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  1. When I started out 20mm was all that was available at the time. No 15mm or 28mm. I do remember 30mm and 54mm were the popular go-to at the time (from the occasional wargaming mag I might come across). Times may have changed and scales come and gone but I've stayed with 20mm. Good to hear you're also working your way through your pile. From the sounds of it, you will be busy as well. Remember the ACW period with much fondness and enjoyment but no longer have any desire to return to that period simply because it got played out to death by myself. Sorry if I might be misleading you. What's o
  2. Had a multi-plane game of Canvas Eagle. Some game pics and flight path.
  3. Agree on the bases - really catches the eye. Like the space effect generated. Look forward to seeing that Spartan.
  4. Quick update. Timetable for starting in earnest is now October. Games Master is flat out churning new information for both sides. Just received Tides and Moon schedules for the period. Previously received lists of ports/harbours and towns. No M1 or Ring Road back in July 1940 so we have to obtain old maps of the region at that time. Apparently old Esso maps do the job just fine. Lol.
  5. Lol. It's Napoleonics. It's known for its ostentatiousness and colourful displays of uniforms. 😄 Yes, doing the fleches next; there are three that I have to build. That redoubt just finished will suffice for the grand redoubt. French Dragoons are by Italeri. They are indeed a lovely expressive sculpt. I can relate to your difficulties with movement of minis before trays and bases happened along. I used to have a sand table when starting out and one of my biggest problems was losing figures in the sand; no matter, how careful, I'd always find a missing figure emerging from the sands of time,
  6. Started work on the display boards for the Hanomags. Should be interesting to see what I come up with for the fake snow. Don't worry; I've already acquired what I am going to use. But fake snow is available through ebay for reasonably cheap price. Link. Using bitz - old mdf base boards and styrofoam off cuts.
  7. Thanks for having the paint challenge in the first place. Been lazy for too long. Closer views of Grouchy's III Cav Corps. Painted a while ago but drafted in for this Borodino Project.
  8. While doing this, I pulled out my half-completed large redoubt. First time so didn't consider the aesthetic appeal: I simply went for the max dimensions and filled it with the redoubt. Nex attempt, Bagration's fleches, will have a more natural look to them. Dimensions for large redoubt allows for three-gun battery and two infantry/cavalry brigades. Finished this in three stages today: (1) initial flock layer put down Friday, (2) any gaps on forward face fixed with second flocking layer (gaps in first photo is covered with PVA glue), and then a final finishing (3) stage with enough flocking
  9. Found more figures to allocate on the respective tables which is pleasing. Decided to simply allocate what I have to what is required to discover what's missing. Started and finished the Saxon Cheveaux-legers of Grouchy's III Corps this afternoon. Just need the commanders and artillery. No rush to do that at the moment as much as filling out the formations. These figures are in fact British Hussars with oilskin shako covers. Apart from the sabretache and the carbines, these look sufficiently "Saxon" to pass the muster. Lol.
  10. Yes and no. Need the space but it's a really big project, and that's always a challenge worth attempting. Not sure how it will pan out given I am using FoGN conversion. But in for a penny, in for a pound as they say.
  11. Making start on Grouchy's III Cav Corps. Cheating a lot by using figures already painted and hiding away on my display cabinet. Missing the Saxon chevaux-leger (French for light horse) unit, all the attached artillery and the command stands (four - one corps and three divisional). Some re-painting of facings, collars and cuffs on the dragoons. Major repaint of the hussars. Hope to knock this off by end of next week.
  12. Started this project to clear backlog of figures idling in my collection over the years. What better way than to set this Borodino paint challenge. Doubt that I will cover all the forces required but I will give it a good try. Paper on table represents distinctive formations (corps or ad hoc groupings) that will be built. Where I reached a shortfall I will proxy with existing Nap formations I already possess if I can't buy. The competitive Russian FoGN 2 list shown will be broken up to fill the need some of the units within are in the Borodino list. Artillery is going to be real big problem bu
  13. Thanks for the info. First I've heard of it. Hadn't considered a sponge although it makes good sense. Nice effect generated on the tank too.
  14. Finally got round this evening to finishing off the bulk of the missing units for Junot's VII corps. Missing gun barrels on the artillery but have them somewhere; I'm just trying to figure on whether or not to go shiny barrels or realism. Shiny barrels is what I'm leaning towards.
  15. Finished the Hanomags for now. Added front wheel assembly tonight. Muted the initial two washes worse effects with dabs of titanium white. Keeping the top and bottom halves unglued so I can add troopies for future gameplay (Rapid Fire 2 or whatever is the current version). Foregoing the balkenkruz (using original reference photo as my excuse) but may still add the divisional shield on the front. Going with vehicles trimmed down for war so no jerry cans, helmets, extraneous kit on the side. Now I am going to try to work on a display board to showcase these vehicles. Cheers.
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