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  1. Hey Flop, Hope you're keeping well
  2. Yes, I have seen their response. I have previous worked in external audit at a big 4 accounting firm, going concern is exactly that. Auditors are not morons, they know and understand how the business and its respective cash flow operate. I can tell you that having your financial statements delayed and being suspended from the share market is a very big deal. I point to ASOIAF as a prime example - there is a very high demand for these models and there is no stock. I was wondering why - it appears the answer is that they may not have the cashflow to produce the models and/or the p
  3. I think this game could be done. It looks like CMON are about to go under. I dont know if it is COVID-19 related or not - seems their issues started quite a while ago. The auditors are raising going concern issues...
  4. Hi All, When the the COVID outbreak is finished - I am contemplating getting into this game. Are there any groups who play in melbourne at all? Preferably anyone around east/inner east (whitehorse/boroondara) Cheers 🙂
  5. wow these have painted up really well. Good job!
  6. Cool, thanks for the reply. im sure there’d have to be a Melbourne group somewhere. I had a look on the website, where was the info about the Greyjoy’s please. cheers
  7. So many questions..... Does anyone play in VIC? Does anyone have any pics of painted mini's? What about other clans? I'd play if there were going to be some other clans - I love the Greyjoys Looks like an interesting game
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