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  1. Warhammer Community has put up some previews of the "leaked" bunker now. AS well as some new Necron terrain and free core rules for 40k. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/07/02/free-core-rules-new-models-sighted/
  2. Better a freebirther than a clanner 😛
  3. I've heard under $300, but grain of salt.
  4. Omg, is that one of those resin mad cat / timberwolf? Sooo jealous
  5. Depends on if it counts as a vehicle or not
  6. So, there have been a few photos doing the rounds on Facebook of the new rules. One of which is regarding victory points. Apparently you get 10 VP for having a fully painted army. An interesting development and one I like 🙂 May help reduce the bare plastic seen in a lot of armies these days.
  7. And of course the memes have already started 😉
  8. This pic has started doing the rounds. Wonder what its stats are like. Not sure about it tbh, but I guess I'll wait to see a bit more.
  9. Meg Maples has published a more academic blog post describing contrast and value when it comes to painting. Check it out: http://www.arcanepaintworks.com/blog-1/2020/7/1/color-theory-contrast-and-value?fbclid=IwAR3LeUO3QSZls9Trnq__5TwAPOEyDh1Inp0c-GXJr27r9xhs59O6OmwSeDQ
  10. So, I have 2 pieces I want to work on this month. The Zoat will be my main focus with Fabius Bile my "bonus" attempt if I can get the zoat finished early enough.
  11. Thanks Korocite. You'rs are worthy too. This month's theme is Monster(s)!
  12. The theme for this month's hobby comp is monster(s)! It is up to you how to interpret that though (you could paint a "close combat monster" for example). - Post a pic of the model(s) you plan on painting alongside a piece of paper with the date. - Entries close on the 28th to allow time for voting - users get to vote on their favourite piece after the 28th - winner gets to choose the theme for the next month's competition - winner also receives a $20 voucher for Laser Shark Designs
  13. Working on the mastadon again after a long hiatus. In the process of edge highlighting the gold. Top sections are done so far. Of course, I also discovered I missed some spots when cleaning the resin after I peeled off the masking I had to airbrush the tracks. Guess it will be battle damage!
  14. Seems there are contested rolls for units falling back now.
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