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  2. The Twin-Tailed Crusade is marching out from the realm-straddling city of Hammerhal into Ghyran and Aqshy to found two new settlements in the name of the Heldenhammer. In Book 2 of the Dawnbringers series – Reign of the Brute – the forces of Destruction batter themselves against the prongs of this nascent crusade. The book contains detailed Path to Glory rules with narrative battleplans so you can follow along with your own armies. The Twin-Tailed Crusade: Chapter I – Grit & Zeal is the first part of a Cities of Sigmar Path to Glory campaign that will play out across upcoming books, each chapter providing rewards for your crusade depending on how you perform during an action-packed branching quest. First you decide where your crusade originates from, and pick up to three Crusade Traits that can each be used once per campaign. A force girded with Aqshian Resolve can reduce the casualty score for each unit by 1 in the aftermath sequence, while a Ghyranite force can receive the Blessing of the Everqueen to favour two units rather than one. Progress isn’t smooth in the wilds and numerous Crusade Setbacks can occur – there’s nothing worse than an Oakblight infection affecting a Ghyranite crusade, as it brittles even the most well-maintained armour, forcing all CASTELITE units to subtract 1 from the save rolls in the next battle. A positive attitude, and perhaps a few extra-devout prayers to Sigmar, can also see Blessings bestowed on a crusade in the form of morale boosts and rare resources. Such happenings can even inspire Unshakeable Faith, granting your army free uses of Inspiring Presence and Rally in their next conflict. Each Crusade takes place over three battles that branch depending on whether you win or lose your battles, with different rewards for those who overcome the odds. The final result of your Twin-Tailed Crusade is measured in crusade points, which translate to rewards at the end of the chapter. Earning five to nine crusade points is considered A Noble Effort, and every unit in your order of battle will receive five renown points to spend as they prepare for the next arduous leg of their journey. And exactly what’s next for the Twin-Tailed Crusade? Definitely not an easy ride. The second chapter expands on the first, bringing new challenges and revelations, but you’ll have to wait to find out exactly what is in store… Armies that would rather beat the Cities of Sigmar back, prey on them for dark gains, or at the very least curb their expansionist urges can also prepare their very own Order of Battle. You can get a head start thanks to the free Path to Glory rules which you can download via the button below. The Dawnbringers series continues with its second instalment Dawnbringers: Book II – Reign of the Brute – available to pre-order now. Keep an eye on Warhammer Community to find out what awaits the Twin-Tailed Crusade… The post Discover the Divine Blessings and Dismal Setbacks that Might Afflict your Twin-Tailed Crusade appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  3. The spectacularly spooky Blood Bowl Vampire team will be stepping out of the shadows and onto the gridiron on Saturday. With that in mind, we caught up with Blood Bowl rules writer Jay to get the low-down on these fang-tastic football players and how they fare on the field of play. Jay: Vampires are one of the most interesting teams in all of Blood Bowl, comprising a mixture of elite, highly skilled Vampires along with a number of dishevelled Thralls who are mainly used as mobile blood bags to keep their supernatural subjugators refreshed. Vampires boast some of the best stats and skills of any player in Blood Bowl. In fact, they would undoubtedly be the greatest pros to play Nuffle’s great game, if it weren’t for one tiny, almost insignificant little issue – their constant and crippling need to feed! In-game, this is represented by the Bloodlust (X+) trait, which obliges a Vampire to test at the start of their Activations to keep their cravings under control, or to need a nibble on a nearby Thrall. Though historically a Vampire team only had two types of player (Vampires and Thralls), we have taken the opportunity to develop and increase the number of positionals, to allow the various types of Vampires to specialise in a specific role. Vampire Thrower These are the lynchpin of any Vampire team with a reliable Bloodlust (2+), and great Strength and Agility characteristics. They also excel at the passing game thanks to a Passing Ability of 2+ and the Pass skill making them central to the plans of any budding Vampire coach. Vampire Blitzer Some Vampires have begun to let their cravings control them, succumbing