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  1. I am painting up a regimental command company for my 6mm Epic Armageddon Elysian/Paramar drop regiment. Quote "Swift and Bold" these hardy soldiers strike hard and fast. I am painting them up in a form of Auscam to create a modern version of Australian light Horse Air Cav Drop troopers. It takes a while to finish each unit, even with batch painting being used for them up to a certain point. I am using a mid brown for the undercoat, then dry brushed with a beige all over. I based them in groups using Striland mud, then painted their flesh (face and hands), used a red brown for their boots and helmets, black for the grav chute. a light olive green and black for the lasguns, dark brown for their torso armour, shoulder and knee pads. I added dark green for the oxygen tubes, and a lighter green for the face masks on their chests. I then added the camoflauge to their uniform which was a mid brown, dark brown, dark green and green. Lastly I added a very light green strip to the helmet to represent the night vision lens, and added a sepia wash over the lot. I added both a dark green and beige grass which I tried to trim down so it was not too long. I think some small dark brown foot prints in the striland mud will make the base look better, and I will try that soon. I have painted the first 7 units of the regiment, and just have another 7 units to paint, 8 if I get my proxies for sabre AA gun mounts delivered and ready in time. I am using some WWII quad 20mm guns, and will remount them on something like an onslaught sisters sentry gun base. This is a temprory measure until vanguard produce their version, so I am making only a small amount of them to help me build a 3000 point army. I eventually plan to build and paint a 10,000 point regiment. Photos of the company below. For this month, just the regimental command company will do.
  2. I am currently working on my Elysian/Paramar drop cav regiment. The units have been based and appropriate grass and peat looking grass has been added to the muddy earth bases. I need to paint 7 more units for the first company to be completed, but so far they look really good. I think I might just improve on them by putting some darker brown paint in the shape of boot prints in the Stirland mud bases to represent the foot prints the troopers left behind as they moved along. The same effect I made for the remote cyclops tankettes made by making a trough in the stirland mud and then painting a darker brown colour that loked wet in the groove. I spent about an hour on each unit, even with batch painting methods to bring them all up to a certain level before detailing each of them in turn. Pictures follow.
  3. yeah it is the same here, because of the damn quarantine, and forced self isolation they want people to follow. I have been tested twice and had a negative result both times. I came back from Mackay on Sunday after visiting my terminally ill dad, and had to spend a week in quarantine, with special permission to return to Sydney (Campbelltown) because of work, and the fact that they would not let me go to the funeral when he does pass away. Cost me an arm and a leg, but Hopefully I will be able to pay it off slowly. The important thing is it allowed me to say goodbye to dad - face to face, and also gave me some time to paint and base quite a few minis though. The Elysian/Paramar Guardmen turned out really well. I am working towards a nice 10,000 point army.
  4. I am looking for groups in Australia to test the newest version of the Elysian drop regiment so I can move it from developmental to approved. It is downloadable from the TacComs. Hopefully with the guy in the USA, and perhaps the newcastle guys, and the some other groups I need to contact, like the Brisbane, Victorians, the South Australian and even Western Australia groups. I think the list is going to be a nice mid tier level drop list, suitable for tournaments. It has most of the force dropping via HA-LO from Valkyries. You can mount some of your forces in valkyries or sky talons, the Storm Trooper company can be teleported in, and the grey ghost are your elite scouts for garrisoning. There are 3 types of Sentinel - Scout with H/Bolters and scout, Drop with a short range M/Melta, and soppurt with a range 45cm missile launcher (AP and AT). There is also the Taurus and Tautus Venators for faster movement formations to use a gap stops and to take objective if needed. You need a luna class Cruiser at least to drop the drop companies. I added a Mortar company as a core choice (limit 1 per 3000 points or part ther of), the vultures are now back to their original set up, but at 75 points each, they are pretty useless and blunted once they fire the 2x 120cm range AT OS missiles. The aircraft suppport has been made so they now have better weapons on them as they do in the Harkoni Warhawks list. I also added 2 new units. a spotter character who can attatch to the drop companies and the regimental HQ, and can call in indirect artillery. The second is the Sabre AA weapons Platform. which can be attatched to any core formation companies. It has a short ranges paird AA gun, counts as infantry, and only has a 10cm move, but it will deter enemy A/C from diving down and BM your broken formatins to death.
  5. Since I only really play 4th or 5th edition these days, thy have not changed on army builder for a long time. I hate the format for battlescribe, as they delete the older versions, and just refer to a formations rules on the relevant page, instad of printing a summary at the bottom like army builder does. It is okay for other gaming systems where army builder has not kept upto date like Epic Armageddon, Judge Dredd, etc.
  6. I can not leave Campbelltown NSW until things get the all clear. I am also probably only going to Canberra for CnCon when/if it occurs this year. I have a small collection of Battletech minis and some scenery including 3D foam terrain boards that I used a while back to host Battletech at MOAB. I might be able to do something once this CV19 is finished in about 3 or 4 years. My Battletech miniature Collection.docx
  7. I am starting up my now relocated since Wargamerau pulled the pin epic painting projects. I will start with some of the armies I have a lot of photos of on my imgur account, and move through until I get to the current project - the Elysian/Paramar drop regiment army. Starting off with my Vraaksians.
  8. Once the lockdown has finished, and people are again allowed to go out and wargame at each oters place or at stoes like the Hall of Heroes, I was wondering if anyone wanted to play some wargames. I have everything need including terrain, ruel books, miniatures for both Epic Armageddon, and Classic Battle tech. If you are just starting out, I can help with the painting of your armies, and provide some tips and painting advice. Every 1st Saturday of the month I can be found at the Company of Dice event at Padstow RSL, and I often attend CanCon, and Castle Assault Epic Tournaments
  9. HI all, new to this site, since it seems Wargamerau has retired itself when it sent me an account suspension notice. On facebook everyone said the website owner decided to migrate it here. My old Wargamerau tag was and still is Deb. I am maily into Epic Armageddon, Classic Battletech, 5th edition Warhammer 40K, as later editions are just codex creep power mad crazy unbalance rules and codexes. I also paint, collect and hope to play Doctor Who, Judge Dredd, FireFly. I also collect lots of board games, and have collected a fmall Frost Grave warband. Oh I also have Adeptus Titanicus, the start of Aeronautica, some BAttlefleet Gothi, and some Gaslands. However Both Epic Armageddon and Classic BAttletech are my 2 largest system I collect and paint. I have the following armies for Epic: Vraaksian renegades, Dark Eldar, Sian-Hann and Iyanden Eldar, Necrons (Scarab Swarm and Sautekh legions), Emperors Children, Red Corsairs, White Scars, all the 4 main Ork lists, Squats, Elysians/Paramar drop imperial Guard, AMTL, Chaos Titans, Adeptus Mechanicus/Darm Mechanicum, Sisters of Battle/Ministorum homeworld defence conclave - Adeptus Arbites, and Daemons. I also have the start of a tau, Iron Warriors, Imperial Fists, and also want to start an adeptus custodes and a 30K emperors children list. My Battletech armies are each atleast a Battalion in size, supported by upwards of a company of infantry/vehicles /battle armour. (Davion/ Steiner / Liao/ Kurita/ MArick / Dragoon - Kell Hounds/ level 1 tech Mercenaries/ Comstar- WOB. There is also a frontline Galaxy and a secondline galaxy. Over 1500 Battlemechs, plus some mapscale dropships. I love putting up army painting projects, and sometinmes putting up battle reports of games I have played.
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