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  1. Thanks all for the encouragement, once I'm ready to start painting, I'll start up a painting/progress post. I'm not entirely keen on how the finished product looks in most cases. They do have practical use and probably best worked in with the rest of the range. Yeah I'm trying to work on my own timetabling. Work ebbs and flows, but lockdown should mean I've got time enough to work on these things. I've started doing a bit of light modelling when listening in to work meetings that I don't need complete attention. I've actually got an airbrush and compressor. I still need to buy a proper respirator though and setup a station somewhere to spray.
  2. G'day all, Figured I'd continue getting into the swing of things with an intro post. I'm in SE Melb (Bentleigh) and haven't really played or done much hobbying at all with family and work taking over life. However I'm trying to make hobby time and now my son is slowly getting old enough, we've been able to start with playing some X-Wing. My main focus at the moment is what's pictured. I collecting most of this around 2018 to 2019 (I think the DW was all in 2018, really pissed I couldn't score any DW dice!). Until now, none of it was touched, but I'm slowly easing my way in. Not pictured: My MTO Indomitus (when it eventually arrives) and Blackstone Fortress. That then accounts for about all of my purchases since many years prior (3rd-5th ed I think), where I'd collected CSM (Iron Warriors), some Tau and Dwarves (WHFB). After that I went into a Mantic spree, buying up on KoW, Dreadball, Deadzone/Warpath and also X-Wing and WarmaHordes (Cygnar and Trolls). I really should take a shame photo of all of that... on second thought, maybe not! I'm a bit of a failed hobbyist to date; since most of what I own is BNIB, sprue grey or at best primed and I haven't really played a lot. I'm so thankful that X-Wing are ready to go out of the box as it's meant I can play it without the procrastination! There are some poorly painted miniatures, but they're in the far minority and none of them are technically complete. I started at Uni and now 15-ish years after graduating I think I'm finally going to make some real progress. My main issue has been an inherent problem of making perfection the enemy of good, which spurred on lots of procrastination and little action. Not to mention that I only now know one other friend involved in wargaming that I regularly see and my wife has got zero interest. Anyway, onwards and upwards. I'm going to partly sit on the DW while I wait for the new codex (supplement) to drop and understand what the new army looks like. However all Primaris will become DW. I'm not sure if I'll bother converting the SM:Heroes, they may just be painting practice. In the meantime I've (re-)started my journey by cleaning mould lines of the DW:Overkill GSC and will do the same for the DW characters in it, as I can assemble and paint them without the need to worry about magnetising and the like. I'll do the same for some of the other armies and look to magnetise everything with options. I have a ton of Mantic KoW and Dreadball/Deadzone/Warpath from Kickstarters, so that'll also hit the painting table at some point. Hopefully before the year is out, I'll be able to clean out the mancave and create a decent hobby and gaming space with a table and some terrain to go with it. But baby steps; excuse me while I go back to cleaning mould lines...
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