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  3. They've said all future releases will have an initial wave and a MTO follow up so people don't miss out.
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  5. And we're back. Only took me a couple of months, but I've finally got the first 5 done. 5 more to go, then the Sumpkroc.
  6. Finished today. The death company dreadnought is the last of my old metal ones.
  7. Decal sheet finalised. The 16th Fighter Squadron logo I had to recreate using Inkscape. Just going to add some more WW1 insignias to fill up the A4 sheet. Cheers.
  8. Howdy. Managed to finalise custom decals except for the Shooting Star. Started painting up the aircraft - all hand painted. Second coating of dark green. Have not started on changing the tan to sand yet. Worked on cockpit detailing as it's always been a bugbear with me for some reason. After reviewing a lot of great markings and camo I settled on my initial first choice but modified a little. Cheated with the thin red stripe by using a marker pen and ruler then thickened the line. Other option of masking tape did not pan out as expected. Two coats of blue applied so far. Two or more to go to give good coverage and depth. Initial research yielded nothing online (for free) regarding the Soviet Air Defence units allocated this aircraft. So am keeping it plain and simply accentuated the build lines on the aircraft with thinned watered down black. Spent more time detailing the cockpit to my satisfaction. This is based on an actual NVA air force camo during the Vietnam War. Speckled look works and the wife liked this. The red and yellow roundels and markings should really add to this rather flashy design. Cheers.
  9. Found this through Jeremy of the Black Magic Craft Youtube channel, but there's a Kickstarter fundraising for Ukraine – $1000+ worth of STLs from various creators for $50-85USD: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/solgoodcreations/the-gamers-sampier-project There are some pinup/nude models among those donated, so if that's something that might be an issue, check it out on your phone instead.
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  11. they've clearly been watching the backlash to the Necromunda Ash Wastes price, so was interesting to see them address the price - it seems like a great value set. (tbh, i thought Ash Wastes had value too - still expensive, but for the GW pricing eco-system, it does contain value) now i guess we wait to see if this is going to be another limited run box, and whether they'll have an MTO run to go along with it, to try discourage scalpers.
  12. Finish up with Horus Heresy. Big box set is going to be 200 pounds. For 40 beakies, 10 terminators, a plastic Spartan, a plastic Contemptor and 2 characters. I see that being a popular set.
  13. Started hand painting the Strikemaster. Not using airbrush as these are going to be gaming planes not display pieces. First coat. Several more to be applied. Decals will be added once all of the transfers have been finalised (economising by using the one sheet). With the other aircraft, basecoated them silver. May make some changes on the final top coats. Also did quick mock ups to finalise decal sizes. F-80 Shooting Star. Only the fin flash needs downsizing. Mockup is just for sizing and won't be the final decal generated. North Vietnamese MiG-21 Fishbed. Fairly simple colouring and will stay with that. Decal mockup worked on first design. Only the Sukhoi Su-9 left to go. Research informed me this aircraft was never exported by the Soviets, not even to the Warsaw Pact allies. So it will be done in Soviet Air Defense colour scheme, whatever that might be. Cheers.
  14. Game three of our Malaya 1942 Campaign is done and dusted! As the Japs were stymied last time it is a replay of that scenario but slightly further down the road, so again we are playing a Probe game. The Japanese and Australian deployments started equally but a flood of Japanese reinforcements had them outnumbering their enemy and successfully infiltrating the jungle around the Aussie right. The Aussie CO tried to distract the Japanese launching an attack on the Japanese left supported by a mighty Lanchester A/C! This surprised the Japanese but they correctly persisted with their advance and under extreme pressure the Aussies withdrew forestalling a total Japanese victory. So the result; a Japanese Victory and an Australian Losing Draw! The full AAR with more pictures, OOBs and Campaign updates is on the TSOG Blog... TSOG Blog Link! Some pictures... Aussie Infantry support a mighty Lanchester Armoured Car manned by the SSVF... The reserve Aussie section (understrength) arrive on the battlefield to engage the Japanese right... Japanese Sniper, Jōtōhei Sanyo takes a shot at the Aussies, clever figure placement by the Japanese player!
  15. Progress on the build for the eastern section. Applying several coats and experimenting with colour combos with right side most complete and progressively worsening heading west (left). Not going to apply textures to the buildings although several options are available. Cheers.
