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  1. Look forward to discovering those tips when I will need them. Anyway, enjoying a short break from painting and assembling. Started my research on the requirements for the fleches and redoubt, and after extensively pouring over descriptions and articles online my results have led me to these initial draft sketches (not to scale) as follows: Rough sketches, I know, but sufficient enough to create something suitable for the table. Important features for research was the type and size, what occupied these fortifications, and composition of construction. The round lines are the majo
  2. I guess that's why you need to practice. Rules are being revised to take into account certain anomalies that have arisen from our first day of orders. 11 Group are currently patrolling their areas with tiny flasks of hot toddy; the remainder are either relaxing or else sitting ready to go once the call comes through. The hot toddy helps to steady the nerves....🙂🥳 Commanders though are drinking something more substantial for their substantive roles - triple distilled Irish whiskey! 🧊🥃🥴
  3. Good luck. Always liked the Emperor's Children's colour scheme before they went Slaneeshy pinky.
  4. Thanks. 🙂 EDIT: 17 JAN Hurrying to finish off the infantry and Cossacks now, hence the busy activity right now. Want to concentrate on the kriegsspiel game kicking off at the moment. Some more completions: Neverovsky's 27th Inf. Div painted up, based and flocked, completed half of the 2nd Combined Grenadier Div. (Voronstov); just have five more bases to finish. Forgot to go with my plan to use less figures for grenadiers on this build but it's no matter; and completed the missing stands for Paskevich's 26th Inf. Div. 8th Corps, 27th Inf. Div commanded by Neverovsky.
  5. 6th Infantry Corps (Dokhturov) painted, based and flocked. Gone with winter leggings even though it's not correct historically. And flagged. Just got a few stands to do to finish off the 7th and 8th Inf. Corps. Then it's just the Cossacks to do. Not doing the militia now: read up on the battle and according to the story the militia did not take an active part in the battle other than to ferry the wounded and act as a backstop for those wanting to flee.
  6. Happy New Year indeed to you and yours. Yes, Pendlebury for certain; downloaded the relevant files. Created .txt files for use in identifying each of the various stages of flag developments (1797, 1800, and 1803). Printed out to paper. I also use Jouineau for cross reference. Where there is a discrepancy I either refer to a third source or resolve with a simple choice. It's a win-win situation all told. I understand that the art of mini flags has advanced considerably since Pendlebury first happened on the scene back in the 90s but he still remains a pertinent and important source for me.
  7. Just clicked on to his YT videos and instantly subscribed. Already liking his work area.
  8. Figured things are quite flexible here. Can't say I've heard of the book. Will have to look-see. Thanks.
  9. Just received the first practice scenarios (there are nine in total). "Finally, it has begun" to requote a paraphrased famous movie line. Good opportunity to familiarise oneself with writing up orders for formations and establishing links with our umpires who up to now have been barred from interacting with any of the playing groups. Our specific air group (Fighter Command - consisting of five players) has three scenarios to actively participate in - a request has arrived for fighter escort for a Bomber Command bombing mission on German ports: Emden (daylight) and Hamburg (night); sh
  10. Apologies for not reading the rules for this project properly. Hopefully now on track. Going to create key features for my Borodino project: Grand Redoubt (x1) Bagration fleches (x4) Gorki village Semenovskaya village (ruined and turned into a defensive position) Borodino village (church) Utitsa village + mound Excuse the spelling errors. I can safely say I am doing nothing done for January while I finish off the Russian forces' infantry and cavalry (separate diary thread). Hope to commence construction of the Grand Redoubt/fleches by late February.
  11. Looking forward to this one. Mid-war period then?
  12. For this 2021 challenge I am just extending the year-long project I'm currently doing by adding the terrain pieces, namely the Grand Redoubt and four Bagration Fleches plus the villages of Semenovskaya and Gorki. Nothing spectacular but they are essential to the battle. I managed to reassign my present playing FoGN list that I created last year and I have grouped them with the cavalry completed these past few days to create this partial completed listing. No close ups because I don't know how to and the amount of minis involved. Currently working on the missing half of the 2nd C
  13. No, sorry. Hopefully a group shot of what's assembled thus far will be made available by the end of this month. That group will include the as-yet assembled and repainted 5th (Russian Imperial Guard), 6th, 7th, 8th Infantry corps; the 4th Cav Corps, the 2nd Western Army cav, both Irregular forces for both 1st & 2nd Western armies (both Cossacks and Opelchenye). And some artillery.
  14. Nice Christmas with family and friends. Now to get back into the painting. Resumed work on the first Russian cavalry formation - Uvarov's 1st Reserve Cavalry Corps. Stationed on the right of the Russian line, his formation took part in Platov's bold "raid" (so I understand the story). What I had assembled to start with. Listing for this formation is shown beneath the assemblage. First two brigades - Imperial Guard lights mainly with a few regulars. Spent today repainting the uniform coats and saddlecloths, and touched up a few mounts. Will start detailing shortly.
  15. Scale for this project is 1/72, or 20mm simply because I began in 20mm and have stayed loyal with it ever since. Loyalty is a big big thing with me (when it suits me - lol). Please note though that currently the two most popular scales in this period are 28mm and 15mm (sometimes lumped in with the "newer" 18mm). If I were to recommend a scale for those interested in this period, go with either. It depends on what level of gaming you're interested. If you're like me and interested in higher command, then 15mm is the go-to. But if you like the battalion-level type game (which most start out
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