to the need for blood and becoming all the more vicious as a result, making them ideal Blitzers. Though these Blitzers are slightly less reliable due to their Bloodlust (3+), they come with the Juggernaut skill which makes them all the more impactful on the Blitz. Vampire Runner Vampire Runners are swift, lithe, and incredibly quick – so quick in fact that some believe they turn into mist as they run! With a Movement Allowance of 8 and their Agility of 2+, Runners are ideal ball carriers, or for zipping into opposition lines to make use of the Hypnotic Gaze trait. Thrall Lineman Thralls are the lifeblood of any Vampire team, providing a walking food source their undead masters may require at any moment. Their key feature is their cost – which at 40,000 gold pieces is cheap – allowing you to quickly replace any that end up killed, and ensuring your Vampires always have a fresh supply! Vargheist The strongest player on a Vampire team, Vargheists have surrendered to their lust for blood. These murderous beasts come with the Claws and Frenzy skills, making them incredibly efficient at eviscerating any opposition players who find themselves in their path. Vampires require careful positioning to ensure that your Thralls are always in the right place for your Vampires to feed on. When you’re planning a Blitz, you will usually want to plot a path for a Thrall first, in case your Blitzer feels peckish, for instance. Should they be able to keep their Bloodlust under control, Vampires are one of the best teams in the game. If their craving for claret rears its head, however they can do just as much damage to their own team as to the opposition! If you enjoy a team that is always unpredictable but has the potential to excel in every aspect of the game, then a Vampire team may just be the one for you. Cheers Jay! Sounds like the Vampire teams really put the ‘blood’ in ‘Blood Bowl’! The Vampire team will be available to pre-order on Saturday. And if you’re a fan of virtual Blood Bowl, there’s more good news – Season 2 of Blood Bowl III is imminent, and will feature the Underworld Denizens as its new team. Keep an eye out for more news! The post Blood Bowl – How the Vampire Team Rose Again appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  4. Latest WIP of my printed buildings. As you can see one of them still needs its roof printed, but that'll have to wait as I have a hole in my FEP. You can probably also see where some of these were actually failed prints that I've 'fixed' using green stuff, odds and ends from Mantic terrain crate and - of course - coffee sticks. I still need to go through and add some colours/pick out detail, but I am not going to go hard on details. I also need to 'flock' the edging, but that'll have to wait until I decide on and buy a gaming matt so I know what I need to match.
  5. Another squad of plague marked and a tally man finished today.
  6. I’m intrigued to see the end result. You also win the award for largest decal.
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  8. The long-legged Cerastus Knight Lancer has taken a big step out into the wider world, stunning people with one of the biggest and most poseable plastic Warhammer kits yet. In the not-so-distant future (because of the long legs, you see) the Cerastus Knights Acheron and Castigator will be loping onto battlefields in the Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40,000. Both of these mighty war constructs wield grim weapons which share a unique feature – a long, looping ammo feed or fuel hose connecting the gun to the body. The original resin version of this miniature often required hobbyists to bend and twist the pieces with careful applications of hot water or hair dryer to accommodate posing, which was quite an involved task even for expert modellers. The new plastic kits for the Castigator and Acheron provide a smart solution – a separate sprue for the hose and ammo feed has been designed in a partially glueless assembly which can be moved into almost any position you want. Warhammer Community designer Jon has taken a break from making articles look all pretty to mess around with the new plastic Cerastus Knight Castigator kit – and to see what poses and possibilities this new miniature unlocks. Jon: Having never assembled an Imperial Knight before, I was really excited to see how the Cerastus Knight Castigator fitted together, and how far I could push the poseability to show the speed of these nimble war-machines. The first feature of the new kit I was drawn to was the flexible ammo feed, which links the Knight’s weapon to ammo hoppers mounted on its back. Each section of the ammo feed is made from two pieces, which when fitted together