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  1. Next Chosen ready to go. Just 3 Bolter and Chainsword mooks before I complete my first squad.
  2. Another crack at Emperor's Children. Much happier this scheme is theme appropriate.
  3. Yeah I am planning to hit him with a purple/pink drybrush.
  4. It's mad scientist time... Converted him to be wearing a helmet as it seemed stupid for arguably the smartest human in the galaxy to be kicking around in a combat zone with his valuable cranium exposed - and it frequently mentions him wearing a helmet in combat in the novels.
  5. Yeah I am finding it easier to quarter with Primaris because of their size and clean lines. You're the third person to say they look like Griffons - which is interesting as its supposed to be pink and bone!
  6. Finally starting to get some painting going again after a long hiatus. Current project is a Creations of Bile Heretic Astartes force, with my old Word Bearers army as it's core. However, given the colour scheme doesn't really affect ability to access the Legion trait for Creations of Bile, I decided to throw in some Slaaneshi Marines as well. Attached miniature was my test piece for my Emperors Children warband scheme, trying to go with something other than black as that colour dominates my Word Bearers. Though I am now thinking it may be better as a loyalist scheme and I should go
  7. That's pretty bloody impressive on a 15mm model dude! Are you planning to weather?
  8. How does the cork take paint, have you gotten any on yet?
  9. Dude that tower looks sick.
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