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  1. Are you using stippling for the snow on the malifaux mini? I like the effect
  2. Kn'thrak - dark elf sorceress Korocite - troll mystic Big - Herald of Nurgle Krefey - M.O.D.O.K
  3. Calling him done for now. Would like toadd some osl on the base later on thiugh.
  4. yeah, voluntary contribution works as an option, as long as people are aware that they are making a donation and not everyone will be contributing.
  5. Well, it kind of is tale of 4 gamers like if you choose to do an army, it's just more than 4 gamers participating (hopefully) This sounds entirely reasonable. I don't think I was expecting everyone to have everything they needed from the word go. In regards to the entry fee, we could make it optional, but then split the prize pool into "paid entrants" and "non paid entrants". If we do that at all. Otherwise, we can reach out to people / businesses to see if they want to contribute towards the prize pool.
  6. Really like the TAG, it's coming along nicely!
  7. Thanks for the input. Definitely things to consider. I'll be chatting to Korocite about those.
  8. Korocite and I are discussing having a year long comp (in addition to the monthly comps we are having) . The idea is that people will say what their annual project will be and you have the year to finish it. There will be some rewards for the best project which are TBD. In terms of the project, it can be whatever you want. An army, a table worth of terrain, a diorama or some other large project. Do people have any suggestions or questions about this as we work on developing the rules / structure for it?
  9. They look awesome. I do like the look of those models.
  10. So, almost finished. Base is completely undone though, so, erm, yay? Got the final highlights on the purple and yellow then it's on to the base.
  11. Ouch, that's not a fun thing to happen at all! there are ways you can try straightening it. However, I feel you on the not feeling it front. I was there last month for sure. I reckon I have a couple more hours work on MODOK at least to get him to the level I want.
  12. Yeah. Not sure if I'm going to bother weathering it though. Just have too much other stuff and weathering it means it won't fit in with the rest of the chapter that's already painted.
  13. a massive pile of mechs is a valid distraction 🙂
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