connect to a hidden loop in the adjacent section, just like the links in a chain. As the sections are held together by these loops, the completed feed remains flexible, so you can position the boltcannon without having to worry about whether the ammo feed will fit or not. As mentioned in the Cerastus Knight Lancer design article, the poseability also extends to the Knight’s limbs. If you’re looking to get your Knight onto the battlefield with a minimum of mechanical fuss, the leg and toe joints are made with locating pins, which indicate their default positions, so you can put the kit together quickly and easily in the stock pose if you wish, but you can go further if you choose. Each joint is cunningly formed around a pivot or ball-and-socket, and can be freely positioned. In many cases these joints can be moved even after assembly, meaning working out your chosen pose is very straightforward, and there is no need to dry fit positions before applying glue! Even the pistons and pipes in the kit adjust to fit many different poses – each is made from two sections which slide inside one another to expand or contract in length depending on the position of each joint. The example below shows just how flexible the new kits are – this pose was established without making any adjustments to the components (apart from removing the locating pins). The Knights Castigator and Acheron will be available to pre-order this Saturday, ready to strike a limber pose in your games of Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40,000. The post Building the Cerastus Knights Acheron and Castigator Including Awesome Flexible Ammo Feed appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  9. The 40 Years of Warhammer series has now covered decades of iconic miniatures, featuring some of the earliest Warhammer miniatures like Space Marines and Skeletons, as well as fabulous newer models – many of which draw aspects from past ideas, iterating on the very stuff that makes Warhammer what it is. In 2022, an April Fool’s joke promised the return of the Squats, the space-faring miners and engineers who had graced the pages of Warhammer 40,000’s first edition, Rogue Trader, many moons ago. The Squats were a faction who mysteriously disappeared from the game for some time after allegedly being eaten by Tyranids. But their return was no joke, these stout warriors were coming back with a new name – the Leagues of Votann. The post 40 Years of Warhammer – The Living Ancestor Sums Up a Returning Race appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  10. Next step, before setting up the remaining display cabinets...decals 😛 Hopefully I'm putting it on right.
  11. Then I setup a corner display case (possibly should have waited a little before doing that, but shhh). Filled that mostly up with my masterpiece transformer collection and some lego. 20230917_231403.mp4
  12. Sooo, I have my own place and get to decide to do things that may bot have flown previously 😛 It starts with a blue wall
  13. We journey to the Mortal Realms this week – the Trogg King has awoken and he’s stomping hither and yon. The din convinced those nice fellers at Warhammer+ to put him on their shows, and we spoke to Alex from Loremasters and Simon at Battle Report for their opinions on Trugg. WarCom: It’s all about Dawnbringers Book 2: Reign of the Brute this week on Warhammer+. Is there anything brutish planned for Loremasters? Alex: This week’s episode is all about Trugg the Troggoth King, his history, that of the troggoths, and what he has been up to since the Twin-Tailed Crusade set out from Hammerhal. WarCom: So this isn’t the first time Trugg has been spotted? Alex: Possibly… He certainly hasn’t been seen for centuries, as he has been slumbering away in his dankhold. He even slept through Nurgle’s invasion of Ghyran during the Age of Chaos. However, some ancient records, recovered from Khazalid ruins refer to a colossal troggoth they called Old Stoneshatter, who smashed whole cities back in the Age of Myth. Other scattered writings, stretching far back into the history of the realms, may also make mention of Trugg, however it’s impossible to know for sure and Trugg certainly isn’t stopping his rampage to verify historical records. WarCom: He sounds like a deep sleeper! Alex: You could say that. He is the kind of guy who needs to set 12 alarms to even have a chance at getting up in the morning! He didn’t even stir when an order of arcanists installed a leystone on his back, possibly mistaking his snoozing bulk for a rocky outcropping. It appears to have taken a combination of events to have roused him, most recently, the intervention of the notorious Rabble-Rowza Braggit Big-Talka! WarCom: Given