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  1. Hey Floppy, Are Monday Knights still going, and still playing flames of war? Pretty sure I met some of you guys years ago at an odd pub event at someone's little bar in Geelong.
  2. Spak filla is the thing. Thanks heaps. A couple spoons in a jar, and a little water (less than I thought), and I can get runny paint which fills small gaps, or, a whipped cream sort of consistency which can be stippled. It holds peaks for texture really well. This is great. Fast, easy, cheap, and good. I'll share a pic when I can. Very pleased. Cheers.
  3. I think I have some DAS modelling clay somewhere which might still be good. (really resists being diluted - takes ages to make a slurry in a cup. Not fun.) ...and I've tried pva and sand - it looks like sand stuck on and doesn't fill gaps. ...spack filla straight, can work, just takes time with a spatula but always needs re-finishing anyway. Don't have any plaster. There must be a solution. There must be a mix which is a rock-face helper. I'm just coming up blank.
  4. IMAGE - trying to find a way to make carved pink foam, expanding foam area, wood, and gaps filled easily with rocky-ish filler goop... https://imgur.com/HItIT3b
  5. I've just pulled out an old terrain project, so I can take my time experimenting. Do you have a hobby goop recipe Krefey?
  6. Thanks mate, I'll give it a go mixed with water. I once tried to mix pva with spakfilla (I think that was the product) and ended up with something between blutack and plasticine. Weird chemistry.
  7. I once found a good source of 50mm mdf hexes. I think it was back2base-ix or something, ebay store. I got a bag of them for a project ages ago. Was trying to make a starship game using hexes, and using hexes for the ship bases. Since then I just got in to Star Wars Armada ships, so the project got shelved. Maybe a set of laser cut hexes would be useful for you? Good for ruling up lines, because one hex is hard to keep parallel, but many hexes bunched together makes ruling hex maps easy.
  8. Hi all, I need some sort of hobby goop which sets and cures hard, which can be used for terrain sculpting, and can be painted over. I have some pink foam rock faces, which I have carved and crushed to make them look alright, but there are seams between the foam pieces which need to be filled. What I'd like is some sort of textured cement/putty/plaster which can be diluted with water so I can get it thick and sculpt-able, or thin to just roughly smash on a surface with an old brush. Is the best option just some sellys spak-filler white putty, or do you have a nice recipe for something
  9. This is great! Good work! I have a 4x3' helms deep with a timber frame which is still largely unpainted, and it stares at me from its dusty place in the storage room, in a judgemental way, demanding to be completed. I put it up on one-ring forum a while back. Your keep looks lovely, especially the statues. I have the same ones, but because my model is smaller, the statues look far too large on it. I was aiming for a compact keep, and it keeps* biting me in the butt regarding scale. (*lol punpun?) Your work has made me want to dive in to the Deep again. Thanks.
  10. I've been playing "Lords of Waterdeep" boardgame with my partner. Good fun. D&D themed game, gather resources, complete tasks, enough strategy to screw your opposition over occasionally... so... that's a delightful household tension. She likes "Ticket to Ride" more than me, but Waterdeep is a little more complex, but in the same ballpark. Complete stuff on card -> get points. Block space on board -> deny other players' points. Hey though, looking for a cooperative game which has a fantasy theme, and a campaign. Any favorites? I think there is a D&D series (mad wizard or someth
  11. I think I lent my copy of Robo Rally out and never got it back, so today I found a 1st ed copy on e-blerg and grabbed it. I haven't played the 2nd edition, but I think it is a different game. Here I am trying to downsize the games collection... and look at me go, buying more stuff... woohoo I guess. 😉
  12. Hey, ever play the boardgame roborally? Not sure if true, but I heard MTcow was started in order to fund production on roborally, and the printed cardboard took off beyond all expectations. I prefer roborally. Lots of fun. Good news: a small independent tabletop store opened up in Warrnambool! This is a very good sign!
  13. Thanks for the kind welcomes. South West Vic, near Warrnambool. There are a couple of gaming groups around, but it seems there's few wargamers. After a long break, I kind of put the feelers out to see what the community is like, but it is a bit difficult when trying to avoid fbook. I know there's some people playing netrunner (? I think it is some sort of collectable card game thing?)
  14. Hi all, I've been mostly out of the hobby for years. I still have a room stacked with terrain and various game systems, but the only things I've played in recent years are a little infinity, middle earth, board games and D&D. Living in country Vic, there is only a small gamer community, but maybe it will bounce back in 2021. I don't 40k at all, but have some SW legion, armada, FoW, zombie skirmish stuff, probably still have bloodbowl and a few others packed away too. I've been collecting guitars and pedals, so I think I need to downsize the wargaming collection a bit to free up
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