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  1. Aetherworks appears to have begun Wave 1 Shipping!
  2. Thanks guys. @korociteyes they're Gazelles, four Attaque and four HOT. For an overview of TY French - https://www.team-yankee.com/Default.aspx?tabid=900&art_id=6067
  3. I have the CoC books but haven't played. I've played BA more but at the moment playing FoW.
  4. MarkJ


    Hi, I'm MarkJ from WAU, and also in multiple Facebook groups. I've been gaming for over 2 decades, starting with Battletech. Then I started more serious tabletop gaming with Warzone, and Chronopia, and then various other systems from there. Also do a lot of boardgaming and a regular at Ringwood Social Games events. I'm somewhat happy with my painting skills but I still have a lot to improve; at least I can be happy with my gear on the table when painted. My current project is my French for Team Yankee, with Flames of War probably being my most played game the last year or
  5. I've got Saga but not played much. I'd be interesting in trying Age of Magic as well. I have Vikings, Welsh, and Irish, plus an unbuilt Saracen army.
  6. - MW British, Germans - LW British, Germans - WWWIII French, British Still have some rather old (v2?) Soviet gear but haven't assembled more recent gear. In Melbourne (Mount Dandenong) and part of the Flames of War at House of War group.
  7. I haven't played for quite some time - my focus has been more on Flames of War, and now painting French in Team Yankee. For Bolt Action. I have US (Rangers), German and British (regulars, commandos). Would like to play again some day! Melbourne (Mount Dandenong). Closest gaming venue is House of War.
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