the grumpy attitude of a troggoth when they wake up, we guess Trugg did not take this well? Alex: Indeed, most troggoths would be somewhat ill tempered after a bellowing grot has woken them up. However the Troggoth King is particularly angry, as he has a pounding headache that just won’t shift! WarCom: A worrying prospect for anyone who crosses him! We didn’t think troggoths had royalty, so why is he called the Troggoth King? Alex: Well, to find that out you will have to watch this week’s episode of Loremasters! WarCom: Simon, you got to field Trugg in the latest episode of Battle Report. Be honest, how good is he? Simon: He doesn’t mess about, that’s for sure. I mean, he can dish out a potential 36 damage in melee! Not only that, but his regenerative abilities are such that he heals D3+3 wounds every turn, so unless you kill him outright, Trugg will keep on a-comin’. WarCom: Sounds nasty! What else did you include alongside him? Simon: I actually used Trugg’s Troggherd – an Army of Renown featured in Reign of the Brute – which is exclusively composed of troggoths. This, of course, meant that my model count would be quite low, but they hit like a landslide when they get stuck in, and Trugg’s Malfunctioning Leystone serves as an incredible force multiplier in that it affects EVERY unit in the Troggherd. WarCom: That’s quite the buff! What do you reckon is the most effective way of using the leystone? Simon: Well, the Glyph of Chamon is probably your best bet in the first battle round, as it will give any Dankhold or Fellwater Troggoths – and, of course, Trugg himself – a 5+ ward. And if your opponent goes last in the first battle round, then gets the double-turn by winning priority in the second, your units will still be well protected. In our game, I actually used a few different glyph options to try them out, but I found the Glyph of Ghur to be especially effective – even more so when combined with a Dankhold Troggboss’ Shepherd of Destruction ability. I had a large unit of 6 Rockgut Troggoths armed with massive stone mauls. They already have a solid weapon profile, but when you add in the combined effects of +2 Attacks and +1 To Hit, it takes on a whole new level of graphic violence! WarCom: Ouch! That’s a lot of damage output right there… Simon: It really is. Nick and I both had a few more tricks up our sleeves. As it was an open play game, and to further tie it in with our ongoing Dawnbringers series, we agreed that we would each include a Harbinger from Dawnbringers Book 1 in our armies. That meant a Grimhold Exile for Nick, while I included a Rabble-Rowsa to represent Braggit Big-Talka. His Get Goin’, Ya Gitz! ability would enable me to goad Trugg and my Dankhold Troggboss (who was also a Monster thanks to the Loonstone Teef artefact of power) into an enraged surge forward, and hopefully into combat, where they would be at their most devastating. Thanks guys! That’s a lot of crucial Trugg-flavoured content this week. To watch it, you can subscribe to Warhammer+ by hitting the button below. The post It’s All About the Reign of the Brute on Warhammer+ this Week appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  14. Ciaphas Cain is one of the most upstanding heroes of the Imperium, a dashing Commissar of the Astra Militarum who always has a trick up his sleeve and a card to play. At least, that’s what he tells everyone. He’s been on his quest to avoid the thick of the fighting in the pages of Black Library for 20 years now, and with his first adventure coming to pre-orders this weekend in an illustrious new special edition, we’re casting our eyes back over some of his greatest (or perhaps most questionable) exploits. Cain has been the star of 11 novels so far, a mixture of tales told from his exulted (if unreliable) perspective – and from that of Inquisitor Amberley Vail, who knows him rather well and is quick to remind everyone who will listen that Cain’s greatest skill is lying for his own benefit. Dipping into her archives, she weaves a complex picture of a man keeping his own legend alive while swerving most of the danger he publicly claims to court. “In all honesty, I thought the idea of a self-serving Commissar, playing against the archetype, was a one-joke concept, good for a single short story,” Sandy Mitchell told Warhammer Community. “Luckily the readers, and the editorial team at Inferno,* thought otherwise, and demanded to see more of him – which just goes to show how much more they knew than I did. If I’d realised just how popular Cain was going to become, I’d probably have been too intimidated to write a single word! “I’ve had a tremendous amount of fun writing the Cain stories over the years, getting to know him better, and