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  1. detachement perks are things like Troops score over other units. OR like Custode INF + BIKER list (only gets 4++ instead of 5++
  2. The new mission criteria are too complicated. It is what happens when OTT (read ITC) groups get there influence into the rulebook.... early feedback indicates that Primary conditions don't make alot of difference (fairly equal for both players) so most of the games are won in your secondary choices..... A lot of bookkeeping for basically the same results...
  3. OTT.... but no one cares about the "community" any more so just smash em. (right?)
  4. the sales bell curve for Primaris has probably settled into the latter part of the curve and they now want to pick up the new Marine players (who only bought Primaris) to go back and by the old marines too... :)
  5. if you get a 10 man unit to 2 it dies. coherency is based on starting strength. I think you will see a lot of things like Plasmacanon spam (with the 1d3 maxing out at 3 hits) once they work it out.
  6. the Coherency restriction to conga lines is a big one and it will actually hurt small units more than larger ones. (Blast weapons is for that 😉 ). The flip side to Coherency is that: - small 1-5 man units will be easily swept aside in the fire power of 9th ed and with split fire the "wasted firepower" will be negligible. - medium 6-10 sized units cannot maintain coherency once you get less than 3 so no more combimelta+PF sgt pullling off lastman stands or killing that last big thing or holding an objective hidden.... - large 11+ units will just be mashed by blast weapons making -1
  7. It is a fun little format. My local (very small store club) has responded to it. It is a quick and easy to set up and play. Start with base rules and Elite rules. Allows for more variety (units available) but don't move on to commanders until you have a good handle on the rules. Commanders are to OP. Terrain is important. Have a variety. LoS blocking, area, linear barriers (<1" tall) for the small battlefields will give you a nice balance. You can probably have a little more than a std 40K game for density but don't go overboard. Probably explore into the Mission based scenario's rat
  8. Par for the course for tabletop gamers right? 😄
  9. yeehaar :) that is a pile :) I have was a terrrible hobbist and found timetabling in a specific time of day and getting into the habit really worked. My airbrush took away all of the painful parts of painting. and made good results possible. If money is less of an issue I would say an Airbrush is a great investment to non grey armies.
  10. I've heard it might be related to the Maximum US postage size for cylinders. >>> ie GW is getting into the Neoprene mat business since it has got away from them....
  11. whoa...... so many things that will have a huge effect..... fallback , morale, fly, new points, big things Shooting in combat, Blast weapons, Chargers still go first but your opponent selects a unit first..... in Fight phase (so always fights first units just got a huge boost), 5" vertical coherency and engagement, non-coherency can casualty loss if you remove from the middle...., Are 6" heroic intervention Slanneshi Daemon princes the new meta?
  12. your list is insane. :) You have inspired me to re-organise my collection and focus my building and painting a little more.
  13. that looks amazing :) Your level of commitment is inspiring. Battlereport!!!
  14. I love my airbrush now, could not paint without it
  15. Blackmane must give himself a haircut everytime he fights..... :) Ghaz >>> I might just have to buy something New..... erg but Wow... :)
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