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  2. I think having guide points along the way - e.g. everyone update (with photos or not) at least once a month - just to help people keep motivated is probably a good idea. I don't know that it's necessary to offer incentive rewards, for one we'd need to have enough prize support/voluntary contributions to make it worthwhile, and for two, how would it be judged? Perhaps having a reward every quarter for people who have done regular, more than minimum, updates that quarter could work? I don't think anything restricting game systems is a good idea, as it defeats the purpose of allowin
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  4. The guide points can be expressed in a couple of obvious ways. Photos (1) are the most apparent one but simply reporting in (2) on one's progress is another. The emphasis should remain core to the central idea of being completely voluntary - no compulsion to sign up nor weighed down by too rules. And so on. Incentives/rewards (3) might be offered for those seeking compensation and recognition for their involvement along the way like kickstarter goals, and if the consensus heads down that road. But for others, just being part of a year-long community project (4) would be sufficient reward
  5. I love the idea of working towards a goal as part of a community challenge> My issue is that I am horrible at being consistent with taking photos of my work, and can't seem to stay on the same project for more than a month at a time. A Tale of Four Gamers style thing, where people committed to a budget and monthly updates etc, would be fun, but obviously that requires people to want to collect the same game/system, and since we're all over Aus, meeting up for games may be precluded.
  6. After the success of our first Dead Man's Hand game we took to the Wild West again this time in a town! We had four five character gangs and had a wild card, The Willoughby Travelling Photography Company had set up in town near the Hanging Tree! The shootout got off to a hot start the Lawmen in the centre of town and beset on all sides by Cowboys, Banditos and Indians! Despite the Law taking a couple of pot shots at the Cowboys they came to an arrangement with them to defend the town. The Indians and Banditos similarly ganged up...there’d be some falling out of bed fellows to come!
  7. That’s a good issue to raise. What do people reckon - do we need a structure in place for this? I can commit to fairly regular photo updates but realise this may not be easy for everyone.
  8. My two cents worth. I can't add anything of value that's already been covered above other than agree that it's an ambitious project for sure. Maybe a suggestion to set some goals for those participating to keep the momentum travelling. With such a time frame and scope, it will require guide points to keep this on track and seeing fruition. Helps those perhaps struggling and/or overwhelmed by the scale of the undertaking.
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  10. Kn'thrak - dark elf sorceress Korocite - troll mystic Big - Herald of Nurgle Krefey - M.O.D.O.K
  11. I loved the Tale of Four Gamers series. It was interesting to see how people would build their armies over time, adding units that were a counter to those of the other three gamers.
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  13. Tanks are looking really nice, but more importantly congratulations on your marriage!!
  14. Noone has started anything on Epic Armageeddon yet, so I have initiated one. I will start with a basic intro of myself. I currently live in the Campbelltown NSW area. I restarted collectin Epic after selling it all off decades ago when they changed from square to strip bases. In 2010 started up again, and I have a decent collection of armies in my modest collection. Vraaksian Renegades (16,000 points), Dark Eldar (12,000 points), Eldar 3 separate armies each of about 5000 - 6000 points (Biel-Tan, Sian-Hann, Iyanden), Orks - 4 possible armies based on my collection could
  15. Calling him done for now. Would like toadd some osl on the base later on thiugh.
  16. The Cyclops are from Vanguard minis in the UK. Many of my airforce fliers are from Vanguard minis, although he has dropped the Stuka looking aircraft I use as proxies for Avengers Strike Fighters. Some of them are old GW and Forgeworld. I got a lot from a guy in the USA who was selling up a lot of his wargaming army, and sometimes from Ebay. There used to be a Forum ware guy in Australia, but was he shut down well over a year ago, and dropped contact with most of his former customers, myself included. I have 3D printed some of my aircraft such as a pair of Avenger Strike Figet
  17. I like the voluntary contribution idea. Do we let someone do multiple projects if they finish the first? For example, i'm thinking of doing a new table, but also painting an SOB army. If I keep working from home I could see myself finishing both of these quite early in the year.
  18. I like having some colour variation in a unit. Even if it’s just some markings on the hide. The bases will be a unifying feature.
  19. yeah, voluntary contribution works as an option, as long as people are aware that they are making a donation and not everyone will be contributing.
  20. I think having it as non-paid is likely to get more people involved, not knowing numbers of people likely to be involved makes it difficult to split the prize pool based on paid/non-paid. Perhaps a combintion of reaching out to people/businesses and having a voluntary contribution to the prize pool for other people may be the best approach? This way we can end up with a bigger prize pool, but it reduces the administration overhead (although the option still remains to split based on paid/non-paid if there are enough people to make it worthwhile).
  21. Well, it kind of is tale of 4 gamers like if you choose to do an army, it's just more than 4 gamers participating (hopefully) This sounds entirely reasonable. I don't think I was expecting everyone to have everything they needed from the word go. In regards to the entry fee, we could make it optional, but then split the prize pool into "paid entrants" and "non paid entrants". If we do that at all. Otherwise, we can reach out to people / businesses to see if they want to contribute towards the prize pool.
  22. Really like the TAG, it's coming along nicely!
  23. It is only on up close inspection that it is obvious. So during a game no one will be the wiser. I am hoping to get the painting started on the Bull Centaurs tonight. Any thoughts if I should copy the Taur'uk scheme or go slightly different? Also, should I vary the bull parts of the unit? What I mean is a couple black, a couple brown etc. or have them all a single unifying colour?
  24. I think the idea behind doing the big challenge is that the monthly contests are quite disparate in theme, so you may not be doing something for the same force each month, but for the yearly challenge you can focus on building the army. I think that having the option to post up a photo of each unit before you start painting it rather than posting everything up front makes sense - if only because not all of us have a full army sitting there waiting to be painted (I do not resemble this comment)
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