meeting some of his allies and adversaries along the way, and I hope we’re far from done with each other. He still has plenty of anecdotes to tell over a glass of amasec, and some of them might even be true…” Sandy Mitchell’s loveable rogue is now part of the tapestry of Warhammer 40,000, delighting readers with his askance perspective of the Imperium. Things began in 2002 with the short story Fight or Flight, followed in 2003 by Cain’s first novel For the Emperor. His latest adventure – Ciaphas Cain: Vainglorious – was released just this year. The series also features over half a dozen short stories and a novella, collected into three omnibus editions alongside the first nine novels. Not content to just stick with written propaganda, Cain has also featured in two original audio dramas, Dead in the Water and The Devil You Know, because there’s no such thing as too much Ciaphas Cain Now is as good a time as any to dig deeper in the uncorroborated life and times of the Imperium’s greatest living hero, and Black Library are preparing a special Print on Demand selection of the first three Ciaphas Cain novels – For the Emperor, Caves of Ice and The Traitor’s Hand – in hardback. Coming soon, these volumes will allow you to revisit these classic stories, or to jump in and kick off your exploration with the help of Inquisitor Vail’s sardonic footnotes. The whole Ciaphas Cain series is also available from Black Library in digital formats right now if you just can’t wait. Otherwise, stick with Warhammer Community to find out when the Cain Archives re-open. * A monthly collection of comics and short stories from Black Library’s distant past. The post Celebrate 20 Years of Ciaphas Cain with the First Three Books via Print on Demand appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  15. Last week
  16. FYI my order has arrived as well, also included a note thanking me for waiting. All items present and correct, a lot of construction to come, I bought a selection of the Art Deco styled ones including the glorious looking cinema/theatre with interior!
  17. To celebrate the release of the Cerastus Knight Lancer last month the Warhammer Studio entered a brief, frenzied period of Knight worship, hanging giant banners from the ceiling, and pledging allegiance to a household. It didn’t stop there, and with the imminent release of the sword-wielding Cerastus Knight Castigator and flame-spewing Cerastus Knight Acheron, Knight fever has continued to grip the Warhammer Studio, resulting in a whopping 18 gorgeous mechanical steeds to drool over. Daniel painted up a scion of House Mamaragon, progressively drybrushing every plate, starting off dark and building up with the lighter colours. He masked off triangles to achieve a dazzle camo pattern using the same process. For the metal the first coat was defined with Nuln Oil then stippled with lighter colours to add interest. Also featured above are Rob’s black and orange House Sidus Knight and Dave’s gleaming gold and silver custom creation – House Veridis. The fetching Castigator in red and blue heraldry decorated with dozens of fleurs de lis is the homebrew House Brieon by Jason. Joining this chivalric steed is a moody House Lucaris Knight Castigator by James, and another custom house by Dominik – the navy blue and bright yellow House Peredur. You’ll recognise House Vyronii from the box art of Horus Heresy Knights, and Louise has provided her own grimy and weathered spin on the green, gold, and cream scheme. Cal and Adam round out the Castigators with their own black and yellow Knights. First of the Knight Acheron roundup is Connor’s House Gallerica. This corrupted Knight features Chaos-corrupted winterscapes on the armour paints, freehanded with Contrast paint. Each is topped off with transfers, and sealed in with Ardcoat. Lu turns up the heat with a House Ærthegn Knight in the process of gutting a Rhino, and Chris has another House Vyronii Knight stepping on a promethium tank. Jesse is representing House Makabius with their Acheron using Dark Reaper, Wraithbone, and Auric Armour Gold, weathered up with Agrax Earthshade, followed by drybrushes of Tyrant Skull and Screaming Skull. Rich ups the opulence with a vivid purple, burnished gold and black Knight from House Orhlacc, and Dan has gone for stippled blue with grimy metals on his Knight Acheron. The slender frame of a Cerastus Knight tends to look foreboding in pale plates, and David’s House Malinax Acheron looks full of grim purpose in its weathered white armour. The Adeptus Mechanicus Knight House-019 looks fantastic all grimed up in its subdued heraldry, and Sam rounds things out with a red and black steed. Thanks to the Studio for this parade, which will be on