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  2. Compared to their normal army starter sets, $200 per faction in this set... Well it's the normal insane, not extra insane...
  3. Better a freebirther than a clanner šŸ˜›
  4. Timberwolf you inner sphere barbarian! Unfortunately they're vinyl, not resin. Hollow PITA.
  5. I've heard under $300, but grain of salt.
  6. Omg, is that one of those resin mad cat / timberwolf? Sooo jealous
  7. In good news, not divorced. Wife was amazed when I pulled this out of storage. The Catapult is there as a scale reference. This is a monster. It's Vinyl, so not long after I originally built it it suffered some damage in summer due to overheating, and spent about 10 years on a shed shelf, so it's filthy.
  8. Looks like it's going to be around $350-$400. Damn son
  9. Which was perhaps the highlight of the massive and unreasonable overreaction from the horde of manbabies. I'm all for it. If you both have painted armies then it's a non issue. I also expect it will not be a blanket rule for all games, but rather part of a specific mode of play.
  10. Depends on if it counts as a vehicle or not
  11. I guess with the new 'big guns' - rule (shoot into engagement zone one) - the more you try to storm it the shootier it gets with all those flamers
  12. This will be up there with the Settra doesn't Kneel rule from early AOS
  13. So, there have been a few photos doing the rounds on Facebook of the new rules. One of which is regarding victory points. Apparently you get 10 VP for having a fully painted army. An interesting development and one I like šŸ™‚ May help reduce the bare plastic seen in a lot of armies these days.
  14. Taking a leaf out of Krefey's book, I've gone with a Fallout Deathclaw as my main attempt, with a Reaper Bones Avatar of Sokar as my bonus model. Let's see if I can actually get painting done this month!
  15. I think it looks decent.
  16. Nice theme. I normally paint up the grunts for an army before moving onto the more interesting units, but given this months theme, Iā€™m going straight for a frost Giant from blood rage.
  17. And of course the memes have already started šŸ˜‰
  18. This pic has started doing the rounds. Wonder what its stats are like. Not sure about it tbh, but I guess I'll wait to see a bit more.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Meg Maples has published a more academic blog post describing contrast and value when it comes to painting. Check it out: http://www.arcanepaintworks.com/blog-1/2020/7/1/color-theory-contrast-and-value?fbclid=IwAR3LeUO3QSZls9Trnq__5TwAPOEyDh1Inp0c-GXJr27r9xhs59O6OmwSeDQ
  21. Ooh, something I can do. (Usually these comps have a theme for a model I finished LAST month ... Or I just don't have anything on hand to do.). A Wraithlord for my Eldar army. I bought a grab bag of sprues at Cancon 2020 and only just got around to going through them. The wraithguard don't count - I had them done and based yesterday. The Wraithlord, however, I only started assembling this morning. ).
  22. Fine, I suppose i could attempt one. Here's my WitchKing on Fell Beast. That's monstrous right?
  23. I'm sure I've got something I can fit in here..if I can find time to do the work!
  24. Monster huh? Oh dear. I just thought of a couple of 15+ year old projects that never moved that maybe could fit in here. The wife may have to divorce me if it looks like I'm capable of completing projects.
  25. Thanks All. I believe I won in spirit - simply on the grounds of having finished something this year.
  26. So, I have 2 pieces I want to work on this month. The Zoat will be my main focus with Fabius Bile my "bonus" attempt if I can get the zoat finished early enough.
  27. Last week
  28. Battle damage is the solution to every mistake when painting a vehicle. Or assembling a vehicle. Or handling a vehicle. It's looking great though šŸ™‚
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