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  1. Jwai (ex-WAU) went a couple of years back, for their first armourfest (iirc) and commented that some of the tanks are better suited to the more petite body types (You pretty much have to be a munchkin to fit into most Sov tanks (their crews were often less solid of build and shorter. ). I've been in a T-72, they aren't exactly roomy, and I'm 5'7.
  2. I had more than a few of the 1/35 nitto kits back in the day. I had a few metal 25mm castings that were very similar to them, too - but FIIK where they came from. Got them in a bag of old metal minis from a mate in 1990 or so).
  3. Turned out pretty well for a first-timer. I learned how to mould and cast back in 1989 or so with some old Dow Corning products (had a fibreglassing supplier a short walk away who carried it) but had some industry friends show me some stuff, too. They also ended up getting me a short-term prop job where I could use those skills. Yeah, mixing up too much resin is a thing - was a thing in the FX biz back in the 90s for sure -I know that the farscape 'shop as well as the ILM 'shop used to have a bunch of greeblie moulds that excess mixed resin went into - the model and prop shops would mak
  4. Also made up a transit stop for the table. Some leftover acrylic bits from various signage packs (the blue one on top is Knights of Dice, the yellow/green are micro arts) I've got a couple of scale appropriate buses so I figured they needed somewhere for the bridge&tunnel crowd to wait. Every bus stop I've seen has a map showing the relevant transit "lines". So I used something from my old cyberpunk rpg days.
  5. Oh definitely. This build was intended to be shown at Cancon 2021, but with the cancellation of that event, maybe Novacore 2021? Nova IS my local event. I have loaned terrain to the last few Cancons (had a friend bring it down since I couldn't make it for a couple of them.). On the plus side, cancon 2022, I'll have a full licence and it won't take me quite as long to drive down. My stuff was in use at Nova last year (it got moved from the middle of the pack to one end near the doors, because in the TO's words "It was too pretty to hide." It will go onto this "table" collection. M
  6. A while ago, I put together one of the Brutal Cities range of buildings. The Easy Augs store. Because I wanted to light it up, and have other bits move and so forth, I had to plan it out, and this meant I had time to document the build. Normally I would just start a project and just keep going with it until it was done, without stopping to document it. This was the first project that I took photos of from almost the beginning of the project. The kit is very well thought out, and goes together pretty easily. Ryan has done his homework. I wanted the trusswork to look metallic, but not s
  7. Yeah, realised that. I'm just used to forums not being that cool with direct upload and linking from a host.
  8. Thought I'd contribute a little more to this little board. I'm more of a builder and 'maker' than a game-player, but I do enjoy the odd game I get with my stuff. I've been known to light my terrain up when I can, too (I learned to solder as a young teen, didn't start gaming until late teens). Sometimes I'll probably even share the "behind the curtain" stuff. My current project - since I've been playing a bit of the Deus Ex computer game series to keep my sanity during this plague season, was to take inspiration from it for a 'new' force for Infinity the game. I don't often take inspira
  9. There are specific types of addition cure silicone rubbers you have to use for "clear" resin casting (Pinkysil - which is a titanium additive silicone, as opposed to a tin-additive silicone - for example). Also pressure casting and vacuum de-gassing helps with the clarity of the casts, too. True "clear" casts are a pain in the kiester to do. There have been some great developments in clear casting resins in the last year or so, though. If doing a two part mould, REMEMBER to put in sufficient venting to counteract any bubble traps. If you have any forgeworld castings, take a look at wher
  10. I bought Deus Ex:Human Revolution for my previous computer (W7 machine) but never got around to installing it back in 2012. Replaced that beast with a newer one in December last year. Something a little more modern than the 10 year old beast it replaced. In April, after many weeks of no miniatures gaming, and feeling a cyberpunk itch that needed scratching, I decided to install the original Deus Ex on the new machine (previous time I played it was on the PS2, a loooong time ago). Then I found the copy of DE:HR hiding on my dvd shelf and installed it. Played it through a couple of times
  11. Ooh, something I can do. (Usually these comps have a theme for a model I finished LAST month ... Or I just don't have anything on hand to do.). A Wraithlord for my Eldar army. I bought a grab bag of sprues at Cancon 2020 and only just got around to going through them. The wraithguard don't count - I had them done and based yesterday. The Wraithlord, however, I only started assembling this morning. ).
  12. Love the board. It's all gribbly in all the right places. Shame about the air-drying clay mixup. Kaolin is the fine white clay used in porcelain. It's named after the same region in China that gave us kung-fu monks - and why the good, really fine porcelain was referred to as "fine china". It's also used in many toothpastes as part of the "polish" part of them (it can be used as a very fine abrasive). I used to work in ceramics.
  13. We were planning to go to Cairns in March this year, but the lockdown but the kybosh on those plans. Once they reopen the border to Qld, we'll look at planning it again. And the economics of flying up or just spending a few days driving up.
  14. This is the timeline as published in one of the rulebooks. The start is early 21st century and "now" is roughly 180-185 years into the future. First edition was set 175 years into the future and the timeline has moved forwards since then. Paradiso offensive is ongoing (it's where the Combined army 2nd contact happened). Some key events aren't on this timeline (JSA secession from Yu-Jing), Daedalus wormhole collapse) but this pre-dates N3.
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