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  2. Ok so pivoting the army a bit. I think I will be heading more for the Ynnari side of things. Fluff wise the Altansar were apparently one of if not the first craftworld to begin to support Yvraine and the formation of the Ynnari. So I can still build the bulk of the force around this craftworld with additional DE/harls in roles I feel Altansar would be lacking in. I have read something about using multiple detachments when doing this to maximise faction bonuses? Anybody got a quick explainer on that? Creating the Altansar I was going to run the guardian to hit rerolls on 1+
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  4. Gorgeous painting. I have been wondering if the Glaive-Proxima tagteam was incredibly good or not.
  5. Hello again. Here is a game played today. It's for an article I am penning. Had planned this out in my head when the idea first popped up but translating that on the table created its own problems as you will see. First game ended up being short and sweet and a win situation for both the Do-17 and He-111 flight crews as they easily eluded the Hurricanes sent to intercept them. And not a shot was fired as both side spotted relatively late into the game. By the time the British saw the Germans, it was already too late. So I will not share photos of planes in an uneventful flight from one ta
  6. Playing a bit of Stellaris again after buying a bunch of DLC
  7. Am I not getting something? Seems like a pretty one way merger. I can't see this impacting on Warhams at all and the Magic guys get some cards with the same played out (sorry, classic) art.
  8. So uh, one affiliation I've really enjoyed and what probably gets my most consistent wins against my partner is Thanos and the Black Order. I haven't finished painting Thanos and his throne yet, but thought I'd add some pictures of his crew today? Black Dwarf I think this guy is a bit of an underdog. He's slow but he can take so many wounds before he's out, can intercept attacks and become their target and if anyone gets too close he will hit hard. I like using him as a shield then sacrificing him when he's on death's door. Playing to the narrative works well in practice.
  9. Last week
  10. End of month 2 - no updates for this month, what little hobby time I've had has gone to finishing off some older projects. Hope next month is more productive!
  11. Sooo, the ultimate crossover or cringe? I don't play MtG anymore, but may try picking up a set https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/02/25/warhammer-40000-is-coming-to-magic-the-gathering-yes-really/
  12. On my way, whacked the terrain - including some unpainted bits (boo! hiss!) on the table for a game of combat patrol with my new deep cut studio mat to match the bases so it doesn't look so weird. Still a way to go and I think this particular layout was a bit shit - and I want to organise some bases for the shipping containers to put into smaller areas as flexible blockers. I tested it, they're taller than most infantry and make perfect pocket hiding spots. I also think I need a bit more scatter terrain to add character - but I'll sort that next pay cycle.
  13. Did some work today. 1 regiment of air elementals done, and a half complete greater elemental.
  14. Dusting this project off and getting back to work. Because I need something else to distract me from the terrain pledge I made for the annual hobby comp (other than the eldar I just painted, and box of sisters I have on the desk...)
  15. Almost finished a boss last night, tiny bit of works still to do on him plus his base - but as such my work for Feb is pretty much done. I'll post a good pick completely finished on Sunday.
  16. Twenty kroot, two hounds and one shaper done. I could find only two hounds - not enough for a unit so they may have to count as regular kroot until I can source some more that are not ridiculously priced.
  17. If you don't like the current edition, there is an undercurrent of both rogue trader and second edition players around. Not many have gone back to third though.
  18. Wait, there is a new Lumineth battletome coming with them? Is the first one the shortest life-span of any army book/codex/battletome yet?
  19. So after the weekend's reveals it looks like there is a whole lot more lumineth coming soon. How's the feelios there? I'm loving the look of the new characters and hero types, the kangaroo cavalry and Swordmasters 2.0. The floating arch scenery piece is neat too. But uh. Rules wise I'm a bit confused. I understand those weren't in the lumineth book so will they be in Broken Realms? Feels like a weird choice by GW to make the Lumineth battletome... well, not redundant. But very clearly half empty within a very short period of time?
  20. Nice one mate. Will have to have a game sometime on your new terrain 🙂
  21. So further update - again very little has occurred this month, but at least I have photos. This is what I'm planning to complete: Tanks picture - St Chamond, Schnedier, 5 x Renault FT Infantry picture - 2 x Fusilier Platoons, 4 x 75mm guns, 2 x MG platoon, 8 x Mortars, 2 x 37mm guns, 3 x flamethrower teams, command teams, and some WW2 french on the RHS. So I have 2 more 75mm guns, 1 more MG platoon and 4 more mortars than originally identified, and I still have at least one fusilier platoon that isn't in the picture. Undercoat is um...Plastic Soldier company Khaki, started pain
  22. I finished another piece, bringing the total up to 3: These guys are all varnished, too - and ready to be fought over.
  23. Thanks for the suggestion. Will check it out. Comfortable with MS Paint except for layering so if Inkscape covers it, I'll be interested. Yep, played Dragon Rampant with a live opponent fairly regularly for the past two years. Quest is virtually Boast dressed up but more flashy, like some city cousin visiting the boonies. As you say, control is always going to be an issue with unruly beasts and errant soldiers, especially impetuous knights who have the Wild Charge rule against anything within 10". But I must admit I like throwing my characters at one another and seeing what turns
  24. Oh cool. If you're using MSPaint, maybe look at Inkscape or any other free vector-art program. It'd be much easier to create tables and game pieces, as well as move them around and whatnot.
  25. I actually don't know well. While I own the rules I've only actually played the very similar but not identical Dragon Rampant which does not include boasts. In that system, the three inch rule - while limiting deployment significantly - allows for good control of the battlefield and your own line. It tends to not let you do things that would not happen in real life. It may be more different than I had thought in Lion Rampant.
  26. Not ignore. Just shorten it to 1" movements which comes into play especially with deployments and getting to grips with the opponent. Tactics is affected, yes, but not in the usual manner as I've found that it's boasts which determines game tactics in my campaign games. I run a randomised boast system based on the leader's skill: the lower the skill, the maximum boasts made (3 per character); the higher the skill, the less boasts made. This ultimately determines how the characters are going to game. And as you probably know, a negative boast score does wonders for your final victory score, esp
  27. Interesting concept. What platform are you using to run the games?
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