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  1. I think hordes really have taken a hit overall - the lengthy game style they demand seems out of favour, but will be interesting to see whether other changes somehow work to balance out and encourage some use of them? The changes to the look out sir rule are very welcome. Unit coherency I'm not so sold on - pretty clear that it is intending to try to remove daisy chaining for screens/buff access (which I don't disagree with - a model being able to access a -1 to hit protection buff that was 20" away from the source with a 3" range was pretty gamey. But I wonder if the mechanic couldn't have been more around the range of a unit's footprint (e.g. the maximum distance between the furthest models in a unit being xx). The ability for 'big things' to fire into combat idea is good, but almost feel like it needed a little more distinction between say a carnifex (which can just move its arm to shoot the marine that is trying to kill it, versus the turret of the leman russ battletank being able to effectively target the same marine at close range...
  2. Gday John, I’m also based in Perth, welcome aboard. I too didn’t transition into AoS (was a bit of a pisstake when it first came out but is apparently better now) instead focussed more on 40k while maintaining a bit of an interest in old school warhammer and also 9th age (a more inherently balanced experience than GWs issues with power creep). There’s a group of gamers for pretty much any system around though. Hit me up if you want a game or info on the clubs around...
  3. Doreaver


    i typed once per turn and was thinking there wasnt a practical difference, but there are some strats that can be triggered at different times - i.e. something that can pop when you get shot at, which can be in your turn if facing overwatch or in your opponents shooting phase...will defer to someone who has the rulebook in front of them 🙂
  4. While I’m glad something was done, it does make me wonder whether they even bother to play test things properly? I know a while ago GW came out up front and said they were about the miniatures, not the games, but power creep seems to be such a thing now days. I only got into 40k at the later stages of 7th edition, but surely it wasn’t always this bad?
  5. This is so cool. I love the idea of having multiple armies all done up! It would also be something to have fully complete armies, ie. with every sculpt released. Keep the pics coming :).
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