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  1. I am after some dragon hide cloaks for some Salamder marines, anyone know of some plastic kits with any i could pilfer? I was thinking some Dark Elf somethingorothers but have been out of the game so long i cant remember what had them and don't know what has come out in the last 15 years that may have them. Cheers for any help.
  2. I like quartered colour schemes, it looks like a Howling Griffin.
  3. Finally got all my old parts out. Turns out past Ken is as OCD as present Ken! I used to buy individual sprues from GW when you could still do that so I had a large variety of parts for various projects, mainly Space Marines, Inquisitor or Legion of the Damned stuff, Necromunda gangs or Mordheim warbands. Going through it there is some cool stuff for conversions. I remember my last modelling plan before putting it all away was to build a squad (of 5) space marines from each of the main 18 chapters using things from various Warhammer and 40K sprues. I tried to stick to plastic where possible wi
  4. Did some reading today on the Warhammer Old World, man that is long an complex. I at least have a better idea of what is happening there. Next, 40K universe recent history.
  5. Blew up the old world hey? Sounds interesting, my next port of call I reckon.
  6. Thanks, I am starting to read up on stuff online and trying to figure out what all the armies are called now, in both 40k and Warhammer. space marines, chaos space marines, sisters of battle are the same. Are the Eldar still called that? Dark eldar? Why are Imperial Guard called Astra Militarum. There is Adeptus Mechanicus now, how about Orks, Tyranids, Necrons, Daemons, Tau? Any changes there? Warhammer is even more confusing, Is Age of Sigmar set before or after the old Warhammer? Are there still Empire, Bretonnia, Dwarves, Tomb Kings, Vampires, Lizardmen, Chaos Warriors and Demon
  7. Hey guys, my name is Ken and I have been out of the hobby for 15 year now at least. I used to game in high school during the 90's but when I left school I didn't really have anyone in my area to game with so concentrated on painting and model building which has always been my favourite part of the hobby. I was always building models with my dad growing up and I then became a spray painter as I figured it was like building a giant model. Since then, like many wife/kids/renovations have taken over life but my children are a growing up and I am starting to have a bit more free time. I have still
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