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  1. Did some work today. 1 regiment of air elementals done, and a half complete greater elemental.
  2. Dusting this project off and getting back to work. Because I need something else to distract me from the terrain pledge I made for the annual hobby comp (other than the eldar I just painted, and box of sisters I have on the desk...)
  3. They had kislev models. I loved my winged lancers
  4. Cathay was always mentioned in the background fluff. Not sure if GW ever did any models for them. The real question is - will we see Ogres or BigHat Dwarfs first?
  5. Wow. Hard to choose this month - awesome work all round!
  6. 105.3! Lashed out on some PVA glue and hope to get a little bit of work done this weekend!
  7. Went a little bit backwards this week, no extra money.
  8. Yes and Yes! add a little water to give it a more malleable consistency and spread away. I use it for all my terrain and bases. If you want it textured, add some sand and a bit more water.
  9. I should post an update - I went to bunnings, picked up a couple of insulation boards and 3mm mdf sheets. When I got home I discovered all my spray adhesive had gone hard, and i'm out of PVA - since the budget is done for the moment, that's as far as making the boards got. The boy was good enough to fire up his 3d printer and print out a template to allow me to mark hexes easier, but nothing else happening.
  10. 106.1 The budget opens at $40. I'm off to bunnings!
  11. I put together ~2k points worth of elementals for the November Hobby comp. Needs some new units - in this case, a Greater Air elemental. Not sure how this is going to work yet... might be a stupid idea, but we'll see. Edit: I'm keeping the weight/hobby budget pledge. I bought the plasma ball last year.
  12. Yep. All I heard was 'buy all the stuff' Makes sense.
  13. I don't need any more miniature games. I don't need any more miniature games. I don't need any more miniature games. Is there going to be a box set I can order?
  14. I'm sure they have, but i'm unsure why they think we'd get excited about someone releasing an updated version of a 35 year old map.
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