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  1. This is righteous stuff, man. Let's see your Deus-Ex-O-12 at the next multi-state event and maybe even a table of that terrain, aye?
  2. Good stuff, The green is lovely and rich. Wu-Ming are the Best-Ming.
  3. Cheers man. Recipe is: Undercoat: Black and then zenithal grey via airbrush. Base coat: GW Contrast 'Talassar Blue' Shading: GW Contrast 'Ultramarines Blue' Highlight 1: Macragge Calgar Blue (or whatever the GW highlight for Ultramarine Blue is nowadays) Highlight 2: GW Baharroth Blue Highlight 3: Baharroth Blue and Vallejo Silver Grey 1:1 mix. Highlight 4: Silver Grey Then I blended the transitions with the GW Contrast Talassar Blue.
  4. There we go, done. Don't think I'll be doing it's two siblings to this level of detail, though. Soul-destroying. Legion Ravagore from Warmachine and Hordes.
  5. Less than 2 weeks to paint a model? Yeah, I can do this...
  6. Yeah. Undercoat: Zenith grey. Talassar Blue. Contrast, feathered out. Baharroth blue and silver grey highlights in gradually whiter lines. Ultramarine Blue Contrast to shade. I think I did a second glaze of Talassar blue to blend the transitions a bit more smoothly.
  7. Here's a Raek from the Legion faction of Hordes (the sister game to Warmachine). I'm going to go back to an army I've had in storage for a long while and get some models painted up as a palette cleanser to my usual science fiction painting (40k and Infinity). If I was thinking ahead, I would have entered him into the July 'Monsters' comp...Ahh well, maybe I'll take a 'Before' shot of the next Legion beastie I paint up...
  8. OK, with the YJ done the next half-done project I decided to polish off was my 'Totally not Modern Warfare 2 inspired Russian camouflage' Kazaks from the Ariadna faction: First off we have the heavy hitters, a Ratnik (that's the big fella), two Veteran Kazaks (the Jin-Roh: Wolf Brigade looking dudes), a Tank Hunter (with the goggles) and my HVT, Pulpi (that's the octopus...Scarface Joe is just carrying him around...the camera didn't focus in on Joe, sadly.). Then we have Team Stealthy. These all represent Streloks with Boarding Shotguns. Technically, the crouching one is
  9. Well, with the new Manga coming out with a new Ko Dali model, I no longer need to worry about saving this one for a display-quality paintjob, so she got the Contrast Method... Photo doesn't quite show it but I was going for a sort of 'uncanny valley' china-doll look to her face (grey-tone pale skin, shark-like black eyes, with a little colour in the cheeks and lips), which is surrounded by alien-body-horror. Pistols were a vague homage to Halo Plasma Pistols because...damn...it's not like CB telegraphed their inspiration here.
  10. Here we go, Finished a few models and then based the entire army. A few group shots to follow.
  11. I'm guessing $290 which is a fine price for what you get.
  12. Shaolin Monk, converted from the Haqqislam Odalisques. Like the idea of kungfu babes in Cheongsam better than the old, hammy Shaolin Monks. But of a rush job but for a 5 point model (out of 300 for a standard size game), she doesn't need to be amazing.
  13. Mowang done. I started off hating him but he finally came good after a few layers.
  14. That Tau Gunship is 80s sci-fi as **** and I love it.
  15. Daoying next. Pretty happy with how she came out...
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