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  1. These were done for some child friendly games of Tribal. As the rule system is simple rules with challenging game play and easy to access equipment (pack of cards) I thought it would work well with kids (and combat is about gaining honour rather that just killing everything). So here are my Smurf War warbands Royalists vs Patriarchal Dictatorship Democratic Smurfs Republic
  2. Isolation projects can take a dark turn
  3. I played it until it was canned. I quite liked the rules. They were the first fantasy skirmish rules I played that gave close combat a realistic feel, without getting bogged down in time consuming rules.
  4. Yeah, I first discovered the merits of air drying clay a few months ago when I used it to convert some cheap McDonalds smurf houses for a miniature game I was making for my daughter. It had the right amount of tackiness to stick to any surface, and was very shapable, as long as you keep your fingers and tools wet. Because the original stuff I used (EC) was mostly cellose, it dries to a dine detail paper mache. But apparently each brand has its own secret ingredients, and Mont Marte was mostly fine clay. It did the job but was messier and it shrank and cracked in places.
  5. 😉 After all this lockdown business lets me bring it to the club
  6. Cheers. Here are a few more "interior" shots
  7. Ok, I had a few delays due to the mistake of buying a cheaper brand of air dry clay, which turned out to be 50% actual clay (kaolin, rather than cellulose of most air drys), which took longer to dry, and cracked and shrank when it finally did so. Anyways, after a few repairs and coats of paint, here are the game boards
  8. Assorted hive ship's organs as objectives (clockwise from the top left, Sensory Network, Hivemind Synapse, Power Cortex, Dermal Sphincter, Respiratory vents, Teleport Nexus)
  9. This is the finished first board. While I was waiting for paint layers to dry over the last two days, I cut out and textured the other boards until I ran out of air drying clay. Also some close ups of captives from the last imperial expedition into the ship.
  10. Thanks, I downloaded the rules and printed the board tiles and cards. Even with some redesigned boards that did away with the funky colours of the original, I still wasn't satisfied with the 2D nature of the board (like I said I'm more into wargames than boardgames). So I decided to break up a foam packing case I had in the shed and work on a 3D board set (using the printed boards as at template). After marking in the grid I textured the board by pressing things like a Tyranid Warrior chest into the foam. I covered the walls with air dry clay and then tried to make them look organic. Here is m
  11. Due to spending a bit more time at home recently I happened upon a trip down memory lane to Advanced Space Crusade. I had a copy back in the early 90s. It was going cheap and I bought it for the Tyranid warrior models. I only played one game, because I was more into 2nd Ed. 40K back then than "boardgames". However, the rules a remarkably detailed and cover an imperial boarding attack on a Tyranid Hive ship (before too many of its inhabitants wake from hibernation. I had long since gotten rid of my copy, but the rules are available online now. So I started with delving thru my bits box for mode
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