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  1. Timberwolf you inner sphere barbarian! Unfortunately they're vinyl, not resin. Hollow PITA.
  2. In good news, not divorced. Wife was amazed when I pulled this out of storage. The Catapult is there as a scale reference. This is a monster. It's Vinyl, so not long after I originally built it it suffered some damage in summer due to overheating, and spent about 10 years on a shed shelf, so it's filthy.
  3. Monster huh? Oh dear. I just thought of a couple of 15+ year old projects that never moved that maybe could fit in here. The wife may have to divorce me if it looks like I'm capable of completing projects.
  4. Thanks All. I believe I won in spirit - simply on the grounds of having finished something this year.
  5. Cheers. I'm really surprised it works. I was expecting it to look shocking given it's inspirations: https://www.wcnews.com/ships/images/4views/wc2confederation4.gif http://www.wcnews.com/newestshots/full/wc2_intro1.gif
  6. I've been painting while on a video call with friends who were freaked out when I did that. Never Again shall I paint on video.
  7. "Working" from home, on my Wing commander inspired dropfleet. It's hard to pay attention to the conversation on the phone when you're painting, somehow I'm managing.
  8. I just celebrated the announcement of a new edition by offloading all my dark Eldar. I will probably brush off my valhallans, clean them up, and procrastinate buying and learning the rules.
  9. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/185845/dropfleet-commander I did another layer of the green, and washed them down - fairly close now - close enough it's no longer particularly obvious.
  10. I've done this for years on dining tables - just take a couple of inches out of the deployment zone and you never really notice.
  11. I've just had a 'FFS' moment. It seems the base coat came out differently for the ships i'm doing for June, compared to the stuff I was in the middle of for the TT Combat competition 😞
  12. There was a thread on WAU - but I think it boiled down to the owners not wanting to touch anything so Krefey's hands were tied.
  13. For June hobby comp I'm setting myself a double challenge. For this forum I'm finishing my UCM ship's that I didn't put in my fleet for Ttcombat's SpringDropComp. For the second challenge, I need to get my entry for SpringDropComp done! Internet points to anyone who can guess which early 90s game inspired the paint scheme.
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