display in Warhammer World shortly. You can pre-order your very own Cerastus Knight Castigator or Acheron on Saturday. The post The New Cerastus Knights – Painted by the Warhammer Studio appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  18. It’s easy to forget that warriors other than Space Marines took part in the Horus Heresy. Despite their prominence, the Legiones Astartes were enormously outnumbered by the human soldiers of the Imperial Army. Uncountable millions of regular, unaugmented troops marched under the Imperial banner – and of those, the Solar Auxilia were the elite. They are the best trained, best equipped soldiers in the Imperial Army, drilled extensively in both ground and void combat, and renowned as much for their staunch reliability as their combat prowess. If not for the Legiones Astartes, they would be the finest soldiers in the Imperium – an accolade they take great pride in. Despite being intrinsically linked to the Emperor’s armies, their origins actually stem from the Age of Strife, in the ancient techno-enclaves of Saturn. The Polities of Saturn were formed from the many independent settlements strung across the moons and asteroids of the gas giant, and constant inter-state conflict combined with a technologically advanced culture made them masters of void warfare. When the Emperor left Terra and took the allegiance of Luna and Mars, Saturn was quick to sign up and supply its own regiments to the Great Crusade. So effective were these troops that soon other regiments directly emulated their weapons, armour, and tactics – since given a once-over by the Mechanicum – and a common warrior heritage began to form between these elite soldiers. By the time of the Horus Heresy, about a quarter of all human front-line forces were drawn from the Solar Auxilia, thanks largely to their extensive record of battlefield success. Organised into Solar Cohorts numbering some 120,000 soldiers, they were the tip of the spear in fleets that had no Space Marine contingent, although they frequently had the honour of fighting directly alongside the Legiones Astartes. One such cohort was the infamous Cthonian Headhunters, a rare example of Solar Auxilia drawn from feral or feudal worlds. They held the Sons of Horus in worshipful adulation, and fought alongside their Space Marine lords in some of the most brutal assaults of the Heresy. On the world of Lethe, a sizable group assaulted 52 Imperial Fists Terminators as they broke out from a fortified bunker, and succeeded in bringing down more than half before the sons of Dorn made their escape. Solar Auxilia cohorts were broken down into smaller sub-cohorts, each roughly equivalent to a Legiones Astartes company, then individual tercios – a fighting unit of approximately 60 troopers, armed with reliable Solar-pattern lasrifles and void-hardened armour that differed little from the original equipment of their Saturn based predecessors. These basic tercios were augmented by a Fire Support group manning tracked Rapier weapon platforms and elite Veletarii tercios, who carried powerful and exotic weapons like volkite chargers. Their strongest weapon, however, was undoubtedly their discipline, rigorously enforced by pitiless officers throughout the Great Crusade. This allowed them to execute complex manoeuvres in battle that minimised their own losses, such as striking suddenly in force at weakened enemy defences – a vital lifeline once the Horus Heresy pitted them against the vastly superior Legiones Astartes. Though mostly known for the superlative quality of their infantry, the Solar Auxilia also fielded vast quantities of tanks and artillery, as well as air support seconded from the Aeronautica Imperialis. Their armoured vehicles were designed specifically for their use, featuring void-seals, radiological shielding, and all-round improvements to performance, while specially adapted versions of the Basilisk and Medusa tanks used hard-wired automata to assist their operators.* Ultimately, the Solar Auxilia proved to be reliable battlefield forces even when fighting the Legiones Astartes, although there was only so much they could do to avoid catastrophic losses against such superior foes. Many cohorts were decimated by the final days of the Siege of Terra, though stories of epic final stands and stubborn defiance against Traitor attack persisted for millennia after. You’ll be able to command a tercio or five of your own shortly, when Legions Imperialis comes to pre-order. Exactly when we can’t say, but can you hear that pitter-patter of tiny feet in the distance? * Heavier artillery contingents were provided by other Imperial Army forces, as wise commanders soon realised that rear-line duties were a