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  1. This is how I felt after the game (plus I wanted to see what would happen if I put in a Youtube link).
  2. Had a game today - got smash by Lukes Knights. He almost had me tabled at the end of turn 3 (about to be my turn 4). I hadn't killed any of his models (two of the big knights were bottom bracket) 😞 This entry shows off where my table and army are at. Photos of deployment And this is the final game state. I have my Eldrad, a badly wounded Wraithlord, a War Walker and a 7 man scout squad. And I'm about to order a squadron of D-Cannons to deal with his shit 🦃
  3. Hi guys, I've just finished painting some ruins for my gaming table.
  4. I really enjoy the matched play. Easy enough to keep track of - just write up a score sheet at start. 5 columns for turns, 4 rows per player for victory conditions.
  5. Been a while since I did an update pic. This is my entire Craftworld force ATM.
  6. They'll be staying in the box for the time being. I'm working on Craftworlds at the moment. When I get to them I'll be doing the marines as my custom chapter - The Emperors Lions (they're brown in colour).
  7. There's not much completely finished but they're getting closer to min 3 colours 🙂
  8. The next update. No game since the last update - I don't think I'll be playing anymore games until after I get the 9th ed rules.
  9. And another update.The first pic is the 1500pt force I used today and it was smashed by necrons. Mostly by bad deployment but also my shuriken catapults really struggled vs T5 and invulnerable saves across the board. This is also the second time with the wraithguard and second time disappointed. I think I will use them as armed with D-scythes next time. I'm gonna have to add more to this force! I've got two more war walkers to assemble and will arm them with shuriken cannons. I've also got two more Wraithlords and I'll assemble one of them with shuriken catapults and starcannons.
  10. And another little update. I've got base colours on one of the dire avenger squads and some more paint on the war walker. I put all my models through battlescribe and found that I only had 1361 pts (1431 if I include the war walker) so have put some more stuff together to make it past 1500pts.
  11. This pic is for all my assembled Eldar. I've got more on sprue but will continue working on this lot for the time being (and the next few updates). I want to finish the Spirit seer next and am going to paint the bases on one of the units of dire avengers so easy to tell apart.
  12. Played the 1000pt game this morning, won, and the MVP was my Wraithblades.
  13. I'm working on craftwords ATM so should be able to get one of those done this month or I may get bored with that and do one of the fantasy characters.
  14. Hi Guys, not much of an update but it's better that I have been doing recently (i.e. nothing). I've just finished undercoating the last squad to make a 1000pt force. I'll post update pics (same format) as I get stuff done to tabletop standard. More detailed pics if I actually finish any of the figs 🙂
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