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  1. I find that you get good stuff from Abnett, Sandy Mitchell and a few others. Quality does vary wildly though, but it does seem to be having a generally positive uptick.
  2. I Coincidentally just started that today and it’s great. Honestly, one of the better black library books.
  3. Morty is an absolute beast. Honestly looks like he can stand up to so much punishment. Struggling to think what would be a solid counter to him.
  4. Hey, I’ve been burning through some 40k books and finding mixed quality in the audio book reads. Some are great; others are not. Any recommendations for any that particularly shine?
  5. The army reminds me a bit of the old Lost and Damned from 4th Edition. Hordes of unkillable zombies seem to be the order of the day. Otherwise, that debuff aura is terrifying.
  6. I always really enjoyed the lore of Warhammer Fantasy. It was kind of cool and unique, but also really unexplored. Like the whole reference to places like Nippon having a Great Wall manned by Mechanical Fighting Robots is super cool but never expanded upon. Hopefully the relaunch will mean a bit more of a lore deep dive.
  7. I really hope one day there is a 40k smuggling scandal. The media can report thin your paints and plasticrack as coded language.
  8. I do look forward to the Border Patrol episode featuring the returned traveler who bought a lot of 40k.
  9. The lore was always confusing. The 3rd Ed book always seemed a bit weird, with the talisman of vaul failing and the Eldar fighing yet another War in Heaven. Really just feels like a streamlining of the lore.
  10. I am really loving when the Necron lore has gone. They've gone from just kill everything to having some generalised plan. It's made them distinct from Tyranids. Loving the Silent King lore though. The dude is terrifying. On the Talismans/Black Stone Fortresses. It would kind of make sense that the Necrons are involved in their creation. They were used to destroy the C'Tan. Maybe a joint Eldar-Necron endeavour?
  11. Definitely following with this. I had a Steel Legion back in the day and they are by far some of my favourite models.
  12. If it means an Elder Scroll 6, it can only be a good thing. Though really, it’s a smart move by Microsoft. They struggled recently with a lack top end content, so I think fixing that is the end goal.
  13. Finally picked up Death Stranding and I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to get into it. Standard Kojimo weirdness but it's good.
  14. I just take this as a minor fluff adjustment. OldMarines would presumably be all getting pretty old in the tooth by now, so the buff kind of makes sense. I think it's also good for those people with huge oldMarine armies sitting around to not feel like they're outdated and inferior. Those weapon changes are brutal though!
  15. The coherency rules are certainly interesting. I do hope it doesn't mean a return to the positioning of unit hell that was 6th edition, but otherwise, I think it's an interesting way to prevent people causing conga lines in combat etc. Blast weapons getting a small boost is good. Love that they have a minimum amount of hits now.
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