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  1. Check it. Another done. Although i still need to do Merry so i can run her as Dernhelm. I'm particularly happy with the horse Eowyn is riding.
  2. I'm going to go back and do that later. just wanted something tabletop standard so i can keep going on other stuff
  3. Boom. Gamling. Also, i have a bit of an idea what list I'm going for. I'll upload it soon.
  4. Well, i painted something. Lots more to do yet. Faramir on a horse.
  5. Very nice to see some more Middle Earth SBG on the forums.
  6. Ok. So i better get this out of the way. Here's my starting point for a Middle Earth Rohan/Gondor Force. My aim is to have 1000 pts of fully painted models, including dismounts. As games are typically played at 750pts (Helms Deep notwithstanding), this might not be a cohesive force, but should at least have a cohesive force playable somewhere inside. I'm playing Rohan primarily, with Gondor sometimes allied in, so expect to see some emphasis on the horse lords. So far i have the following models: King Theoden Ft & Mt Eomer Ft & Mt Gamling w/banner Ft & Mt Erkenbrand
  7. Thanks, You should really get back in on that. Doesn't matter how long it takes, as long as you finish it. I've seen a few that are scaled back a bit to be more playable at a smaller level. Some of them look really good (To clarify, they all look good, but i've seen one or two that are too far gone to be called Helms Deep). In related news, my extension is ready to be painted.
  8. Well, I might jump on in and commit to doing 1000pts of Middle Earth, specifically a Rohan/Gondor Allied Force. Not gonna win any prizes, but at least I might get egged on to finish them. If by some miracle I do finish early, then I might start on something else, but I shan't hold my breath.
  9. That'll be next. I'm working on an extension to fit them on the deeping wall. 😅
  10. You probably want people to declare a minimum amount of stuff to be "completed" as their target when signing up. Then anything above and beyond can be extra. I'd also suggest for people doing armies specifically to aim for a "standard" size game (1000/1500 pts 40k, 700-800 pts MESBG, 50/75 pts WMH, etc), as opposed to doing 1 character and 1 unit and calling the challenge done. Also, is this only going to be for new projects, or can people submit a project they've already started? I have two in mind that i could do, both armies. How much time do you want to give people to join
  11. Played my first game using my Helms Deep model on the weekend. We decided that Rohan had nowhere to run and as such passed their courage automatically after they broke. When Isengard finally broke, we called it a game and tallied some points. 20-13 with a Rohan victory. Here's some shots:
  12. I had my first game of BM on the weekend. It's pretty nice to play a smaller game again. Since mk3, WMH has really become bloated with the 75pt standard and smaller games seem to be more appealing.
  13. At my locals, it's taken a backseat to Necromunda, as most of the guys who play WMH played Necro back in the day. There's still a couple of us that play WMH though. Personally i'm not convinced that PP have made any really good moves lately to bring players in, although the Brawlmachine by the LOS crew seems to be more new-player friendly. Hopefully PP can adopt it and make it more mainstream.
  14. having got mine for free, yes absolutely worth it. Seriously though, if you have a bit of an idea of the things you're going to print, then go for it. There's lots of cool terrain on Thingiverse, including a modular trench system and a modular river. i've printed, probably, well over a hundred things and haven't designed anything yet. There are also some really cool paid stl's you can get if thingiverse doesn't have what you're looking for. Again, i've only used thingiverse so far.
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