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  1. Wootles! Awesome news (for future painting projects rather than for my wallet)... Cheers muchly Chris
  2. I suppose that I can use this as motivation to paint the extensive Chaos (Black Legion / Stigmatus Cult) Epic army that I've managed to gather... there are a few bits that need stripping, and quite a few that need assembly (especially the 3D printed Defilers...) but I reckon I can get started soon (on cleaning up the workshop so that I can sort out the bits and start working out a plan of attack...). Once everything is all together, in one space, I'll take a happy snap for you... then I can start thinking about paint...
  3. Lots of different styles there... looks interesting... even for someone who doesn't bother with WH 'literature' or background stuff... only issue is the lack of Orks... 🙂
  4. Colour me intrigued... I have no idea what I would do with MaK figures (and perhaps a hover-tank?) but I'll be keen as to snag some once they're released! Perhaps StarGrunt? I was always fascinated by the 1/35 model kits as a young lad (late 70s / early 80s, when I was building plastic kits)... but I don't collect and paint stuff just so that it can collect dust... so never bought any. Will be keeping a close eye on this one... Cheers Chris
  5. The Goat just needs to know how big the base is for Ghaz, so that he can re-base existing (2nd version?) metal Ghaz (currently the only painted mini in my Ork collection... I keep getting distracted by other things...). One day this year I will gets some work done on the horde of Stormboyz which I have part-painted, and on the scratchbuilt Speedfreek project (2 vehicles so far)… Ghaz will go in there somewhere, but I'll need to get to work on building Meganobz to go with him... and the battlewagons to carry them...
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