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  1. -1 Toughness is also very good. Especially with Death Guard getting really into the punching of stuff. Their models are still disgusting though.
  2. Owners of the most disgusting models in the galaxy, rejoice - your book is on the way 7 (Geddit) New Death Guard Rules Here's last week's article - mentions plague companies. Shocking no-one, they're getting some neat buffs and for anyone who said "GW will give more D2+ weapons to deal with 2 wound space marines, thus creating a new baseline for power in 40k" - looks like you were correct.
  3. Following with keen interest - 6mm terrain is something I would love to learn how to make as my favourite system is 6mm moderns.
  4. Gee-dub is inching forward with its plans to bring back Warhammer in some iteration. They're at the "primordial soup" phase, by the looks of it. Today they published this: The Old World - Your First Look at the Map of Bretonnia For reference, here are the previous three articles: Launch Map of the Old Empire Kislev (Bearly) Teaser This does make me tingle with excitement. What's interesting is that it appears to be prior to a lot of significant events in Warhammer. I read here and there that the third article (with the map) shows the empire four hundred years prior to the end times.
  5. I have a big new house with room for a big gaming table, so I have to decide if I want to do a gaming table or try to finish up 2,000 points of Tyranids in New York Giants colors. Decisions, decisions...
  6. It's better than nothing - it's not quite a panacea for those who missed out without knowing the stakes. I am a tad cross because I did want to order from my LGS and instead had to order from the mothership.
  7. Hello Friends, I know it's a bit early but a friend of mine wants to get into Nu40k. He loves Orks and he loves stompy robots. So naturally, a Dread Mob is a good fit for him. The only thing that is non-negotiable is that one of his HQs is a Big Mek with a Shokk Attack gun, as he has a custom model that he really likes that he got from a friend. Can I please see your best future-proofed 2,000 point Ork Dread Mob lists please.
  8. I think 8th to 9th is more refinement than 'entirely new edition'. I really enjoy 8th and I think 9th will remove most of the stuff that people take umbrage with. It will be interesting to see what problems manifest themselves in the new edition - for there will always be something. The only thing I don't like is that you can't make a big conga line of units anymore - but that's more an immersion thing. I know why they've done it from a gameplay perspective. Apart from that, I like all the changes they've made to the game and I cannot wait to dig in.
  9. I would like to see linear terrain matter at all. Currently it either blocks line of sight or you have to be in it - which invalidates a lot of terrain.
  10. I'm interested to see how the app works - my big criticism of 8th edition is rules decentralisation and the difficulties with having a player learn their army. Take space marines - if you wanted to have all options possible you would need: Army Book Supplement Vigilus Defiant Psychic Awakening Chapter Approved '19 Then when it comes to gameplay you have to consider: Army rules Chapter Tactic Stratagems Tactical Doctrine Warlord Trait Relic Unless you play a lot, that is a lot to remember. At least it's fairly straig
  11. More stuff this morning. No sign of the new devastators that were seen in the 'potatocam', but the rest looks very nice. Those bladeguard veterans look great. Not sold on the 'Judiciar' - the fella with the square sword. And there's new Necrons, too - lots of them. From the glamour shot in that article, there's a handful of new units and a brand new monolith.
  12. I would just like to say that trailer is wonderfully atmospheric. It hits that "ancient horror" feel so well. I cannot stop re-watching it - and I don't even like Necrons!
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