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  1. Am I not getting something? Seems like a pretty one way merger. I can't see this impacting on Warhams at all and the Magic guys get some cards with the same played out (sorry, classic) art.
  2. Only if you rub it all over your hands and peel it off when it's dry
  3. Don't be fooled by the rocks that he's got...
  4. Good thing that new(ish) Saul Tarvitz miodel is the bomb. What's your plan for characters?
  5. I reckon Selleys outdoor filler might do the job. It's textured, you can brush it on (sort of) then move it around with a brush so no hard edges. You can thin it if you want. I've done lots of projects with it.
  6. One of Gary Morley's finest! It's like he could sculpt, but chose not to.
  7. I'm co-TOing a smallish in-house GT format40K tourney next week and I have to pick/write the missions, at Incursion size, we're also going with the ones that deploy short edge to short edge, because of space. we're also playing 2 games Wednesday then 3 games Sunday - best 3 scores count. All missions have the boring as batshit take and hold objectives as their primaries, which I'm thinking of ditching and try the optional secondaries as the main scorers . To minimise paperwork and ensure that we're comparing apples we're going to ditch the choose your own adventure secondaries and ag
  8. That's really cool. May I ask how you do your green stuff cables?
  9. And then the Fire Nation attacked. Keeping an unjudgy mind. Might be cool, might be monetised, we'll see
  10. South Oz - Mount Barker - The Game Lobby - Gaming venue - FLGS (GW, D&D, Yugioh & Boardgames)
  11. The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men Gang aft ...Shiny 0_0...Commanders Box... An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain, For promis’d joy!
  12. Looks alright. What scale is it?
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