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  1. Base coated at the moment. As far as the dirty weathering I'm not 100% sure yet, I don't usually go too crazy with them. To fit the winter theme though the vehicles will be white washed. I've done this in the past by wetting the model, covering in salt and air brushing white over the top. Once you use a brush to get rid of the salt it leaves a white washed effect.
  2. I'll pledge to finish weathering and putting details on five of the vehicles for my US Winter WW2 Army 28mm. I may live to regret that, but hopefully this forces me to get it done!
  3. This game has two modes, one for wargaming and one for RPG which might be worth checking out.
  4. I've actually got a spare one laying around, so I will. I am also thinking of installing a BLtouch to do the auto bed leveling.
  5. It is always a worry with any licensed game and we do see a few fall down because of it. However, I am a sucker for The Elder Scrolls so it is a must play for me.
  6. I will have a look at that over the next couple of days, I didn't know that was possible. Thanks!
  7. Has anybody been keeping an eye on this game that is in pre-order stage? It looks pretty good and the models look amazing. Hoping we get the release in Australia as I have a couple of mates pretty keen to play.
  8. Temperature stability is a big one considering it is outside. Another good point is the noise isolation, I live in a small house on property and I don't think my wife would love the sound of the 3D printer going all night on those longer prints. However being on property I don't have neighbors to worry about, even though the enclosure keeps it fairly quiet. I haven't done anything in regards to firmware. I haven't had the internal temp get above 45 degrees even on a 30 degree day and it is very stable generally holding 35-40 degrees which the prints seem to appreciate. However we live in
  9. Did a few updates on the weekend. Added a power point inside for convenience and a light, these are powered by a lead outside of the cabinet. I have also mounted a controller from a cool room which monitors the temperature inside of the cabinet from the outside. This controller will also control a heat lamp once winter comes around to keep the cabinet somewhere between 30-40 degrees. Getting great prints out of the printer and I will have to put up some photos of those later. Also need to add the standard 'don't do your own electrical work as it is dangerous. You could do any of t
  10. Two answers to that question. The best one is that I wanted to keep the filament spool on top of the printer and in the tempered space. A lot of people mount the spool outside of the box, however because this is outside I didn't want my PLA to suffer. Being high also gives me options for lights and room to work so that I don't have to remove the printer for every job. The second answer is that the sheets of MDF I bought came in 900x600, pulling my saw out of the ute seemed like a big task for a Sunday lol.
  11. I thought I'd share some progress and information about my 3D printer enclosure I built up. I know not many people use them but I wanted my printer to live out on my deck. I built the enclosure big enough to fit an Ender 3 with filament inside the enclosure. I've used 16mm MDF as a cheap way to get heat insulation and noise deadening. This weekend I'll be adding a power point, light and fixtures for some temperature control for winter. I've been running it for the last couple of weeks without any issues and seems to do the job. I looked at using some other materials like coolroom panel h
  12. It is a lot of fun to mess around with, ends up being a bit of a hobby in itself. It is really hard to go past the Ender 3 as an FDM printer though, as you'll find so much information online about them. You can get extremely good results with the Ender 3 with a bit of googling and it'll set you back about $300 for the printer and a few upgrades.
  13. Awesome mate, it is a great rule set, one of the best in my own opinion.
  14. Hey Guys, Just jumped onto this new forum after seeing it on Cast Dice. Thought I'd get the Bolt Action section started with a roll call. Location: Hunter Valley NSW Armies: Early French, Lots of Germans and currently working on winter Americans
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