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  1. So i only recently got this game when there was a special a few weeks ago. And I am loving the hell out of it. I'd love to start an online campaign, but that requires that all participants be there at the start and join in each time it opens up again. Failing that, i'm just happy to talk about the game. I'm playing the Empires campaign instead of the Vortex, mainly cause it seemed to have more race options, but i honestly didn't look much. I'm playing greenskins with Grimgor as my original hero, though so far i've managed to capture and consolidate Wurrzag and I've almost got Azha
  2. I do miss the old forums, they were the stepping stones from which i built the Beerwaaagh gaming club. Not to mention all of the army trading i did over the years. So much more communal than facebook too, as forums don't deal with weird algorithms to show you posts. They're either there or they aint.
  3. Are they still a thing? Can you build them and attach them to any imperial force?
  4. He definitely needs a helmet option.
  5. Tis a pity the starter box isn't something like Sisters vs Crons. But other than that, looking good. Although, there's no way that image of all those crons is what is in a starter box for an edition. That new marine model tho? With the big weird flat ended sword, that guy looks pretty awesome.
  6. The GW site is putting forward a notion that this is the case. Curious to find out more.
  7. I do sort of miss the formations though, i thought they added a nice style to the game. But i didn't play competitively so i have no idea how they impacted that. The last game i played, i'm pretty sure it was 8th ed, it was against an ork army that with several bubbles of character rules and other such, essentially had 5 or so mobs that all had invo saves and were all fearless. It was stupidly OP, and the only chance i had to stop it was to snipe the character giving those buffs. But i only had 1 small scout unit and the other player realised that threat and threw something like 90 dakka sh
  8. So, i've been out of the game for a long time, wouldn't mind getting back into it, but i'm having trouble trying to learn the new stuff, i.e primaris marines vs the normal ones and how they relate to other chapters. As the title says, specifically for Grey Knights (also for things like space wolves or blood angels). So, i looked on the GW site and it seems that for the most part the primaris marines are like smurfs, i.e plain and simple. I've always loved the chapters with a bit more flair to them. I had a space wolf army a while back and loved it, i've got a bunch of 2nd ed Bangl
  9. Cool models, but damn, $290 for a set that doesn't have many models seems a bit lame. You get 23 models, no scenery (cardboard or otherwise), and a small story book.
  10. The key now will be to re-arrange some furniture with my dodgy back so i can access my painting station again.
  11. Used to frequent WAU a lot, even had a club page forum for a while when i started up that gaming club. Been out of the games for a little while after some injuries prevented much play time. Getting better now so i'm keen to get back into it.
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