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  1. I should iterate that thousand-plus figure bandied about applies only to the infantry required to complete the I, III and IV Corps. As for the OZTGG project, nothing to report to date. Hoping to make a start on the Borodino church later on in the month but don't hold thine breath. EDIT POST: 12 APRIL Hi again. Too many life issues and other distractions at the moment but I did finally reach the flocking stage for one lot of Frenchies. Here is group shot of part of Delzons' 13th division of Eugene's IV Corps. Units are 92nd Line, 106 Line, and foot troops of the Royal Italian Gua
  2. Hi Part Two of this project has begun for a few weeks now but is only now ramping up to the serious stage. Did a few calcs the other day and learned I am needing over one thousand more minis in total to complete the French/Allies component of this project. With that figure locked away somewhere in my numb skull, I also decided to cut out the required number of bases and then laid them out on the formal dining table (again, wife is very tolerant of use of the dining table and extremely supportive of my hobby overall). Also printed out flags for the French infantry because I like flags. Pur
  3. Currently liking the Big Hunt in World of Warships being played out on the large Polygon map. Something different from the usual WoW play and quite engaging and entertaining at the same time. Unfortunately it's only for as long as the current update of WoW endures. There are several levels of difficulty. It's changing from Easy to Medium soon.
  4. So I ran a third iteration of this game earlier today. Purpose behind these replays is that I wanted to test Park's tactics of attacking the enemy head-on. Earlier two attempts were failures. The tactics can be likened to a game of high speed chicken. It's aggressive, dangerous, yet brings instant reward if you win. Sadly the outcome did not match the intention. Ran two Hurricane sections this time. Also increased the German forces by one section of Stukas and another of the Flying Pencils (Dornier-17). What's presented below are a few photos and a brief summary of events. Table
  5. Howdy, Just easing myself back into the project, painting-wise, after the lay-off turned into a vacation. To get me back into the swing, I'm currently doing a little side project, the War of 1812. Always been interesting in this war but never got round to getting involved. Wealth of information in books and online makes for easy painting. These are my Americans - members of Maryland's finest. Infantry and riflemen. No cavalry as they hardly played a fighting part in the battle. Missing unit flags (which I will knock out in time for the battle) and arty pieces (borrowing from French). I ha
  6. Those Harridans look awesome like they're on fire, hellfire. And adding more enhances a sort of horde effect.
  7. Part of an ongoing PBEM game I am part of. Third such game with this gaming group. The Battle of Narvik saw a flotilla of British destroyers enter the Norwegian fjord and attack enemy shipping anchored in the area. Am one of the captains on the HMS Havoc. Anyway, here's a compiled status report (we're currently at the end of Game Turn 5). I've fancied it up in bringing together the briefing reports we get weekly from our gamesmaster to show how we've progressed from the start to now. Still using MS Paint to draw this but have downloaded Inkscape and will trial it for the new Lion Rampant seaso
  8. Just to let you know am back from my distractions. And pleasant they were too. Drawn up an overall plan for constructing these villages and hamlets as I'll be starting these first now. Research yielded similar results as another Nap gaming group who did the exact same task back in 2012. Using their experience has help validate my own private research. Planning on completing all of this by end of April; that's the plan. So, it's going to be a busy March. Cheers.
  9. Hello again. Here is a game played today. It's for an article I am penning. Had planned this out in my head when the idea first popped up but translating that on the table created its own problems as you will see. First game ended up being short and sweet and a win situation for both the Do-17 and He-111 flight crews as they easily eluded the Hurricanes sent to intercept them. And not a shot was fired as both side spotted relatively late into the game. By the time the British saw the Germans, it was already too late. So I will not share photos of planes in an uneventful flight from one ta
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. Will check it out. Comfortable with MS Paint except for layering so if Inkscape covers it, I'll be interested. Yep, played Dragon Rampant with a live opponent fairly regularly for the past two years. Quest is virtually Boast dressed up but more flashy, like some city cousin visiting the boonies. As you say, control is always going to be an issue with unruly beasts and errant soldiers, especially impetuous knights who have the Wild Charge rule against anything within 10". But I must admit I like throwing my characters at one another and seeing what turns
  11. Not ignore. Just shorten it to 1" movements which comes into play especially with deployments and getting to grips with the opponent. Tactics is affected, yes, but not in the usual manner as I've found that it's boasts which determines game tactics in my campaign games. I run a randomised boast system based on the leader's skill: the lower the skill, the maximum boasts made (3 per character); the higher the skill, the less boasts made. This ultimately determines how the characters are going to game. And as you probably know, a negative boast score does wonders for your final victory score, esp
  12. Changed the title of this post to bring all this under one umbrella. Hi again. Every year I play a solo campaign season using the Lion Rampant rules by Daniel Mersey (Osprey Publishing). Today I finished my sixth season. I run factions – five at the moment – who contest in an alternate medieval Languedoc (south western France). I am quite generous in my timeline but generally this era sit centrally within the twelfth/thirteenth centuries. Apologies to those medieval purists out there. Originally I started with three factions centred on three local families in the southwest
  13. Ah...you sort of lost me as soon as you said kebab. Lol. Love my food as much as I enjoy this hobby. Lancers no doubt will enjoy their lances being called skewers. Although the wilderness folk might find skewered beef doesn't sit well in their fort construction but might tolerate them for log rafting. Yes, there are a multitude of uses to any enterprising modeller willing to stretch their creative imagination beyond the barbecue setting. 😄 Nice to know there are other Austrian fanboys out there; they certainly got kicked around heaps by the French but took the hits and then gave it back eve
  14. Yep, even in today gaming climate there's still ways to remain resourceful and do so on the cheap. And, yes, it is extremely fun doing so. Aspern-Essling eh? Nice. So I take it you're a French fan? I remain, as always, devoted to my Austrians although the Russians are now included given my recent preoccupation with them. I can hear the sound of music just thinking about the Alps. Lol.
  15. Lol. Hope the Prussians get painted, but I do understand if they don't get the brush over treatment very soon. If you do need an incentive though, you should consider starting a diary here. 😉 Agree with you on the Cossacks - one can never have too many. And they're cheap as chips. Yes, there were bow and arrow guys at Borodino, they were part of Platov's command - Bashkirs and Tartars. Wasn't going to paint them as bows and arrows though so gave them lances and called them Cossacks. Your mention of them though reminds me how WWI soon made horse-mounted cavalry obsolete although in 1939 t
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