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  1. Finally getting ass into gear. Assembly underway of magnetized wraithguard/blades. So the to do list sits at. - Getting started aeldari box (wraithguard/blades, war walker, wraithlord, farseer) - second squad wraithguard/blades - 2x 5 man dire avenger squads (1 exarch) 1 X guardian squad I probably won't be counting the guardians in the force as I was mostly using them as colour scheme tests. But they are there if needed but I feel dire avengers are the better points buy.. Once these are completed I will look towards 2x wave serpents for the DA to r
  2. I don't know how I missed that colour... Its what I have been aiming for... Trip to hobby shop.. thanks!
  3. Unusual. Picture is alot brighter on my phone. I'll retake and repost. Might dig out the slr and light box to make it better
  4. Test guardian. Not happy with how it turned out. I do like the colours but I don't think it's right for this particular craftworld. Armour needs a more reddish purple tone. So to that end I'll do another with warlock purple as the base. I think I might use some drakkenoth nightshade (think that's the one) for the shadows and then edge highlight/blend to a brighter red. Blending is pretty new to me, used to simply paint with the normal gw style of base, wash, highlights so even tho this is the first time really painting in a long time I want to attempt to le
  5. Ok so pivoting the army a bit. I think I will be heading more for the Ynnari side of things. Fluff wise the Altansar were apparently one of if not the first craftworld to begin to support Yvraine and the formation of the Ynnari. So I can still build the bulk of the force around this craftworld with additional DE/harls in roles I feel Altansar would be lacking in. I have read something about using multiple detachments when doing this to maximise faction bonuses? Anybody got a quick explainer on that? Creating the Altansar I was going to run the guardian to hit rerolls on 1+
  6. I will update the title once I work out whether this will be Harlequins or Altansar craftworld. I have been out of the hobby for quite a long time. I'll admit I have painted the odd mini here and there over the last 7/8 years but I could count the total on two hands. This project is two fold. 1) build a small force I can begin playing 40k with at my local gaming store and get to know people there (Irresistible force Qld) learn 40k again as I have not played since third edition I'd say. 2) paint.. this was always my favorite side of the hobby. I found it relaxing
  7. I'm throwing down. Minimum 1000 points either Harlequins or altansar aeldari. Nothing purchased yet, nothing painted. Been a long time out of the game and painting ECT so this year I'm planning on forcing myself to complete something so this is a great idea and using techniques I have never done before to get better at painting. I won't commit but I also would like to do a display board for this force.
  8. Geek gaming has a video about making a great sculpting medium for terrain. https://youtu.be/eail7eqdzxk
  9. I know this is a while ago but I thought I would interject for anybody that does read. Iwata Neo airbrush I found to be an amazing entry level brush. They can be found for anywhere from 80-110 bucks. Anybody selling them can get spare parts. Easy to clean and .3 or .35 needle (can't remember) I ended up using mine for about 2 years as I found for everything I was doing it was way more then capable and as my skill improved the airbrush was up to the task. I wouldn't say it's great for ultra fine detail work but for say batch painting undercoats, base coats a
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