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  1. I did like the mention for a narrative campaigns. I know they've existed for a while, but the support sounds cool. Though yeah, streamlining the nightmare that is the current rule system will be a great achievement, though I don't see it as one that's impossible.
  2. This is really the best news. I truly hate that so many multi-book systems don't include codes for the app version of the same product. Marvel Comics did it years ago, so I don't know why everyone is so slow to get on board with it. Otherwise, Necron's look amazing. Some small changes make a massive difference. The cinematic trailer was also pretty damn awesome.
  3. Yeah, it's really good trailer. Draws you in to the mystery. Any who, bring on the Silent King and whatever changes he brings.
  4. Part of me wishes Ghaz was still bigger. I want the Beast Arises style Ork leader who is the size of an Imperial Knight! Still, both are awesome. Ragnar is perfect.
  5. I think that's the thing. The fact that FAQs are coming out somewhat rapidly is amazing. I remember the bad old days of 4th Edition where you played one of a few lists if you wanted to win. Whilst punishment is a bit of an extreme term, it is nice to see this as a way of cracking down on players who are just trying to pay to win.
  6. Oh wow. Yeah, that is far from pleasant. I can only imagine that playing against that would have been miserable.
  7. Can someone explain the issue with Iron Hands? Just an uber combo that was too powerful for the game?
  8. I was wondering the same thing re: Fulgrim. This would presumably be pre-fall Fulgrim, so would he be happy to work with Gulliman for the Imperium? It now makes me wonder where Vulkan is, because after his untimely end in the Beast Arises, I just presumed that large figure was Vulkan.
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