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  1. More modelling and painting today. Ghillie suits green stuffed and the grey ghosts painted. a Lightning Strike Fighter Squadron, and a Lightning Squadron painted.
  2. I have had a number of problems that I have fixed each at cost in spae parts. A burnt out power wire to the heating bed (resoldered it with new wire), a broken Y axis rubber belt (replaced), a damaged Y axis step motor (replaced), and then a continually clogging feeder system for the PLA which had me replace the 0.2mm head twice, replace the teflon feeder tube (replacement kit) and I also got a new roller (attaches to top of feeder step motor - it seems the PLA I got was poor quality and might have had impurities in it). After all this, I dropped the damn 3D printer just a foot onto the grou
  3. Back about 35 years ago. I knew a guy in my home town who molded a lot of minis similar to yourself. He used Bathroom sealent for the outside of the mold and hten for the inside where he needed heat resistance and finer detail, he used a heat resistant bathroom sealent. He also used a lot of silicon releasing agent when making the molds to stop themsticking together. He also had to drill the molds a lot with his dremel/pin vice with a small drill bit to allow the air bubbles to get out. Problem was that the mold finally detoriated after a hundred or more runs, so He had to remove the in
  4. I decided to replace the emergency use for a tournament objectives borrowed from the sisters army anmd build some themed objectives for the Elysian/Paramar drop army. These are vtol transportable mini shipping containers that dropp off ammo, fuel and other supplies to forward formations. I have made them from some Vanguard pieces, and also kit bashed the shipping containers from scrap.
  5. Painted a vulture squadron and a luna class cruiser today.
  6. The army is nearly collected. one more infantry drop company, some allied guard for the line breaker squadron, 3 leman russ conquerors, some more vultures, valkyries, lightnings, and marauders.
  7. A bit late but I finally finished th Paramar / Elysian Command Company.
  8. I was to busy with work, and dealing with the death of my dad. Plus when I get home from work I am dog tired. I might not get it finished in time.
  9. A bit more work on the weekend, I got some more of the unfinished units painted up a bit more - added black in the spots it was needed, and added red brown to the boots and other parts it was needed. I also muddied up the bases for the sabre temp proxies, and undercoated them. I also added magnetic strips to most of the remaining units in the other companies I have built.
  10. I have made some temporary sabre AA platforms from some towable Quad 50 cal with the guns replaced by paper clip pins. I was supplied half of them without the side gun mounts, but the paper clip pins seem to work for the moment. Once the vanguard novan airborne AA guns are in production I will get about 10 of them. However some more photos, with close ups on the camopflauge pattern on the 6mm minis - yer 6mm camoflauge.
  11. I am painting up a regimental command company for my 6mm Epic Armageddon Elysian/Paramar drop regiment. Quote "Swift and Bold" these hardy soldiers strike hard and fast. I am painting them up in a form of Auscam to create a modern version of Australian light Horse Air Cav Drop troopers. It takes a while to finish each unit, even with batch painting being used for them up to a certain point. I am using a mid brown for the undercoat, then dry brushed with a beige all over. I based them in groups using Striland mud, then painted their flesh (face and hands), used a red brown for
  12. I am currently working on my Elysian/Paramar drop cav regiment. The units have been based and appropriate grass and peat looking grass has been added to the muddy earth bases. I need to paint 7 more units for the first company to be completed, but so far they look really good. I think I might just improve on them by putting some darker brown paint in the shape of boot prints in the Stirland mud bases to represent the foot prints the troopers left behind as they moved along. The same effect I made for the remote cyclops tankettes made by making a trough in the stirland mud and then pai
  13. yeah it is the same here, because of the damn quarantine, and forced self isolation they want people to follow. I have been tested twice and had a negative result both times. I came back from Mackay on Sunday after visiting my terminally ill dad, and had to spend a week in quarantine, with special permission to return to Sydney (Campbelltown) because of work, and the fact that they would not let me go to the funeral when he does pass away. Cost me an arm and a leg, but Hopefully I will be able to pay it off slowly. The important thing is it allowed me to say goodbye to dad - face t
  14. I am looking for groups in Australia to test the newest version of the Elysian drop regiment so I can move it from developmental to approved. It is downloadable from the TacComs. Hopefully with the guy in the USA, and perhaps the newcastle guys, and the some other groups I need to contact, like the Brisbane, Victorians, the South Australian and even Western Australia groups. I think the list is going to be a nice mid tier level drop list, suitable for tournaments. It has most of the force dropping via HA-LO from Valkyries. You can mount some of your forces in valkyries or sky tal
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