waste of the Solar Auxilia’s capabilities. The post Legions Imperialis – What Makes the Solar Auxilia the Best Human Soldiers Around? appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  19. Begin log. My vigil continues, but I’ve had something of a revelation over the last… 168 solar hours. This rumour device is not just physical in nature, but also temporal – a gateway between times far removed, sending and receiving mysterious images by unknown means. Ah, right on cue. Whoever these are meant for, whatever the reasons for their existence… I mean to uncover them, one day. I wonder, sometimes, if other custodians of this infernal device ‘post them’ to ‘Facebook and Twitter’, or share their own deductions as to what the images reveal. Perhaps they have done, and will do, and I am merely a knot in an unending string of mystery. Until then, my watch continues. End log. The post The Rumour Engine – 19th September 2023 appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  20. The new Blood Bowl Vampire team are swooping into pre-orders this weekend, so Warhammer Community caught up with Gavin, one of the designers who refreshed the range after so long on the sidelines. Warhammer Community: The Vampire team is a fan(g) favourite among Blood Bowl enthusiasts. What was it like to breathe new un-life into such a heavily anticipated squad? Gavin: It was a real team effort. Usually, one designer will take a Blood Bowl team from start to finish, with input feedback from the others. In this project, however, the bulk of the design work was done by my colleague Nicolas, while I tackled the Thralls. I love what Nico has done with the Vampires, through their posing and attitudes he was able to convey a strong feeling of them being both predatory, blood-hungry hunters as well as sports stars. WarCom: The Vampires and their Thralls are visually distinct, yet they still feel part of the same team. How did you ensure that the two player types had a unified look? Gavin: It was difficult to tie the two together – Vampires are supernatural beings whereas the Thralls are regular folk much like you and I. It eventually came down to focusing on a few features that were shared between the two, such as tassets, belt buckles, and boots. By ensuring the design of these elements was consistent across the team, it helped to subtly tie them together. While many elements are similar, we also wanted to ensure that some differences remained between them. For example, though the Thralls and their Vampire masters share the same armour and billowing shirts, the Thralls’ attire is in far worse condition than the flawless, unmarred garb of the Vampires. WarCom: Speaking of billowing shirts, how did you settle on this particular look for the team? Gavin: It was all about combining the existing Vampire aesthetic with classic sports attire – which was not as simple as it sounds! Thankfully, the large faceted shapes that are so synonymous with the Vampires’ design language combine nicely with the kind of protective padding you would expect to find on the gridiron. This led us to the impressive, batwing-like shoulder pads that you see on each of the Vampires. The Thralls were an interesting challenge. If you look at how wide they are in the shoulder, their build would suggest that they were once large and muscular sports players. However, the emaciating effect of repeated blood loss has taken its toll upon these walking blood bags, and so their clothes now hang loosely from their drained frames and their limbs appear long and gangly rather than strong and muscular. WarCom: What was the most enjoyable part of the project? Gavin: Designing the Vargling ball! Though it is quite cruel to use the poor beastie as a ball, I am sure the little nipper will get plenty of biting done throughout a match! WarCom: Which member of the team is your favourite? Gavin: I think it would be the Thrall holding the bat, or perhaps even the bat itself! I also have a soft spot for the ball carried by the two bats – it turns out that sculpting bats is great fun! WarCom: How are you going to paint your Vampire Team? Gavin: I am really tempted to try and paint mine in a sepia monotone scheme to make them look like they have walked straight out of an old movie! Thanks Gavin! The Vampires are primed and ready to spring from their coffins and score some tremendous touchdowns this Saturday, when you can pre-order these baroque blitzers. The post Blood Bowl – Revamping the Vampire Team’s Models appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  21. It’s that time of year again, when we look at what the Warhammer Alliance programme is doing to support gaming clubs at the start of the new school year. Warhammer