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  1. I love the idea of working towards a goal as part of a community challenge> My issue is that I am horrible at being consistent with taking photos of my work, and can't seem to stay on the same project for more than a month at a time. A Tale of Four Gamers style thing, where people committed to a budget and monthly updates etc, would be fun, but obviously that requires people to want to collect the same game/system, and since we're all over Aus, meeting up for games may be precluded.
  2. They both look great! Love the green on the TAG!
  3. Consecutive days of updates, look at me go... So, how much time can I spend on one 15mm tank? A lot, it seems... Ah, the eternal war between 'I never finish an army' and 'I want to make my models as good as I can'. I decided to go to town weathering one of the M4A3s, trying out a variety of techniques. Started basic with some dirt coloured drybrushing, the moved on to using washes of various sand colours, then finished with some dust pigment. Pretty happy with the result, though I could have probably achieved similar results with way less steps. Oh well, lessons learned. Befor
  4. Thanks mate, the big boy at the front is a Pershing, the two at the back are M4A3 76mms, my favourite Sherman model.
  5. Oh god, I really suck at updating this don't I... Truth is, I haven't done much painting the last few months. Between being flat out at work and getting married, real life has been getting in the way. But I made myself take some time this weekend to paint, and once again got out the airbrush to try my hand at some Yank tanks. The airbrushing made for a lovely base coat, and then I went to town detailing and weathering. I'm really trying to push myself to try new techniques and learn from those madmen who create amazing scale minis, and apply similar techniques to my little wargaming dudes
  6. Why is that a problem? The whole point of the video is to give a glimpse of the range of content they're making. It would be surprising if all of it was to everyone's taste.
  7. Sounds interesting. I'm a sucker for small, obscure and not really useful side projects...
  8. I haven't been terribly active lately, and barely picked up a brush in Sept. But this week I had some spare time and made the push to finish a project I've been pottering away on for several weeks. For about as long as I've been hobbying, some 16 years now, I've dreamed of owning the kinds of gaming boards I'd see online or in places like White Dwarf. Now that I'm a little older and maybe wiser, I decided to set out to build such a board. I've started with a small 2'x3', mainly for kill team, but I intend to add 3 more like this to play full 40k games. Not that ever actually play much.
  9. Awesome project mate, looking forward to seeing progress!
  10. Add another count to the Yu Jing motorcycle sufferers. Those minis nearly broke me...
  11. Nice work, they're looking good. I've always found green a hard colour to work with.
  12. Yeah, nice work! Might have to chuck a few on my winter germans... An eastern front thing I guess, since the white coats don't seem to have been as prevalent in the western allies?
  13. These are really fun an easy to paint, as always with small scales. Airbrush, drybrush, paint details, done.
  14. Looking forward to seeing it mate.
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