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  1. Nice work they should look great as a unit.
  2. GW previewed some likely new Lummineth on 1 Jan. Pending Covid I would expect them in the first half of the year, probably around March/April. From memory it looked like a character and some cavalry.
  3. looking good those elves of the true king. Any of that done with GW contrast? Looking at the pile and hopeful that they might be something to help get through it.
  4. I would also give thought to the shield and the device on it as that may solve the problem.
  5. Agree with Oceanborn. From the front it looks a bit too dark/black. Shield might change that though.
  6. Dark elves are great (all of the generations of models have been quite good), keen to see these.
  7. I think the game struggles simply because of the number of 'gotchas' and volume of information. It is the one game I have played where you can literally loose the game term 1 without moving a model.
  8. Agree, I was pretty critical in the other thread but this is a pleasant surprise.
  9. GW seems to have a history of being unable to pick demand. With all of the analytics and data available about websites tracking traffic, its pretty poor to still be missing it as badly as they are. Makes the 2 week pre-order window pointless as well. Sold out in each country in between 10mins (UK) and 3 hours (NZ) of going on sale. Just find it really odd that they would hype it as much as they did and misjudge it especially after having similar issues for a number of their other limited boxes. Was annoyed yesterday but just means not getting back into 40K for me and will focu
  10. Seems like a pretty poor move on GW's part to be honest, especially given the current environment. Also sold out on-line. Given the hype and the 'we have heaps' its pretty poor all round.
  11. I agree, it is not good. Simply included it for a bit of balance. I was always surprised by the move into ASOIAF as it seemed so far from what they did (board games) and after wrath of kings and dark age struggled to gain traction was surprised they went into a tabletop battle game.
  12. Statement from CMON https://techraptor.net/tabletop/news/cmon-audit-spells-potential-trouble-for-tabletop-publisher
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