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  1. Finished the 6mm Truescale Mega Gargant The pictures show other minis for a scale reference. original GW Mega Gargant, a Forumware Great Gargant from Europe, and some forumware truescale 6mm Warhounds from a now closed Forumware company in Australia.
  2. I have printed off part of a 6mm True Scale Ork Mega Gargant. (6 prints to get it all made. Lower, Middle , Upper tosos, Shouders, Tracks, and Weapons). I had originally thought it was in the old GW scale and had resized it to 200%. I stopped when I took it off the machine and compared it. I then printed it 100 of the STLs size, and it looks to fit perfectly with Trues Scale 6mm.
  3. Holidays started yesterday afternoon. I managed to finish off the partly painted Vostroyan infantry bases I had been working on, and also started on a 3D print (PLA) of a multi print 200%scale Ork Epic Armageddon MegaGargant. The first print is only at 55% and I out it on yesterday evening. Anyway the Infantry, Chimeras and Conquerors stand out from the rest of the Army.
  4. Finished the Allied Vostroyan Iron Breaker Platoon
  5. I am looking at going to paint and Hopefully finish collecting my Red Corsairs army which I have calculated to about 8000 points. I have collected 4 Brass Scorpions, 5 Blood Slaughterers, 6 Blight Drones, 12 Defilers, 3 Dreadnoughts, 3 warbands on foot, 1 terminator retinue, 1 hounds squadron, some Noise marine stands. I plan on getting a heap of Rhinos, some Predators, Hunters, some proxies for Obliterators, Berserkers, Plaguemarines, Havocs, 2 thunderhawk gunships, a Chaos Cruiser, another warband, more noise marines, 2 chosen formations, 4 more Hell Talons, 6 more He
  6. Part of my Iron Breaker Platoon painted in Vostroyan colours
  7. Well I painted the Chimeras, and the Leman Russ Conquerors in the Vostroyan painting camo scheme for the Iron Breaker Platoon next the 6 infantry units, and the 4 infantry add ons for one of my Elysian Drop companys.
  8. What state are you in? I hope you are in Sydney. It would be great to get some games in. I have a small collection myself. Well a bit bigger than a small collection.
  9. The ruyles are available from here: https://www.net-armageddon.org/rules.html As to 3rd party proxy forum ware manufacturers. There are plenty of 3D print STL files, and if you do not have access to one then try either of the following. Vanguard minis, ONslaughtminis, Trolls under the bridge (chzech manufacturer) all have good quality products and have a good history of supplying parts in a timely manner. A good source for proxies for various epic space marine game inis is: https://miniwars.co.uk/epic-40k/miniatures/ On TacCmd their is a list of army list builders: Battlescribe
  10. I am going to be altering my test list for the Elysian 4.2.1 drop list army. In order to do this, I have added 4 drop infantry, and a lind breaker support platoon. 3 conquerors, 3 Chimeras, 6 allied guard bases, and the 4 drop bases. See picture below. The line breaker platoon will be painted up in Vostroyan first born colours while the drop troops will be painted in Auscam like the rest of their regiment. I found the list was too fragile, no tanks with RA, not enough arillery spotters, as their formations get broken too quickly, and I needed a larger forma
  11. Noone has started anything on Epic Armageeddon yet, so I have initiated one. I will start with a basic intro of myself. I currently live in the Campbelltown NSW area. I restarted collectin Epic after selling it all off decades ago when they changed from square to strip bases. In 2010 started up again, and I have a decent collection of armies in my modest collection. Vraaksian Renegades (16,000 points), Dark Eldar (12,000 points), Eldar 3 separate armies each of about 5000 - 6000 points (Biel-Tan, Sian-Hann, Iyanden), Orks - 4 possible armies based on my collection could
  12. The Cyclops are from Vanguard minis in the UK. Many of my airforce fliers are from Vanguard minis, although he has dropped the Stuka looking aircraft I use as proxies for Avengers Strike Fighters. Some of them are old GW and Forgeworld. I got a lot from a guy in the USA who was selling up a lot of his wargaming army, and sometimes from Ebay. There used to be a Forum ware guy in Australia, but was he shut down well over a year ago, and dropped contact with most of his former customers, myself included. I have 3D printed some of my aircraft such as a pair of Avenger Strike Figet
  13. More painted companies and a Mar auder Destroyer
  14. Well I painted up my next drop company Alpha Company (red). They turned out well. I have worked out how to paint them in batches faster now. 2 more drop companies to go for my test army, and then onto other options for the list - Taurus/Venators, Valkyries, Marauder Bombers, Scout Sentinels, and the Iron Breaker Platoon (allied support).
  15. Completed Mortar Company last weekend. I hope to paint up another company this weekend.
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