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  1. So I bought a large compliment of Steel Legion off of someone on WAU a long time ago as part of a plan to do a 3rd War for Armageddon Imperial army (which is where the Celestial Lions, the chapter I collect, got Inquisitoned). So first step is that I'm going to paint up the infantry. Then I might paint the commisars (I have Yarrick and a converted regular commisar) or I'll make a start on the plethora of vehicles I have. Chimeras should probably get done first since, you know, Steel Legion. There are roughly 130 infantry (counting heavy weapon teams as 2 models). I think I
  2. Did you seal it with a varnish first?
  3. You should see my thumb on the other hand then 😛 Man, I can't wait to see this bad boy finished. Did you just use regular decal paper and an inkjet to make the decals? I've been considering getting a printer for decals that can print white, but they are super expensive.
  4. So, that happened. What do people think?
  5. Thanks 🙂 Helps that I've taken 4 weeks off of work as I really needed a break. The first batch of resin parts I designed has been dropped off and they fit 🙂 Need to wait for the rest and then paint those then glue them on.
  6. Thanks for the advice! I'll try the talc for the resin. A bit of slicing involved, but the two halves are ready. Has come out rather well for my first attempt. Keen to get the resin in now.
  7. I got some Stoner Rapid Release on recommendation from a friend and am using that as the release agent. Have just poured the 2nd half of the two part mold. Going to bed, so will see how it turns out tomorrow.
  8. Sooo, I'm working on a "secret" project and it involves a lot of the same model. So I've decided to convert a bunch of them so they don't all look the same. As such, I'm going to be attempting to so some resin casting of a few converted pieces that I can then play with and attach to the various models to give the models some points of difference. First picture is of the mold I made. I got some advice from @chromedog on making the mold and where to put some vents etc. The holes are key holes to help make sure each half of the 2 part mold fit together properly for when Input the resin
  9. I think I counted about 95ish including the unfinished ones not in these photos. The "unfinished" ones are painted at least. I'll paint the rest of the bits when i get the 3D printed parts.
  10. Well, I'm done. I have a few more escorts that are done except for some 3D printed replacement parts I designed for missing bits and it appears I'm short a few bases too.
  11. For sure! Start anytime 🙂 It will change over at the end of the month after voting to a different theme.
  12. You can do it mate 🙂 I *might* have some nob bodies lying around. I'll have a look.
  13. Looking good mate, you're really smashing things out 🙂
  14. Looking good mate. Love the remote in particular 🙂
  15. BBcode isn't enabled at this stage. But you should be able to embed images directly.
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