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  1. I've piled a heap of time into Hollow Knight over the last couple of months and have finally gotten to 100% completion - of the 112% possible (inc DLC). I don't have the reflexes or patience to be able to fully complete the game, and I'm ok with that as I'm happy with the effort I've put in to date. That being said, I can see myself coming back to it here and there with little bits of effort to try and bump up that % until the sequel (Silksong) comes out. The game is absolutely gorgeous, and plays like a (nightmarish) dream.
  2. I'm particularly partial to the audio books for Lords of Silence (Deathguard) and really came to love the Fabius Bile series (Primogenitor, Clonelord and Manflayer). I really enjoyed the vocals for Fabius, it really sold his character to me. I'd love to know what was cut from the end of Manflayer, the story goes that the changes that were forced upon the Author (Josh Reynolds) were the final straw that lead to him leaving Black Library.
  3. Does anyone here remember Asmodee's minis game? I'm trying to get a handle on the rules, from memories of playing years ago (less often than I'd have liked to) it didn't seem to have any gaping flaws in it, but a passing conversation when I bought a faction off a guy suggested it does have some crippling limitations/faults. I'd like to appropriate much of the system for a personal project, can anyone make any comments on it to help steer my understanding of it?
  4. If it is indeed Fulgrim, and there's no good reason to think otherwise given what Trazyn says about earlier opportunities, he's definitely happy to play dress ups with his man-dollies. The original description I recall was of a giant in baroque armour and as I recall, Clone Fulgrim wasn't wearing any real armour at the time Fabius handed him over. Not that it's all that surprising, given what we know of his habits... I'm looking forward to the next entry in this series, which is apparently due out later this year - I've really come to enjoy Fabius immensely as a character through
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