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  1. Love me some dark elves, can't wait to see them painted!
  2. More star wars legion, with Boba Fett and some Royal Guard
  3. Love the LEDs, looks really cool and that 2020 dumpster is perfect lol
  4. Nice, big project to pick. The shasvasti looks great!
  5. Couple of updates over the past month, completed Bossk, an Antipode and a DnD character.
  6. Terrain looks fantastic and the LEDs are really cool! Love the theme for your O12 too.
  7. All looking great, love the Daemon Prince!
  8. Thanks mate! Yeah so many nice models, especially nowadays. The original guijia was a bit crap but I love this one to bits.
  9. Long time between painting, but update on the tag...
  10. Tanks are looking really nice, but more importantly congratulations on your marriage!!
  11. Thanks mate! Happy with the black on the ninja so feeling more confident to finish the tag now 🙂
  12. Thanks! Its just black templar contrast over grey seer, with some edge highlighting with grey seer. Back to yu jing this week, with a completed ninja and a wip for the promised TAG...
  13. Have started painting PanO after grabbing Kaldstrom. Challenging myself to do close to studio scheme on these, definitely a challenge!
  14. Back to real life so slower with the painting, but another kuang shi done
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