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  2. Oh, also finished the rest of my malifaux crew.
  3. So I have around 60 odd orks that I have been attempting to finish for this year - I tried, and failed, to get a majority finished for this month. Expect my December post to be absolutely huge - I am very close to finishing a lot of figures. In the meantime - here is what I have managed to finish for November:
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  5. And done. Will do the base to align with my ogres when I get around to cleaning their bases up.
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  7. Looks a lotta fun. I remember Airfix minis and the waterloo farm house but not sure I ever saw the desert fort. That is a big model for sure and you have done a fair bit already.
  8. If you have purchased a KOYO: Bounca the Squig Limited Edition Plush, please return it for a full refund. Full details and instructions can be found here: https://bit.ly/3HTPDrH
  9. ASOIF is taking off big time here in Canberra, and that is great. The other night I got to play against a mate that is fairly new to the game, loves dragons and was super-keen to try the much maligned 'Mother of Dragons' list. OK then... Pic1 - Righto, lets get rolling 🙂 Pic2 - Oooh, that's THREE dragons all right. Pic3 - ...WTaF am I supposed to do about THREE dragons?!? Regardless, an excellent fun game. I'd happily face my mate's MoD again (also, I give zero Fs about tournaments), but I'd deffo want to skew my list a bit more to do it.
  10. I'll have to crack on and use up my paints so I have an excuse to buy these ones then 😆
  11. Yes to the bundles. I think I saw $5.50 somewhere and yes, they are fine for minis.
  12. So would there be any reason to suspect these wouldn't be suitable for minis (as opposed to model kits)? I wonder what the price will be, and if there will be any bundles.
  13. Release date is 4th Dec: We are super busy packing the orders of Infinite Colour that are heading to stores for the official launch on December 4th! You'll be able to find the first wave of Infinite Colour at the following stores : VICTORIA Andrew's Hobbies (Ravenhall) Metro Hobbies (Box Hill) Metro Hobbies (Melbourne CBD) Hobby Creations (Dandenong) Guf Werribee (Werribee) Guf Geelong (Geelong) Guf Ballarat (Ballarat) Guf Bendigo (Bendigo) Kits N Krafts (Ballarat) House of War (Ringwood) NEW SOUTH WALES Frontline Hobbies (Newcastle) Hobbies Factory (Ourimbah) The Hobby Drop (Online) QUEENSLAND Manscale Models (Kallangur - online) Scale Autos (Mackay) Heretics Haven (Nambour) Gap Games (The Gap) SOUTH AUSTRALIA Somerset Models (Gawler) WESTERN AUSTRALIA Hobby Tech Toys (Myaree) SIK Hobbies (Rockingham) TASMANIA Little Train Shop (Launceston) NEW ZEALAND (available mid December) Franklin Hobbies (Pokeno - Online) More will be added to the list, so if you would like to see these in your local hobby shop, ask them to get in touch with us! #smspaints #thescalemodellerssupply #scalemodellerssupply #scalemodelling #miniaturepainting #australianmade #minipainting #hobbypaint #innovatenotimitate
  14. I will at least try one or two first. Any given paint range may just not suit a given painter.
  15. I've been harping on about their airbrush paints for years. Magnificent - the best paint I've ever used, however it's thinner based. For this? I've decided i'm going all in.
  16. This desert outpost/fort (think Beau Geste) was started years ago. Started with gusto then but ran out of steam, as you do. And got sidetracked by something else, as you do. Will tackle this when I have a spare moment between now and the refight but it will become priority thereafter. Dimensions is about two foot square as it was meant for 28mm Colonials. Never had one to go with my Airfix legionnaires and arabs in my youth. Better late than never as they say. Interior contains, subject to amendments of course, OR barracks and mess, a cookhouse, officer's quarters and office, stables, arsenal, gaol, guardhouse, storage, ramparts. One way in and out. Still pieces to add though. View primarily of the cookhouse. Door looks tiny. To the right of the space (to be filled) is part of the storage and stables.
  17. Nah, I don't even get that one About all I get with it all is the largest conversion work...either that or broke the most expensive piece of equipment
  18. The backdrop was my in-progress display piece. NewHokk waterfront district. I still have to apply the heavy gloss coat to the base and the background. But the weather has been waaaay too humid for the glasscoat (too much humidity foams it up) resin I'm applying to the mdf base. Let alone the gloss varnish that's going on the background.
  19. Then you win the "largest surface area painted" part of the competition.
  20. I see nice work here! this month I completely forgot about the monthly comp due to things like getting the house painted.
  21. Well, I'd probably be fine on the hair side of things, not sure I'd pass muster on the fitness... of course, there are other things that I actually need to get done at home, so travelling anywhere is out.
  22. I'd say I'll have to try them out at some point. Hopefully they'll be hard-wearing enough to be suitable for gaming and not just display. And that their colour range is sufficent to get the colours we want without too much mixing...
  23. This just came up in my FB feed. Interested in trying them out. INTRODUCING INFINITE COLOUR! Infinite Colour is our brand new WATER BASED paint range, designed specifically for miniature and figure painters and can also be used on scale models. Infinite Colour features a strong adhesion on many different mediums (including plastics, resins, metals, timbers etc), has a strong vibrant pigment, is designed specifically for hand brushing applications, can be thinned with water (for creating glazes, or thinning for airbrushing) and cleaned up with water. The first wave of colours will consist of 48 (33 Primary, 5 Fluro, and 10 Skin Tones) and more will release in 2022. Colour Guides will be ready later in the week. Infinite Colour will finally launch to the market on December 4th 2021 through our website and stockists across Australia. International territories coming in 2022. #smspaints #thescalemodellerssupply #scalemodellerssupply #scalemodel #infinitecolour #miniaturepainting #miniaturepaint #warhammer40k #tabletopgames #australianmade #innovatenotimitate
  24. Because spending all day dealing with stupid people makes you have stupid ideas... I've decided the giants loincloth is going to be a patchwork of tartans. Edit: went better than I thought
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