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  1. Fine, I suppose i could attempt one. Here's my WitchKing on Fell Beast. That's monstrous right?
  2. Just thought i'd add, normally the best time to go to Australian Armour and Artillery Museum is in August for AusArmourFest. This year however, they will not be doing tank rides - only a demonstration (which is itself impressive). This is particularly annoying for me as normally AusArmourfest clashes with other stuff i have going on, but i made it my business to go last year, only to forego having a ride as it is quite expensive. For anyone who is interested in coming along just for the demonstration, AusArmourFest is on the 29th-30th August this year.
  3. Hi Ken, Welcome to the new boards!
  4. That and GW a) want to sell us better stuff separately, and b) know nobody uses the jank in the starter(esque) boxes anyway, so they're saving a buck
  5. Wow. That is massive. It'd tower over my child. Gatling gun (is that what it's called?) looks cool too.
  6. You could always just dust off the 5th ed book and use those rules. That was a decent rule set.
  7. I have my Stella Skulls Chaos Marines, which i'm considering working on, as i have a conversion itch at the moment. I also have my Light Warriors Space Marine Chapter that needs painting and my Inquisition/Grey Knights which need finishing. I have a space wolf army too that i want to sell, but also don't want to sell made up of mostly terminators. I also have plans to re-acquire my old Ork army from my little brother.
  8. Emperor Titan looks more than impressive. What weapon do have planned for the other arm? And i'm sure you've mentioned before, how tall is he currently/going to be? He looks like he would tower over a small child.
  9. Ok. So it's had a bit of a facelift, and as mentioned, an extension. I'm considering doing a second extension to the deeping wall (to make effectively a 6x6' play area, although the mountain corner will be omitted). But anyway, the only thing i'm not really happy with is the mountain, so i'm open to suggestions for that.
  10. Heyy. Welcome to the new boards Lord Blackadder. Glad to see you made it. Really love the progress you've made on the Warlord, your thread on WAU is the one i've always followed. Keen to see it finally finished.
  11. Almost, I also have enough men of Rohan (Its a Rohirrim fortress). I will be doing an alternate history battle with Men of MT helping out instead of Elves at some stage.
  12. I finished my model of Helms Deep earlier in the year. I say finished, but i'm going to make a few changes, such as the extension board I've been working on the past few weeks. It is *technically* finished though. Enjoy:
  13. I live within walking distance and can confirm, this museum is well worth the trip.
  14. Hi guys, just wondering if there are any people on here that have an interest in Middle Earth SBG? Whether current, former, or potentially interested players. I'm thinking about putting up some photos of some of my models, but I need to finish painting some more first. I'm currently working on the following armies: Rohan Gondor Isengard Rivendell (These are waiting in line, but they're there) I have plans to do others too, but i'm on a terrain kick at the moment. I'm working towards the re-enactment of Helms Deep and want to do a battle report on that too.
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