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  1. Thank you! Tis hugely appreciated 🙂 Man, yeah... the Corvus and Proxima duo can be quite devastating. Corvus is a powerhouse but I maintain the distance Proxima can cover is what really opens up how much they can achieve within a single turn. Throw in the mothership card to rapidly redeploy Thanos or Dwarf to where they are and the team can be highly mobile, physically tough and with decent reach on their attacks. You can really force your opponent to fight you on your terms a lot. Though I also think the community often seems to overlook the weakness that running these two means you
  2. So uh, one affiliation I've really enjoyed and what probably gets my most consistent wins against my partner is Thanos and the Black Order. I haven't finished painting Thanos and his throne yet, but thought I'd add some pictures of his crew today? Black Dwarf I think this guy is a bit of an underdog. He's slow but he can take so many wounds before he's out, can intercept attacks and become their target and if anyone gets too close he will hit hard. I like using him as a shield then sacrificing him when he's on death's door. Playing to the narrative works well in practice.
  3. Wait, there is a new Lumineth battletome coming with them? Is the first one the shortest life-span of any army book/codex/battletome yet?
  4. So after the weekend's reveals it looks like there is a whole lot more lumineth coming soon. How's the feelios there? I'm loving the look of the new characters and hero types, the kangaroo cavalry and Swordmasters 2.0. The floating arch scenery piece is neat too. But uh. Rules wise I'm a bit confused. I understand those weren't in the lumineth book so will they be in Broken Realms? Feels like a weird choice by GW to make the Lumineth battletome... well, not redundant. But very clearly half empty within a very short period of time?
  5. Awesome! I've been very interested in this as I love the chibi art style and Marvel pretty much has cometed freedom over my wallet these days. Keen to see what you do with them!
  6. Thank you! I've really enjoyed the variety of schemes, techniques and ideas this game has let me experiment with. Really can't stress enough, just how much that creative freedom has restored my hobby mojo! Man, panther and kilmonger are so worth it in the game! You won't regret it! The shallow details on panther's suit are a lil tricky to paint but I think overall he's pretty fun to work on. I think kilmonger would have looked cooler in his suit and mask from the museum heist in the movie but that might just be me? Just gonna throw up two of the early big expansions while I'm
  7. And now, for some Wakandans. As limited as their selection may be, I really like this affiliation and hope they add M'baku at a later date so that Wakandans have a cheap, beefy character that can sponge up damage. Or W'kabi from the MCU? With his funky shield cloak? As a defensive support character? Anywho T'challa, The Black Panther I love this guy. Easily one of the best Avengers, I'll pick him over Thor almost any day and he's hecking tough if you take him as an ally in Web Warriors. But he's also got a decent leadership ability for Wakanda. A great sculpt and all-round
  8. Seeing as they also got a mention before, here's my completed Asgardians. Thor, Loki, Valkyrie and Hela were completed early 2020, whereas Angela was a January 2021 addition. Enchantress is still in-progress for now. At first Asgard felt like a "fun in theory, not in practice" team for me. Loki never quite did what I wanted from him or just didn't quite fulfil the kind of manipulation role I had hoped he would. Enchantress however, suits my play style perfectly and is now an Auto-include for me when playing with the Asgardians. Also Angela is an absolute beast and I love running her
  9. I'm keen to get involved! I have a partially painted (read that as black spray paint and splashes of base coat red and brown) Slaves to Darkness force I need to finish, along with a Celestial Vindicators forcefrom various starter sets and Mortal Realms magazine. All but 6 of them are undercoated Macragge Blue 😅 I want them both finished. So I'm thinking that's what I ought to pledge? And depending how I go, I can maybe add to that?
  10. Seeing as I mentioned how much I love playing with them, how about some Guardians of the Galaxy? Firstly, here's Star Lord. I quite like him as a cheap leader with decent ranged damage and the ability to discard cards you can't or aren't using in exchange for rerolls. Plucky attitude letting you completely reroll a bad roll is also really handy. I felt like I had to paint him in MCU colours and that really set the tone for the whole team. Really enjoyedpainting him too, easily one of my favourite sculpts in this game. Next up, Drax. Admittedly I tend to overlook runn
  11. Absolutely! I think given that most of them have very unique colour schemes and you can do plenty of colour schemes you wouldn't normally use elsewhere, it makes them very fun to work on. And you're not likely burn out on them like you would on say, a horde of Chaos Marauders or Skaven. Its been very refreshing to work on! I do love Asgard! I got to play my first game with them since we picked up Enchantress and Angela the other day. I found Enchantress did exactly what I'd initially hoped for from Loki, but better. Currently I'm really liking Defenders and Guardians of The Galaxy. C
  12. So the core set villains were very hit and miss for me at first. But as Red Skull's affiliation has picked up new additions throughout last year, I've become much happier with how I can play them. First off, Red Skull. I thought some splashes of red in his uniform would be an ideal way to breakup all that black. Baron Zemo, ok this guy is a firm favourite of mine. His long movement and bleed-inducing attacks make him great for early game pressure by either securing objectives early on or getting stuck into enemies right off the bat. I rarely leave him out of a villai
  13. I absolutely intend to! I'm pretty on top of everything up to the X-men at this stage, but that will change. I had been leaning towards making my Stormcasts or Bonereapers my 2021 challenge... but I am churning through the Marvel content...
  14. First off, let's start with some of the Core set Avengers? Here's Captain America. Even with all the new releases we've had, still one of my favourite leaders for how he can reduce the cost of his teammate's abilities. I loved the darker suits Chris Evans wore in Winter Soldier and Infinity War and largely based this off those. Next up, Iron Man. I don't seem to have much luck with him but he always overperforms for my partner - he can be hideously resilient camping on an objective. I painted mine like the black and gold suit from the comics, while n
  15. So uh, when Atomic Mass Games unveiled their Marvel game, Crisis Protocol, in 2019 I instantly knew I'd be keen on it. But when my partner bought the core set for Christmas 2019 and we started playing it shortly after... well it's bloody phenomenal. It got me back into miniature gaming after a very lengthy hiatus and it got her into the hobby. We're now hoping to start putting togethersome youtube videos and livestreams - battle reports, character breakdowns etc. Because we love it so much. But I miss the ol WAU modelling diary days and figured it'd be nice to put up a journal here f
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