knights Steel and used thinned Volupus Pink and Akhelian Green to add a shimmering effect. I’m especially happy with how this turned out on larger panels like the Painbringer shields and Slickblade armour panels. With the metallics secured, I needed a primary colour across the army, and colour theory nudged me towards completing a triad with green – the orange of gold and purple forming the other points. I hit on the idea of shading the green cloth with purple and magenta tones, which works great for adding contrast but also adds a shimmering satin quality to the cloth – Slaanesh is all about luxury, after all. I tried to vary skin tones up across the mortals to reinforce the idea of an endless caravan constantly swelling with new members – plus it helped break up painting two units of Blissbarb Archers. A lot of the colours for the cloth, claws, and armaments shift all over the army, as I prefer to have some variety in a large force. For the daemons like the Fiends, the Contorted Epitome, and Dexcessa, I went with an unnatural porcelain white, shaded with thinned pinks to make them stand out as creatures from beyond reality – the Twinsouls combine both tones to show off their unique nature. Glutos Orscollion was the capstone that let me work everything in, and I look forward to rolling his mighty palanquin into battle alongside the shiny new Lord of Hubris. I’ve also got some Slaangor reinforcements already on the painting table, and I’m already eyeing up a second Keeper of Secrets to pal around with my current one. That’s a lot of miniatures! I guess with a Slaanesh army, there’s just no way of avoiding excess. Thanks Luke! Battletome: Hedonites of Slaanesh is up for pre-order this weekend, alongside a new Vanguard box bristling with devilish debauchees, so it’s the perfect time to pledge yourself in service to sensation. Join the Dark Prince – we promise you’ll enjoy it. * His second sin is not checking his spelling when he types the word “Vasthorr”. The post This Hedonites of Slaanesh Army Is a Sand-Wreathed Carnival of Cavorting Cruelty appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  26. The post Big Brothers – Cabin Fever appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  27. Hey Plasman. Did the leap and bought travel battles. Got it from a mate of mine at a great price but haven't opened it yet. Hopefully this weekend lol. I like what you did and with craft paints too (way cheap than GW etc paints) even better. Doing well on the Mantics Orcs. I wish them well but not a big fan of the mantic stuff though, to be fair, they are getting better. cheers
  28. Contemptor Dreadnoughts stalk the battlefields of the Horus Heresy, terrifying constructs used by the mortally wounded remains of Space Marine heroes to mete out further punishment upon their foes. Each Legion adorns its Contemptors with their appropriate heraldry, and today you can pre-order the first six resin torsos designed to work with the plastic Contemptor Dreadnought kit. Dark Angels Contemptor Torso Everyone’s secrets are safe when the Contemptors of the First Legion stomp into battle. These walking mausoleums are accessorised in ostentatious style with candles, chained angels, lancet motifs, and studded trim. Emperor’s Children Contemptor Torso Before the Horus Heresy, the Emperor’s Children were granted the exclusive right to bear the Emperor’s Palatine Aquila in battle, so this Contemptor torso is covered with majestic eagle emblems. Iron Warriors Contemptor Torso Perturabo’s dour siege masters take their internment in Dreadnoughts further than other Legions, outfitting their armoured death machines with even more mechanical accoutrements and embossed hazard stripes – naturally. White Scars Contemptor Torso Even the White Scars, masters of hit-and-run warfare, employ Dreadnoughts. Though rare to see due to the particular spot they occupy in White Scar culture, the “Uhaan Solban”* are decorated with symbols of Chogorian pride. Imperial Fists Contemptor Torso Indomitable. Resolute. Enduring. The sons of Dorn and Dreadnoughts are a match made on Terra, tenacious warriors stretching their loyal service beyond their years. Sons of Horus Contemptor Torso The Warmaster’s own go to war with the Eye of Horus emblazoned on their armour, ensuring his gaze falls on every battlefield. Their Contemptors bring this unwavering glare to bear alongside sharp Chthonian motifs. You can pre-order all six of these products from the Forge World webstore now. * That’s “Guardians of the Morning and Evening Stars” for those who don’t speak Chogorian. The post Forge World Pre-orders – Snazzy Contemptor Carapaces for Six Legions appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  29. maybe a new thread each week? maybe further granulation could be per company - so: "GW: 12.3 - 19.3" "Mantic: 12.3 - 19.3" etc. understandable if this is too much effort though...
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