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  1. But Krefey, do you have any experience in painting large lots of infantry? 😜
  2. Hahaha, that’s absolutely ****ing hilarious.
  3. Well, I’m abandoning him and calling him done haha. Varnish is still a bit wet I think. Sorry for crappy photos, will take some better ones soon with better lighting.
  4. Well I just painted about 20 lenses (And even then I ignored some) and I think I’m ready for a scotch or three. The destroyer missiles (the four missiles under the main missile banks) have caused me all sorts of problems weirdly. I just can’t get the colours right. I actually stripped the paint on them by rubbing isopropyl alcohol with a q-tip and then using toothpicks to get the paint off. I’d tried so many colours on them the details had actually obscured. That’s why they are looking a little rough. Anyway - once they are done I just need to finish the base and he’s done.
  5. Oil wash done. Jebus that took a long time haha, never done an oil wash on a model this size. I’m going to have to do a second clean up on it. A million q-tips later....
  6. Love the blue tone on the smurfs man - understated but also very striking. Battle damage looks mint as well.
  7. Yep - welcome over mate. This is without a doubt the most astounding diary I ever saw on the WargamerAU boards, so it's great to see you here.
  8. Now *that's* an idea! Haha!
  9. Hi all, I have been slowly amassing a large Tau collection to paint in a scheme I've always wanted to do. The look and feel of the army is inspired less by the Japanese "gundam" aesthetic - which I hate, and more of hard sci-fi, such as the future scenes in The Terminator and the Aliens Colonial Marines. I actually started the project with probably the two most ambitious pieces. First, my kit-bashed Sun Shark/Razorshark bomber - made from a Sun Shark kit and 1/48 Mil-24 Hind. This was the first real kitbash I have done with two completely different models, and I'm happy how it came o
  10. Hey mate - I'm in D-town. Not really gaming anymore though, mainly just hobbying. But, let me know what you play (or want to play) I could be keen. I've been after a Bolt Action buddy for a while cos I'd love to learn to play.
  11. Oh man, that's shit to hear. I was there for the original rollercoaster, which ended on a happy note with you getting married again - sorry to hear that didn't work out.
  12. Only used their washes which I love. I’ve got a big mixed hoard of Vallejo, Minitaire and GW, but if I was starting from scratch the AP big set deals would certainly pique my interest and look like good value.
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