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  1. Seconding the nail polish racks thing! Super convenient, relatively cheap, fits pretty much all bottle sizes, doesn't take up much room. I got my ones off ebay and added some extra shelves with some leftover mdf and florist's wire. XD Here's some photos of my current hobby set-up - the monitor and keyboard are mostly for when I'm livestreaming hobby stuff, along with the webcam on the boom arm. The racks keep all my paint within relatively easy reach and fits pretty much everything.
  2. I live! And since I actually have a tank waiting to be painted, I figure I'll jump into this challenge. 😄 Meet the CHONK TONK! I'm gonna go insane painting this thing, I just know it.
  3. Hey everyone! I'm Skits, and I'm based in good ol' Brisbane. Used to lurk some on the OzPainters forum, though I wasn't super active. Got into 40k around 2009, fell in love with the Thousand Sons and started my own army of tragic muscle wizards in both 30k and 40k flavours. I'm currently also working on a Death Guard army thanks to the Conquest magazine subscription. I used to play the 40k game back in fifth ed, but these days I just customise and paint my minis, as well as do the occasional commission whenever the opportunity arises. I've also started streaming my mini work on Twitch, and I'm
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