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  1. sell the games at full price ($125 in Aus) to PS5 players, and hand them out for free under gamepass to PC/Xbox customers best was i saw it put was along the lines of 'MS doesnt want to win some schoolboy fight about what console is better, they want to make money'
  2. I recently got a bunch of Vallejo paints and wanted to know what people are using for storage that is reasonably accessible. fitting multiple sizes of pots would be a plus. like to see what people are using to help guide what i will do.
  3. we got a aldi printer through the family and for the price its not bad (its a rebrand of wanhao duplicator i3). i like what you can get out of a resin printer but for how i have mine set up in the house it seems like it would be a lot of work.
  4. from what people said about the other hachette deliveries you'll get them all late
  5. Mortal Shell, its an ok darksouls clone
  6. i think unless you want both armies or have someone to split with them or a newsagents that can grab you only the editions you want its of questionable worth. especially the discounts to Aus retail when you can still buy things at a similar discount to retail. if they were $14.99 in line with the UK RRP it would probably be a different question.
  7. so i finally got a copy of the rules and from RAW and i'd say RAI i can deepstrike terminators turn 1 specific rule stopping this is part of the eternal war mission pack, so it would depend on the mission being used
  8. i like the new models, but i think it would have been better to just replace the original marines, at least that way i could have count's as'd all of my current firstborn
  9. What's it say as its not on the app and I'm i wave 2 for Indomitus
  10. So I should be able to deepstrike my terminators turn 1 then as tactical reserves was a 8th ed faq
  11. Can anyone with the book check if Tactical Reserves is still a rule? i checked the app but it only has Strategic Reserves as a rule coming up
  12. and today i found out that i extended my army builder licence enough so that its now permanent
  13. after not playing in a very long time the games that stick with me involved a lot of pie plate shenanigans in 5e
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