Alliance is an Education Support Programme, providing resources to schools, libraries, and other educationally aligned institutions to support them in giving young people amazing experiences with Warhammer. Existing clubs have until the 1st of October to take part in the current back to school offer. Check your emails (including your spam!) for details on how to get going. If you can’t find your email, contact your local Warhammer Alliance team. All details can be found on the Warhammer Alliance Website. Our clubs receive a top-up in September (February for our clubs down under) to help them get up and running again after the holidays. The offer varies from country to country depending on what we have available, but it will usually include additional miniatures for the new members. If you would like to begin a new Warhammer Alliance club, click here to find out more and apply. Battle Honours The start of a new school year means new club members. The Battle Honours programme is a great tool for club leaders to use with their club. The programme provides ideas for activities, both as individuals or groups, and participants receive rewards for taking part by working with your local Warhammer store manager. To find out more about the Battle Honours programme, go here. Curriculum Opportunities Every year in November and April we contact our clubs to request feedback on the programme and find out what we can do to improve. One of the requests that frequently pops up is about providing links and resources to opportunities that Warhammer provides to enhance your students’ learning experience. We’re delighted to say that the first wave of these resources are ready to roll out with the Curriculum Opportunities document. This document was created by teachers for teachers, and shows the links between different aspects of the curriculum, providing ideas for how to link Warhammer into different subjects. Art, Literacy, Numeracy, STEM subjects, life skills, and wellbeing can all be linked into Warhammer activities. In the not too distant future, we will have lesson plans available to download for free to do just that. The files are available in English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Polish currently, and we will add more languages once they have been translated. Educators Day Seminar at Warhammer Fest Want to hear what our club leaders have to say about the programme and the impact it’s had on them and their club? Check out these moving videos, captured at Warhammer Fest back in April. Our panel of club leaders discuss the positive impacts, as well as some of the challenges they face. The post Warhammer Alliance: Get Back to School in 2023 With the Latest Free Pack for Schools and Clubs appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  22. The next Codex: Space Marines is almost ready for release, and with it comes a vast array of new rules for your Angels of Death. In particular, six new Detachments join the Gladius Task Force, adding opportunities for characterful thematic forces specialising in vanguard troops, lightning assaults, and close-range firepower. But first, a major update – the Oath of Moment army rule is changing. You still select one unit each turn to be your target, but now you only reroll Hit rolls against them, instead of Hits and Wounds. This will mean Space Marine players need to choose their target more carefully, though there are new and updated skills across the faction that bring more opportunities to re-roll Wound rolls.* The Warhammer Studio has even shot a video to run through what else is in the book. The post New Detachment Rules In Codex: Space Marines – Get a First Look at 1st Companies and Firestorm Assault Forces appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  23. Warhammer Day comes but once a year – a global celebration of the best hobby in the world. This year, it’ll be held on the 14th of October – and we’re marking the 40th anniversary of Warhammer as we know it. Warhammer Community has spent much of 2023 on an extended stroll down memory lane, looking at some truly classic miniatures, and the nostalgia train continues on Warhammer Day. As is tradition, Warhammer Day will also be marked with the release of an exclusive commemorative miniature. The post Celebrate Warhammer Day With a Brand New Miniature appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
  24. It’s a big week for Warhammer with a ton of new stuff coming to next week’s pre-orders, so let’s sink our teeth into it without preamble. The post Sunday Preview – Knights, Vampires, and Classic Warhammer 40,000 Terrain appeared first on Warhammer Community. View the full article
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