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  1. HH / 40k novels in particular or audiobooks in general? For HH I can't really say, but if you want a few general recomendations, then the Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan and Dogs of War by Adrian Tchaikovsky are both excellent.
  2. Someone linked me Brawlmachine in another forum and it indefinitely caught my eye. I've reached out to anyone who might be interested in my local club to play WM but haven't had any takers. Once lockdown is truly over I'll have another go with brawlmachine.
  3. lol, reminds me of this: http://art.penny-arcade.com/photos/1163731463_kt4V2-L.jpg
  4. OK, looks like it's only dead where I'm looking. Which on one hand hand is good, but declining numbers usually are a sign of no new players though, which is a shame. Thanks for the link above. I'll keep an eye on it.
  5. As the title says. I fell off the game shortly after 3rd ed for a couple of reasons that weren't all to do with the game. But looking about at the various FB and forums now it seems as if WM/H has all but fallen off the Australian gaming landscape. Is that so? If so, could it come back and what would that take?
  6. I love Saga. I picked up the AoM book not too long ago and am in the process of adapting my unused Circle Orboros and Cygnar models as various factions.
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