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  1. Well that's a bit impressive! Love the reflections on the cars.
  2. SPACESHIP! A little project for this week's Comm Guild modeling article... built from a plastic rodent exercise ball and components from the Maelstrom's Edge terrain sprues. For the curious, there is a walkthrough with more pics here.
  3. Not so much on models, lately. Most of my scratchbuilding efforts have been focused on terrain over the last couple of years. Although I'm trying to get back into 2nd ed 40K in my spare time, so there may be some vehicles and the like to come from that... particularly adapting newer Necron units back to the 2nd ed aesthetic, if I can find the time. Meanwhile, an update on this one, with the background painted:
  4. Next project off the bench: An escape pod kitbashed from various parts from the two Maelstrom's Edge terrain sprues! For the curious, there are, there are more pics and a walkthrough here: http://www.thecommguild.com/roller/thecommguild/entry/terrain-sprue-kitbash-escape-pod
  5. Depending on how they wind up price-wise, will probably use these: If they wind up too exy, I'll likely go with Miniature Scenery Tactical Response vehicles instead.
  6. Next Guard units... - 'Ratling' stand-ins made from Epirian Contractors with SecDef arms and sniper rifles. - 2nd Infantry unit with Sergeant's sword and plasma pistol stolen from Space Marine/Wolf Scouts, a MEdge Karist Radwave Emitter as a Meltagun stand in, and a lascannon made from a SecDef Chaingun with a barrel replacement. It's smaller than most modern 40K lascannons, although slightly larger than the Rogue Trader-era Guard lascannon. I think the barrel is too long, though, so will probably shorten it. - Eversor Assassin stand in - an unconverted Karist Shadow Walker from Maelstr
  7. Also started working on the first Heavy Weapons squad, using missile launchers made from pieces of SecDef rifles and plastic tube, with some missile clusters from the SM Missile Launcher.
  8. I swapped out the Commissar's pistol for a storm bolter, to complete the Yarrick look, and put together the first Infantry squad, using plastic SecDef with an old SM Scout heavy bolter, chainsword and bolt pistol that were sitting in the bits pile.
  9. So, a mate and I have been talking about getting back into 2nd edition 40K for a while, so I've been dusting off several 40K armies that had evolved with the editions over the years, to get them back to being suitable for the old hotness. Along the way, I decided it would be a good idea to throw together a Guard army, because I don't have enough on my plate already... I'm using mostly Maelstrom's Edge SecDef models, because I have plenty of them to hand and they're considerably cheaper than paying GW's current prices for hordes. Command HQ in progress: The armoured Commissar is
  10. Absolutely - I have some sitting around already, but will be cobbling together some more over the next few weeks, along with more catwalks to go with this one:
  11. As above - washes and sprays are excellent. Paints are good, but need more shaking than any other brand on the planet. As in, you need to shake them a lot. Shake them until you think you've shaken them more than is sane, then shake them some more. Then squeeze some out onto the pallet, realise that it's still watery, swear a few times and then shake them some more. I've put glass beads in the worst offenders, although they do sell packs of stainless steel balls as well. Shaking aside, some colours are more translucent than I prefer, but that's more a painting style issue than a problem wi
  12. Or just present the winner with three or four themes to choose from?
  13. Thought I would kick the tyres on the new forum by sharing a recent project of mine. A friend and I have been talking about revisiting the original Necromunda, since the new version leaves us cold... While I still have all of the original cardboard Necromunda terrain, I thought it was about time I got around to making some 'proper' stuff. The aim was to build structures that were inspired by the originals without necessarily being direct copies. Below is what I came up with: For the most part, these are all made from foamed PVC and plastic detail pieces from the Maelstrom's Edge terr
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