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  1. My completed Honeys. I’m happy to get them done, though I will not be in the running for this months competition. Dopey here forgot to include the required date/theme in the pre painted photo ☺️.
  2. I thought you were joking when you said you would be painting an entire fleet this month. Incredibly well done, they look fantastic.
  3. Good to see you jump in on this. What do you plan to paint?
  4. Looking very good. How did you paint them?
  5. Wip. I decided to lighten up the field grey and changed the grey as well.
  6. I use two of these. I glued them to an mdf base. They are much more stable this way, and you can store a few more bottles at the back. https://www.tabletopempires.com.au/Warlord-Games-Large-Paint-Rack?search=paint rack
  7. The base colours on the test model. I’m not happy with the green, thinking it is too dark. I might do a second test model.
  8. That is encouraging. I put together a small group of the early Yu Jing minis many years ago for no other reason than they looked good. With their spindly wrist joints I don’t think they would stand up to the rigours of gaming.
  9. Looking good. Those Infinity minis can be bugger to assemble, but are glorious to paint.
  10. They might do the trick, thanks. Hopefully they will arrive in time
  11. This may be biting off more than I can chew, but I’m going for the bulk of a British Honey tank company. The Honey was one of my early 1/76 Matchbox model kits so there is a fair bit of nostalgia there. I plan to paint these up in Caunter camouflage scheme. Unfortunately I can’t find any decals for them so might need to do some searching. Eventually the company will be rounded out by some artillery and anti aircraft guns.
  12. They look great. I keep looking at my unpainted UCM with the intention of painting them up.
  13. A reminder that this months challenge will finish tomorrow night.
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