  16. Skirmish Day - plus Middle-Earth. New Kill Team box, this time with Traitor Guard and Primaris Scouts. More TG are always good, it's a bit of a shame the Traitor Commissar and Ogryn are re-issues, but I have often said how silly its been in the past that some models from boxed sets never get releases again, so it's also hypocritical of me to say that now that they've done the thing. The scouts are nice too. Beornlings for Middle-Earth. So Vikings for the forces of Good? I don't play MESB, so don't really have much to say... they look good though. Actual Squats for Necromunda! Not allied with the Leagues of Votann as such - i really like these models, though i can't help think they might be too well armoured for the game? The new book sounds like what should have been in the Ash Wastes rulebook included in that boxed set, rather than split off as a separate book. Finger's crossed this will now be a complete book of vehicle rules, but given GW don't do "rules without models" any more, i'm pretty sure we'll end up with more supplements once the gang vehicles are released. and finally Warcry gets a new logo, and a new setting, away from the realms of Chaos (seems to be the realms of beasts - i guess to tie into the AOS plotlines with the awakening realms?), and a new warband Horns of Hashut - who look like neighbours of Chaos. Plus a Chaos Centaur monster.
  17. Making mistakes is also fun. Made one big one yesterday when I mixed up the two Soviet jets. Still learning to identify them and kept forgetting which was which during the assembly stage. Plus I compounded my error by switching the tail wings during gluing so the MiG has the Sukhoi set and vice versa. As Homer would say, "D'Oh!". Anyway, I began drafting up a sizing sheet tonight for the F-80 using the source image below as my main reference. The sheet copies this aircraft but the final decals may differ now that I figured out about scaling in Inkscape after my experiement with the "Salty Dog" logo. This source image gives clear positioning for the decals-to-come (there are variants). Some of the colour elements can be readily painted up but the remainder will be decals. Definitely ignoring the copious small fine print on these US jets. It was an interesting time creating the "Salty Dog" logo although I did not fully complete the lower case "g" in "Dog": I got lazy and simply used an "o" and crafted the exaggerated tail of the "g" from that. Seeing it now I could have used a "C" too but didn't think of it at the time. Am using a close enough proxy free font for the fin flash (Boston Traffic) instead of the USAF version of Stencil while the Amarillo font for USAF lettering and in this case the buzz number was stretched north-south but maybe it is just how the image of the reference model looks to the eye. Anyway, here's the sizing sheet I've come up with below. Cheers.
  18. Cant take credit for the shields and patterns on the elephant. They are transfers from 'Little Big Men' that are designed specifically for these figure. Got a whole range of animal hide shields
  19. bit of an underwhelming showing for AOS, i thought. Or maybe it's just because no one faction got as much of a reveal as CSM got for 40k? Don't get me wrong - all the models they showed off are excellent - just there weren't as many of them. You can find all the links to the reveals in the same article Krefey linked to, up top. New Skaven Battletome - with a single new model... very disappointing (not the model - it's fantastic - but that there weren't more models), when the Skaven logo showed up in the announcement of WHF, i was hoping they might get a proper range refresh, particularly as they got a new Underworlds Warband. their old models really let the faction down. New Sylvaneth Battletome - and a bunch of new models. Definitely the lion's share of new model announcements. they look pretty neat, but nothing too surprising. Announcement of Cities of Sigmar refresh - a bit like the World Eaters announcement, nothing to really show now, just a watch this space. Black Library character models - a vampire and a sky-dwarf. i'm not really a fan of the sky-dwarves, but this one looks pretty neat. Love the vampire, will be getting one of him. New Generals Handbook. joy. (as annual updates, fine, but i don't really like this "seasons" model.) and finally, more Ogroids. little disappointed these weren't Minotaurs for Beastmen (when i first saw the silhouette, that's what i leapt to) - but they do still look pretty cool.
  20. Like the shield work done on the left horseman. Looks like calfskin shield. And the detail on that elephant is brilliant. Excfellent.
  21. Decals are fun. Decal design is even fun-ner. Been working on the Strikemaster decals for 1/100 aircraft. Know they are commercially availabe in 1/72 but I prefer to scratchbuild because it's personally more fun. I like the challenge of simply finding a suitable photograph and working off that. After all the research done therefore, I've gone and designed a comparison sheet that I will print off and compare the scaled off elements (usually starting at 100% and decreasing in 10% increments) until I find the "right fit", so to speak. In past, it's been a lengthy trail-and-error process that wasted a lot of paper and time. This sizing sheet is handy because I can refer to other scales should I do so. Anyway, this is my sizing sheet prior to printing up the decals. Some alterations to the Omani tri-swords emblem and manually creating the shield on the tail flash. The aircraft is quite straightforward for decals roundels on both wing - top and bottom tail flash shields (both sides) buzz numbers on both sides of the fuselage. Red cross on left side in line with trailing edge of wing Danger symbol above the jet intake. Some planes feature two but I believe the second is in the native language Rescue arrow shown here is in English but later variant featured it in Arabic The variant I am going with operated during the early 70s. It is the model 80 variant and is painted in dark green and tan pattern with light grey underneath, non-reflective black forward of canopy. Working on the F-80/80C Shooting Star next. Then the MiG-21 and Su-9 or 11. Once done sizing will combine the selected designs on to one decal sheet and print out. Hopefully will have the planes gapped, sanded, basecoated, and painted by then. Cheers.
