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  1. I like the voluntary contribution idea. Do we let someone do multiple projects if they finish the first? For example, i'm thinking of doing a new table, but also painting an SOB army. If I keep working from home I could see myself finishing both of these quite early in the year.
  2. To underline what Gamoholic has noted, it will be tricky to determine what counts and doesn't. I have a couple (5 armies) projects on the fly at the moment, rather than planning on something to start next year
  3. Hi All, For those in and around the Cardinia Shire, the PakEX team are going to start running regular gaming days. Given current circumstances we're kicking off with RPGs only, as it's easier to social distance and less communal touching. We'll be looking to run board game and wargaming days in the future. https://pakex.com.au/pakex-gamedays/
  4. Weird moment. I just read your comment and a song lyric referring to modok finally made sense to me - not a comic person so had no idea what modok was and only just joined the two together. On the weekend i'll go get a whole new airbrush, one with more availability of spare parts than my crappy cheapy since i'm using it more these days.
  5. Heart isn't in that right now either. Just went to work on them while helping the boy with a woodtech assignment. Bent my airbrush needle. 😞
  6. That will do for the month. Heart isn't in it due to the massive pile of 'mechs that finally turned up the other day.
  7. If it makes you feel any better, my dice are somewhat slightly not a cube. Not as bad as some of the photos, but not great.
  8. Thought I'd come back to this. Overall my experience has made me decide to order more paint from them. Going to do some sisters of battle in mother of pearl armour. The body is a grape pearlescent mica, blended to the top with an amethyst pearl. Shitty photos sorry.
  9. WIP air elemental and its inspiration. Needs more lightning.
  10. Best TV Show Ever. Also my favourite character. I loved his fashion sense and wish I had the balls (and hair) to dress that way.
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