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  1. Twenty kroot, two hounds and one shaper done. I could find only two hounds - not enough for a unit so they may have to count as regular kroot until I can source some more that are not ridiculously priced.
  2. Paint shops often have mistints that can be useful for terrain projects at a fraction of the normal cost of house paint. I particularly like the effect you have achieved on the balcony.
  3. Progress is slower than I would like. I’m about a third of the way through the kroot.
  4. I think we can safely say that BoBo won this month. Well done, it is a great paint job.
  5. They look fantastic. The snow bases are perfect. What did you use for them?
  6. Agreed. They will look spectacular en masse.
  7. I’m impressed you recognise it! Progress pics of the river board, some one bark rocks and a few fire warriors + fire blade.
  8. Finished off the high elf today.
  9. You are very productive! Looking good.
  10. That is a fine colour scheme. I like the use of a small area of sea green. Any more and it would have clashed with the purple.
  11. Nice. What colour scheme are you thinking of doing?
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