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  1. I would actually like to see the man done with the warmer pallet / sunlight etc. even if in the snow / mud. A happy warm colour doesn't feel right for the woman. Personal opinion only.
  2. I have pretty much finished up what I intended for this month. In terms of sheer numbers it really isn't much. In terms of effort put in per figure it is a lot more than my average. I'm pretty pleased with the results - though I did have some difficulties in differentiating the two goffs from the two evil suns - as they both have Red as such a major part of their paint schemes. With the weather lately - I haven't had a day with good light to get a really good camera shot outdoors. This is the best I could manage 😞
  3. I don't know if it is the paintjob or the lighting - but there isn't much visible here (aside from the very nice base). Could you try another photo maybe in daylight?
  4. Almost the newest ork I own (I have a couple from gorkamorka - so not quite true - but close).
  5. Oh, and 6 because I'm adding my warboss into the mix - it is already half finished so I can't take full credit for painting it this month.
  6. 3 down. I'm off for the coming weekend though so it's going to be a struggle to get all 6 characters finished in March.
  7. A good idea if you are trying to paint a certain number of points is to put minimum point value on each month. I do 200 - so each month I need to come out the other end with 200 points painted. In 6 months I have a small army.
  8. So last week I finished of Feb and said I would get a better photo on Sunday - then I didn't. So now here is my previously promised photo taken outdoors in natural light. Along with the first finished figure for March. I am concentrating mostly on characters for this month. 3 nobs, a runtherd and as mechaniac. This is the runtherd.
  9. Almost finished a boss last night, tiny bit of works still to do on him plus his base - but as such my work for Feb is pretty much done. I'll post a good pick completely finished on Sunday.
  10. If you don't like the current edition, there is an undercurrent of both rogue trader and second edition players around. Not many have gone back to third though.
  11. I actually don't know well. While I own the rules I've only actually played the very similar but not identical Dragon Rampant which does not include boasts. In that system, the three inch rule - while limiting deployment significantly - allows for good control of the battlefield and your own line. It tends to not let you do things that would not happen in real life. It may be more different than I had thought in Lion Rampant.
  12. Do you ignore the 3" between units rule? It makes a big difference to tactics in the game.
  13. Ok, think I've finished this squad, and the evil suns squad. Just have to finish of the genestealer cult squad and the two characters for this month.
  14. Bit more done on these two. Are they finished?
  15. Please don't apologise - something like this is a tough job. Would you consider holding a beginner / intermediate contest to try to get more people in? So they aren't put off by the high painting level?
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