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  1. This will be great fun to watch. Always loved the Dornian Heresy. Great start and keep it up. Maybe even just a cheap plastic toy horse would be a better scale to cut up?
  2. Another Magos who will be the secondary HQ for the force. He will be leading a small contingent of troops that will fill compulsory slots. He was modelled after finding this amazing art piece by someone called Johan Grenier. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/EVznGK He stands a few heads taller than a Primaris. Closer to Daemon Prince in height I guess.
  3. This will now become my [Project 2021]. I have needed a push to actually finish some stuff so I will attempt to not only build the rest But actually paint them too over the next year. Here is an early start with my Archmagos WIP.
  4. I'll get in on this. No idea with what though. Will most likely either be to actually finish enough Dark Mechanicum to field an army. (Convert/build and paint) Or a small ork force of one Stompa sized ork and a group of large mega nobs. Or my Adeptus Titanicus stuff I have barely started. Or finishing a proper full painted army for KoW. Or. I will get distracted and start something else new.....
  5. You use it for everything. Literally put tentacles and cables on everything. Because tentacles.
  6. Yup. As Krefey says I have the Green Stuff World cable makers. For some I make them and attach while fresh (like on the trailing ones below the bodies) and for others I curl them oddly and let them cure then attach into small drilled holes once dry (like the details around the heads).
  7. Finally found the golden lifestyle recently wherein I have had both time and motivation! So I've been working on my Dark Mech. The big one will count on a Thanatar and still has some work to be done as well as his brother. The smaller ones are Castellax and they have one more to join them. Then I need to finish off the six even smaller ones that are my Vorax. More tentacles, cables and gribbly bits to come....
  8. Recent releases (And a gentle prod from Krefey) have spurred me back into action on this guy. The head I had started(final pic) was too long and the mouth was off. I cut a big chunk out from the middle of the face to shorten it. Then tilted the jaw back more and built some teeth. Also put the first base layer of structure on the fleshy parts of the claw arm. Next steps are to tidy it all up more And start the second arm. Then work out how to make pictures smaller size on my phone....
  9. Yeah he's gotta be bigger. Everyone always needs bigger. I should get around to doing more on mine really.....gotta stop finding excuses.
  10. Seems they are just coloured renders. They will still be metal minis. It was just that the Aristeia plastics lacked the detail of the metals. It was more of a board game piece plastic I heard.
  11. The models look to be coloured plastic in a couple of the pics too. Not sure how I feel about that. But dang do i want that monk....
  12. I think that was the one I read too. But I also skipped about 10 before that at various stages. I've been picking and choosing based on which legion has my interest at any given time. Plus I got sidetracked by Bile books and starting the Beast saga.
  13. I really should catch up. Think I'm still about 15 books behind at this stage. Hopefully we get surprised by the rightfully deserving getting a win. Go team Erebus.
  14. Bile. All the bile. So excited.
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