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  1. One of the four options for subscribing is a monthly delivery of four weeks of packs. Gives you two late and two early compared to those that get one a week from the newsagents, if that makes sense. Still $80 for that once a month hit. I would have liked for us to be able to have the option for the premium subscription, with the four extra factions of stuff.
  2. Yeah I nabbed a copy of #1 from the newsagents for my girls. They've been playing it. The breakdown $ I'd seen was in UK£ and was better than retail, but with the conversion to Aussie $ and taking into account discounts available through online stores it's probably not worthwhile. I am interested to see how it handles teaching the rules of a full game over time. At the moment watching the girls play, I've not seen the Chainrasps lose a "game".
  3. No I'm sorry I don't, someone else on here may, or there's always hitting up The House of War in RIngwood or the GW store in Ringwood and see what they know.
  4. Closest of value would be Ringwood. I didn't see or hear much when I was living in Preston, apart from the local GW store.
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