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  1. 100 Mahdi figs - c'mon Capt at least 1,000 more. British Camel Corps is a pretty sweet unit to have too tho. Was just watching Omdurman / 4 feathers / Khartoum on you tube tonight so inspired for this period for sure! Keep up the great work
  2. I am all for cheap! Need all the $$$ to buy new toys. Plus it allows the creative side of you to flourish. Amazing what those bunnings Kebab skewers can morph into right? Funny thing is I am more an Austrian fanboy than a Frenchy one. One must have french to field both side for most Napoleonic games. Also I did have a whole Corp pf Prussians when we used to play Elan v2 rules. I had a lot of class 1 and 2 Landwehr versus French class 4 young guard. No guess to the outcome of most of those clashes but I did once get lucky with some regular Prussian Hussars (Silesian chaps IIRC) that smashe
  3. gotta say 2020 was a good year to be a solo gamer (no need for a mask or gloves)!. Welcome aboard
  4. This should be fun to watch! Gotta love the stuff one can find at the $2 shops. Very useful stuff for us gamer/modeller types. I really need to revisit my books on Borodino to refresh my memory or just be lazy and google it all. Thanks for the pictures. Be good to see how it all pans out. I have plans for Aspern-essling terrain when I retire !
  5. Howdy. Glad to see the Cossacks made it to the fray. Seems you can't have a Russian nappy army without them and you can never really have enough. You coudl use those guysin the crimea too if you wanted. I remember reading somewhere about some russian cavalry guys (not cossacks - Bashkirs?) that used bows and arrows. Sounds like they weren't particularly effective but I would have thought they would have been against non-armoured french forces - Ala mongol. Not sure if there were any Bashkir at Borodino but a fun unti to paint and add even if not quite historical. Frenchies are star
  6. Nice looking game that old Chap! Beautifully painted figures too - love the highlanders esp. Another favourite period for me too (amongst all the other favourites) Thanks for sharing
  7. Happy new year b20f08! Yes sir you are a very lucky man with such an understanding wife and big table. Out of interest where did you get your flags from- warflags (Pendlebury)? Flags are definitely not fun for me but a necessity for sure. I think I got some 15mm from GMB and they are great. I ended up with 1 eagle/flag per regiment - 1st battalion for my frenchies. 2nd and other battalions just get a command base with officer, drummer, sapper/sergeant and a ordinary chap to make 4 figures on a 3/4 x 1" base (Naps battle basing). You have inspired me to look at my Napoleonic lead pile
  8. Those new blokes are coming up a treat too. Cav are great - love the lancers! I remember a time i used to know all the uniform variations, unit names and dispositions for Waterloo and some other battles that I read about. I used to be quite a stickler when painting my units as accurately as possible but with age I am less fussy. Heck its harder to see all the detail and after painting things like 28mm goblins or even perrry 28mm ACW figures all the lace, even on 15mm AB minis, can be quite daunting. Glad you got to catch up with the grandson. Maybe he will be interested in the gaming and
  9. Yeah that is a great terrain for sure and after, no doubt ,a lot of effort to make it must feel good to get to use it. Congrats
  10. ooh they are pretty figures aren't they. I think the braided Hussar hairstyle from earlier in the war was pretty cool and every day was Movember for them too! Imagine those officers wearing white pants on campaign too. Trackies is what they needed - can't beat a good pair of elastic waist pants!
  11. I was first inspired (aka obsessed) with Napoleonic's from a certain Antony Brett-James Waterloo - the hundred days book, that I stumbled across from the local library many, many moons ago. So I was first spoilt with all the glorious later war uniforms esp all the fancy-pants Hussars but also Scots grey and even a soft spot for the Prussian Landwehr! So I learnt Napoleonic history in reverse chronological order hence the earlier uniforms looked a little less fancy (think about what you wore 20 years ago compared to now) after all those later war uniforms. But that is all personal preference th
  12. Gotta love the 1805 Russian uniform (far better than the french at this stage of the war) especially the shako. Grenadiers are very cool in this period and that big plume is the business for sure! . Its all coming along nicely mate. You must be well chuffed with your progress
  13. Those guard figs are lovely. I'd be happy to have a finish like that on my 15mm AB boys but my eyesight ain't what it used to be ( iused to haevsome of thse ESCI guard many years ago - rather nice figs IIRC. The arty is well done and the limber too (I personally love limbers but am too cheap to fork out for and paint them). Must feel good with the consistent basing as you are getting through the troops very nicely. I find having a project with objectives in mind helpful to actually finish something. Otherwise am a bit like a magpie distracted by the next shiny thing! Nice to hear
  14. sand table is great lol (look out for sand sharks). I recall, as very young lad in an alternate universe, finding an airfix 8th army chap in my parents front garden. Pretty sure it was from a previous owner but for the next few years I kept looking out but never did find anymore. The things you remember when young hey. 20mm is a nice fit between the two scales. 28mm are tempting for my aging eyes but I just happen to have thousands of 15-18mm metals, from nearly 30 years of collecting (hording) so will keep ploughing through them on and off. I just managed to get the union brigade done
  15. Wow - you are just showing off now mate 😀 I hear you on the proxy for the Saxons. I used old glory french (in 15mm metals) for some of my Saxons - just don't look too close and they mix alright with my real AB Saxon minis. Those Dragoons are really nice figures - do you recall which brand? I am currently distracted from my 15mm Napoleonic lead pile with some Perry 28mm plastics for Rebels and Patriots rules.Such a difference painting 28mm versus 15-18mm blokes. Going to take me ages. Used to have hundreds of ESCI and Airfix 20mm plastics many moons ago well before I knew about bases (and
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