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  1. Congrats on the metal guard army! My Valhallans remain my favourite army for any game, despite not playing 40k for a long time.
  2. Yep. The transfer wound up curling up inside of itself and the print dissolved. I've given up and printed on paper, will dust lightly with varnish to ensure it sticks properly.
  3. Standard white decal sheets. Which is why I've printed extra, as I'm going to have to be extra careful cutting them out to avoid white lines around them. Current shot. Nothing says early 90s like strong solid colour.
  4. Tonight I called in some help from the wife. I'm sure when I bought this 20odd years ago it had a decal sheet. Tonight I gave her a couple of crappy images from Sarna and some measurements, and now I have a new decal sheet.
  5. I think they'll allow the studios to operate as normal - in the same way they have done with Obsidian. The objective isn't to starve sony of games, the objective is to ensure they're optimised for xbox and pc, and to ensure that on release date they're available on game pass - subscription is their main focus right now.
  6. Krefey is a fraud! He's not a real hobbiest! The evidence is above this! There's no-where near enough scars and scrapes on his fingers from hobby knife accidents. 😝
  7. Pro tip: to help ensure there's no air bubbles, you can sit the molds on a vibrating platform after you pour. I used to have a piece of mdf on some spare springs, with a cheap crappy vibrator cable-tied to it. Also I found dusting the inside of the pour areas with talcum powder helped attract resin into the corners.
  8. It's never too late to paint. I can almost 100% guarantee I won't complete my September project because i'm painting other stuff anyway...
  9. The children of Kerensky will always have my heart, and I have always been a Jade Falcon fan. So I'm painting a Falcon Guard Timberwolf (known as a MadCat to the IS barbarians since their computers couldn't decide if it was a Marauder or a Catapult) , as a talon in gamma galaxy they used 'appropriate camo' with Jade trim so the enemy would still know who they faced. Camo. On a 15 meter tall battlemech. On the bright side, it's rare I get to use some olive drab when painting Sci fi. Will hopefully finish it off next week.
  10. Good day for airbrushing. Forgot how old this thing is.
  11. Does it count since it was started in a previous month? Don't care! It's getting done anyway since my combat co. delivery turned up.
  12. Man I love dropzone. The recent rule updates are rock solid. And the terrain does double duty for games of Epic40k!
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