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  1. Love it. Good looking models. I keep threatening to get into the game but haven't quite pulled the trigger.
  2. Good stuff! Welcome to the party!
  3. Considering how poorly animated the Ultramarines film was, I suspect that hiring these independents can only result in a marked improvement in quality. Also yes, it'd be great for these people to make decent money from GW for their talent. The Astartes guy has 9k patrons, even assuming they're all on the lowest membership tier, he's still clearing something like $27,000 a month ($324,000 a year before any fees Patreon takes), so GW needs to be making sure they're paying good money for his time.
  4. Gorgeous painting. I have been wondering if the Glaive-Proxima tagteam was incredibly good or not.
  5. Oh cool. If you're using MSPaint, maybe look at Inkscape or any other free vector-art program. It'd be much easier to create tables and game pieces, as well as move them around and whatnot.
  6. Interesting concept. What platform are you using to run the games?
  7. Looking forward to seeing your work here! Haha, I know the pain of adding kidlets to the family and having to subtract social/hobby time to compensate.
  8. Love your painting there, mate! Great models to paint, right? I'm keeping it low-key and only running the Asgardians. Though, the Deadpool characters are looking mighty tempting...
  9. Speculo Killer painted. I reckon I've got another 8 models to paint (not including the Megalodron) before I've got enough to run an entire Wave 1 Defiance campaign from start to finish. Wave 2 is probably a month or two away, so I'm tracking well.
  10. Here's the pilot of the Defiance, Agnes Ferreira. For some reason she got a sculpt even though she's an NPC on one mission of Defiance and then, as far as I can tell, sits on the bridge for the test of the campaign. I dunno, I haven't read terribly far into the campaign yet, so maybe she gets a cameo in later missions? I think my camera is *too good* (that or my eyesight is terrible), as the green blends seem a lot smoother in person.
  11. There we go. That's all the enemies we need for the first few missions of the game done. Sheshkin is a Cadmus, who can 'Morpho-scan' people and copy their physical traits. She's the only Cadmus to successfully scan Achilles, the man-sized TAG who is probably the most dangerous individual in the human sphere. Then we have a quick group shop of all the villians collected together. Should be playing a few missions tomorrow, might get some photos of that, as well. Next step is probably the Megalodron and then I might take a break as I've been painting Infinit
  12. Love the basing on those bases and movement tray. Colour scheme on the spearmen also swish.
  13. Moar Shaasvastii?! Madness! Not the standard I'd want to paint tabletop Infinity models to but these are primary board game pieces so anything about '3 colours and brown wash' is more than they can reasonably expect. Herein we see: 3x Nox troopers (t2 with HMG and one with a knife): These guys are your rank and file bug-people troopers. 2x Seed Soldiers: These guys start the game in creepy eggs that hatch when people come close. Cadmus: This dude loves to bungee jump onto the table and surprise people with his Predator impersonation. Next up will be a Jayth b
  14. Nice, looking forward to seeing more.
  15. Charontid, Taighas and Taigha-spawn all done: Charontids are cool. Vat-grown meat surrounding a metal endoskeleton, with firmware run by a constant link to the EI-cloud. Everything it sees, the Evolved Intelligence sees. The Taighas have generic bases because I've run out of my custom 'alien hive' bases, so will install them on some nice bases later but they're currently 'good enough for government work'. Next up, some more Shaasvastii troops...
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