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  1. So Feb was a mildly productive month for me, just not really in this project... I did, however, finish the back rank of elves, and I have the shields on the painting bench currently. Hopefully March will see more elf action. In the meantime I should probably update my general painting blog...
  2. Good start mate, looking forward to seeing more 🙂
  3. I too like the helmet. I also like the sword. Brutal, futuristic but still asiatic enough to pay homage to the mongol influences. Really love the Khan mini, good luck rescaling the horse.
  4. Thanks guys! Nearly done with the last rank, been in a bit of a hobby funk the last week. The bases are pretty simple. Sand painted brown, drybrushed up with greys and beige, then clump foliage and grass added. A layer of snow is added (you want particle snow like Woodland Scenics, not 'fibre' snow like Warlord). That makes the thin layer of slush. Then mix snow with pva to make a sort of paste, and smear blobs of it around, that creates the thicker, icier drifts. I add this to the plants as well. Finally, mix snow, pva and some white paint to make fresh, white patches of new snow. Very
  5. Looking forward to seeing progress, I've always loved the Dornian Heresy fluff.
  6. Wow, awesome looking unit! Stop tempting me into yet another game system I don't have time for haha.
  7. I second the approval of the harridans, they look awesome. The duller colours lend them a sort of spectral, menacing effect.
  8. Exocrine looks good, and looking forward to seeing some Dwarven ships painted. Dwarves, of course, being the best at everything.
  9. Ok, a productive week overall, I've finished 12 of the spearmen (sans shields) and the bases. Final four are in progress.
  10. Great looking test model, really like the snow effect on the cape too!
  11. Wow, awesome looking armies so far, really love the bold, vibrant colours!
  12. Welcome aboard mate, always nice to see a fellow WAU exile! Lots of us old timers around these parts. Looking forward to seeing some minis, I too am mostly a painter these days. Trying to get back into playing more though.
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