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  1. Have you considered using the MIG productions washable whitewash? Amazing product for winterizing vehicles. I dab it on with a sponge, leave it to sit for around 2 hours, then with a damp brush start rubbing it off. Turns out like this once done:
  2. Current job I'm working on is a Hungarian army for someone. Nice to see something a bit different.
  3. yeah, seems to be a 1941-42 eastern front thing. As best as I can tell, the strips were reversible and buttoned on to the snowsuits. Each day an order went out as to whether it was red or black side out, so if you saw someone with no stripes or the wrong colour for the day you looked at them very hard.....down the sights of a weapon.
  4. got her assembled and re-primed today. This was something I got in a trade and the original owner seemed to have taken no tender mercies with her. Had to sand back a fair few spots and fill some big gaps. When I got her she was just the hull, but Warlord very graciously provided replacement parts for the turrets, aerials and stanchions. Luckily Soviet workmanship was notoriously rough so I'm not too concerned about it past this point.
  5. The red arm bands are for friend/foe identification. When both sides are dressed identically in white snowsuits it's important to be able to tell who's who.
  6. What exactly I'm going to do with a Soviet river patrol boat is a mystery, but this beast has been in my cabinet unpainted too long and given it's the only unpainted vehicle I have right now it will have to do!
  7. Thanks. Those are an army my club commissioned me to paint up for members to use. The vehicles:
  8. not deliberately - I just havent put down the matte varnish on it 🙂
  9. Hi all, Thought I would start uploading pics of work I'm doing for clients and my own personal projects. These British Para's are a commission job. Mixture of Warlord and Artizan figures, the truck is from Rubicon.
  10. Location: Melbourne Armies: Winter Germans, Waffen-SS, US Paras, British, Hungarians, Soviets Will give the new forum a plug on the Baconburgers cast, see if we can get some numbers here.
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