  22. Hi there! Mark here. I'm an indie game designer. Some of you might know my computer game work with Membraine Studios, most recently ADEPTUS TITANICUS: DOMINUS. Most likely, though, you've never heard of any of my games. 🙂 Now that I have moved on from Membraine, I'm trying my hand at some different things, and I've been working on some "space opera" sci-fi TTRPG/wargame hybrid rules—in tone, somewhere between STAR WARS and ALIEN/BLADE RUNNER; rules-wise, somewhere between ALIEN RPG and SPACE HULK. (Yes, I realise that's a pretty wide gap.) I'm getting to the point where I need to start running some regular games with the system to start confirming design principles and fixing things that are lame, and my friends are too nice—I need to hear the voices of players who can offer constructive criticism and who are willing to bounce ideas around if something in the game design is not working as hoped. To that end I'm hoping there might be some keen RPG players I might host here for some intro games, and later a short campaign. I'm in Berowra, which is at the northern end of Sydney. Alternatively, if there is an existing player group keen to participate, I could potentially come to you. 🙂 Please message me if you're keen to join in the fun. Thanks for reading. Cheers! Mark P.S. Hope it's okay to post stuff like this here, Admins. Let me know if not.
  23. I have a soft spot for Khorne, being the god i followed in the 90s, but when i got back into the hobby in 2016, i was kinda dismayed by the "current" look - with the exception of the plastic Kharn the Betrayer model. so i'm interested to see where they take the World Eaters - probably not as a new faction to collect - but from the sidelines. it's also fantastic to see new cultists - the Blackstone Fortress ones were really nice, so more in that style is good.
  24. The 40k reveals are up. New Chaos Codex and a bunch of new Chaos models, including a daemon prince, cultists, and mutants. World Eaters codex announced. I'm curious how they will approach them as their own faction / codex. It will be interesting to see what units they get, if they get any ranged support, or if it will all be CC oriented. Squat hover trike was shown too. I quite like it. New 40k competitive season was announced along with the points updates being "free" now. Prequel series to Angels of Death on Warhammer + announced More details here: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2022/05/04/warhammer-fest-online-all-the-massive-reveals-right-here/ Tomorrow sees Age of Sigmar releases announced, day after the smaller games like Necro, Warcry etc then the last day will be Horus Heresy
  25. I think the biggest thing to make use of vertical space more appealing in games is actually having a ruleset that supports the advantages (and disadvantages) that you get from going high Unfortunately most game designers seem to have difficulty with getting the balance right, which means that instead of going high being useful, in many games it becomes more of a hindrance (e.g. shooting ranges when shooting down should be measured parallel to the tabletop due to the increased range that height gives you, but when shooting at a model that is higher the range should be measured from model to model, but in most games it's one or the other)
  26. Ok, so am soooo behind on this, but the end is in sight for my spearman unit, 12 more to go!
  27. Bugger this. I have so many side projects on the table at the moment that I figured adding a few more to this OZTTG project won't hurt. So, I am adding these 1/100 aircraft that are for 15mm gaming. Found them the other day during a clean up. Models are combination resin and white metal. Bought these a very long time ago. Two of the aircraft are for Vietnam War (to go with my two painted F4 Phantoms). The first is the MiG-15 or NATO designation Fishbed). Just attached the tail fin to get me started. Note the join is not neat so grey putty to clean it up. The other is the Sukhoi 9/11 (NATO designation Fishpot/Fishpot-C). Also tail fin attached to get started. The other two were personal interest picks when I was ordering - a BAC 176 Strikemaster. The Kiwi air force had these when I was in the service and I bought it for sentimental reasons but am doing this one up in the colours of the Royal Air Force of Oman around the time of the Battle of Mirbat (famous SAS engagement). The other sort of ties in with the Korean War aircraft I am building for this OZTTG project - a F80 Shotting Star. This will be done up in the colours of the 35th Fighter squadron, 8th Fighter Wing. This unit flew both F80s and F86s (Sabres) during the Korean War. First thing has been reacquainting myself with the various. Then some filing and making the parts fit was exercised on both the Strikemaster and Shooting Star. That part proved hilariously frustrating. Anyway, I am hoping to have all four assembled, gaps filled, sanded, and base coated by the end of this weekend. The challenge with this little side project will designing the customised decals as I am not going with commercial sets which I estimate will take the longest time. Cheers.
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