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  1. This is the hill I mentioned. It was an enormous hill shaped from 1" thick sheets of white expanded polystyrene (the crap stuff, but the top surface was sealed with some kind of plaster filler and painted and flocked and so on. The base was not). The base was damaged and getting worse by the day. My job as "terrain guy" at the time was to "repair" it, which I did. The base and all the cut sides were refaced with the mdf. Not only strengthened it and made it more resistant to damage, it made it more modular, too. This was a loooong time ago (2009). It's still intact and going well.
  2. When I had to cut up a large hill for the Slayers years ago (it was mahoosive, almost 3' long, and almost 2' wide) so it would fit into one of our terrain cupboards, in order to protect the cut foam sides (xps) from damage, I clad them in 3mm mdf. It certainly protects them. I had to bog the small gaps that were left between the foam and the mdf, but it wasn't much of an issue. Cladding foam is deffo the way to go, though.
  3. The LED is generating that neat cone shape. Pure happenstance. No trickery, all in-camera. Due to positioning, it's not quite pointed straight down, so part of the light "cone" is being projected against the red "doors" (LEDs project a cone of light, the shape of which is determined by the nature and shape of the lensing in the "dome".). Final dig at my year of 2020. I put this together this morning. I think it encapsulates the year that was 2020 quite well. Succinct. NOT a kit. Just shapes cut out of scrap foamed pvc sheet, some electronics and doo-dads.
  4. ... aaaaaaaand the word came down from above. Lo, and let there be light. ... and there were lights. So much easier to loot when you aren't stumbling around in the dark. Both of the orange-y LEDs flicker, they came out of the LED puck tea-lights.
  5. Yeah, netrunner is a ccg. Like Magic:the cash cow, and a few others.
  6. I no longer do "big projects" but I tend more towards a bunch of smaller things, often with nary a tangent betwixt. I will follow with interest, though.
  7. Yes, it's the EN logo. I'm not above currying favour with people who give me stuff. 😄 Ryan (of Brutal Cities) is a huge fan of theirs. I think that the Expanse writers are more fans of Deep Purple than Neubaten, though. Judging by the belter patois cover of "Highway Star" that Mateo was banging along to before going splat. There is also an OPA symbol, some Japanese sign-age like you will find on construction sites and some band graf as well as the usual profanity graf. I'm slowly adding stuff to all of my buildings to give them that "hive of scum and villainy" look. In order to
  8. Also working on some scaffolding for another building project (Brutal cities pieces). Graf and signage has mostly been applied. The Japanese signs are actual Japanese signage that you would see on or around urban construction. The first one is essentially "No entry (except authorised persons)" and the other is "no smoking". The yellow hardhat guy pointing up is a "LOOK UP!" sign and pretty self explanatory. Couldn't resist some Python related graf (the romans are all dead - no-one's going to correct my bad grammar), and there's an OPA (the expanse) piece on one side of the scaffol
  9. More terrain work for my NewHokk board. What does any near-future combat zone need? A gun shop. I had a small plastcraft weapons dealer store - but it met with an unfortunate end vis-a-vis a heavy object from a great height (washing detergent bottle fell on it). Pretty much munged it all to hell, but I salvaged a couple of bits of it, and decided to make a bigger and better one - since the original is now OOP since Plastcraft stopped doing them. It will, of course, also be lit up, like many of the rest of the buildings for that table. There'll be one light over the entry, and an
  10. Those were some 3d printed "paint stands" that a local did, but realised that he'd scaled them a little small for the job. So they were freebies. I thought they'd work well for miniature stands so I could get some shots of my stuff. Hexes are infinity and all that (although based on my viewing of 80s SF, all of the "crates" were octagonal prisms back then, not so much hexagons. The road base it just pumice powder I got from a friend a few years back. Mixed with glue and some surfactant, then painted over. I sanded the base first before applying it, but there's a couple of spots tha
  11. I've added a few models to that O-12 army, too. O-12 as a police force, aren't tied to a strictly planet-bound enforcement. They also police space traffic, so they also embody a sort of "interplanetary customs and border security" role as well. 1. The Warcor (war-correspondent) - journalist/media type with cambot drone. Drone is meant to echo the raptor police gun drones from the DE:MD game. In infinity, it grants him a 360* visor (so you can't sneak up behind him). The drone is made from a Tau shield generator, as well as some sprue and plasticard rectangular tubing. 2&3. Rapto
  12. I still have my first box of old Ral Partha heavy omnimechs (metals) from 1990 somewhere (assembled, but yeah). It had one Mad Dog, one Summoner, one Loki and one Timberwolf in the box (because they shared parts but the modular nature of the omnimechs meant you could literally swap bits around as needed. I got out of BT not long after. Gave my old mapsheets away, too. Kept the mechs. I need to dig my old 20mm scaled T-bolt die-cast mech out of storage.
  13. I've only got a couple of BC kits (The Easy Augs ripperdocs shop, and this one) - not because I don't like them, or I'm not a fan of the aesthetic. Mostly it's because many of the others are just too large for my storage solution (85l storage bins with lids. 1 "table" of infinity terrain fits into one bin. If it displaces a large chunk of that terrain, but does not itself fill that table space, then I have to pass on it. ). These two will fit into the bins. This is important for me from a transportation perspective. Good, sturdy construction, relatively straightforward kits. Three th
  14. I was fortunate enough to be "gifted" a prototype Brutal cities kit (there were a few mis-cuts in it, but it was 90% or so fine) because Ryan wanted to see what I could do with it. The capsulo tower apartments (I'm going with the provisional name of "Affordable Residential Capsules" for the building, or ARC for short, because I have a broken piece of acrylic signage from KoD that will fit onto the building). And because I could, I lit this one up, as well. In addition to each "landing/entry area" being lit up, there's a "dripping icicle" LED array fitted into the central tower front and
  15. This link might be helpful for you. https://iphonephotographyschool.com/white-balance/ My own phone has WB settings for the camera, or I can alter it using the editing app - failing that, my copy of lightroom usually does the heavy lifting for me.
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