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  1. I guess with the new 'big guns' - rule (shoot into engagement zone one) - the more you try to storm it the shootier it gets with all those flamers
  2. This will be up there with the Settra doesn't Kneel rule from early AOS
  3. Remember to thin your paints
  4. LOL, I forgot he's a librarian, blue on the pauldrons reminded me. Could be a sign that I need to get more games in.
  5. It's a pleasure to be able to witness this thing's genesis and evolution. If you feel at all disconsolate or demotivated, rest assured that you have a captive audience here, virtually, cheering you on.
  6. I like the Save modifier as a mechanic. Save goes up and down a few times before you start removing models.
  7. I think MK has the way of it. Expect some terrain boxes with very specific rules for each piece of whatever, much like they did for Kill Team. 8th had rules for some of the terrain, but people only used them a bit or sometimes because we all had our own. GW could push for a standard layout (like Warcry) or... how's this? they have a system where each player brings half a board (22" x 30") and terrain to use like Underworlds.
  8. Given deployment is generally a fixed distance between armies, the depth of the table shouldn't be an issue. Maybe if Reserves gets a tweak and you are popping up behind them, the distance might be important enough to require a minimum. Six Bolter Discipline Aggressors up the hooter could ruin your whole day
  9. Which would work for a Combat Patrol mission, I reckon.
  10. Posts in Off-Topic don't add to your post count.
  11. I'm lucky, with Raven Guard, Primaris have to serve their time in the tenth company. So Intercessors and Helllasters make up the backbone, with a scout unit. Ive got a Primaris captain and some Lts for admin. I'm thinking Reivers or Ínfiltrators who have passed the test and move into one of the companies. Incursors Inceptors and Eliminators pad out the other specialist roles
  12. But if modifiers don't stack any more beyond +1/-1 , that type of deployment will not necessarily be optimal. The new terrain rules might even the playing field even more even. I never played with the 'magic box' idea in a game, but the idea seems pretty wack.
  13. Bondage Boi? with the black studded outfit, gimp mask, chains and off the shoulder leather robe? And the big executioner's sword. I saw him called a Judicar, which is Latin for Judge funnily enough. Been a long time since marines actions have been policed by an MP type.
  14. I haven't played it, but I hear the ICT rules are just another level of not quite getting it right. Magic boxes or somesuch
  15. Seems like some core rules are going to change: Deployment - reworked reserves system - I hope my GSC still have more options than anyone else for surprise and flanking attacks Tanks - Shoot in combat still doesn't make tanks all that Flyers - needed fixing Scalable and narrative games - meh Terrain - This to me is the big one. There hasn't been an edition yet that got terrain right - 2nd and 7th got close, we'll see
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