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  1. Absolutely nothing wrong with starting with a small project - my initial project aims wouldn't be much bigger than that, if it's bigger at all (15mm). But for me this project is about getting motivation to actually get a project finished rather than starting it and leaving it languishing for the next 5 years...
  2. Looks good. The shield definitely helps with the overall darkness from the front of the model. edit: looking at this on a different monitor there is a lot more contrast in the model than I originally thought.
  3. Looks good! maybe doing the underskirt in purple as well, and using a slightly different colour on the belt tails to provide a little bit more contrast between them and the skirt(are they they same colour?), but they're just personal preferences so feel free to ignore them 😉
  4. Late Great War (1917-1918) and Early War WW2 if I get that far.
  5. No photos as yet, but my plan for Project 2021 is to complete my 15mm Great War French force. The minimum force consists of: Tanks: 1 x Schneider CA1 1 x Char St. Chamond 5 x Renault FT Artillery: 2 x 75mm Mle 1897 guns Infantry: Command HQ 3 x Flamethrower teams 2 x 37mm Mle 1916 guns 2 x Fusilier Platoon 4 x Mortars 1 x Machine Gun Platoon (I believe that I have at least 1 more Fusilier Platoon, but the above is what I'm committing to as a minimum) If I complete all my Great War figures I'll extend this i
  6. I would agree with your wife here - superglue isn't a hobby expense 😉
  7. What, where? and thanks to those providing prize support!
  8. Post above updated with my plans for this project (at this stage). Here's hoping I don't get distracted and paint something from a completely unrelated game system instead!
  9. I'm in two minds about it as well - if I was running the competition I would probably allow you to take part with the caveat that any prize you may receive is to be donated, but I can appreciate @korocite's perspective as well in that it feels like it isn't in the spirit of the competition
  10. I'm in, I'll update this post when I've decided what to work on - choices are 15mm Great War French, or WarGods, or something else... Update: I'll be working on a 15mm French army for Great War. I have to confirm exactly what I'll have in the army, but it should be about 1500-2000 points worth - infantry, tanks and artillery - lots of infantry, 7 tanks and 4 artillery pieces IIRC If my some magic I manage to get all of that done I'll expand into a World War II French army - which is mostly Tanks. I'll be painting the infantry for this army at the same time as the Great War
  11. I suspect forum threads will see more traffic than the blogs, so maybe everyone has their own forum thread, but they can use the blog function if they wish - just link to it.
  12. That's my interpretation of everything as well. I think having up to June for entries sounds fair - obviously people who enter later will have less time to complete their projects... I'm also wondering if it is appropriate to allow people to have multiple entries, so long as they are all defined and started by the date cut-off - so, for example, could someone do up an Infinity 300pt force plus a full table of Terrain as two separate 'entries', or do we count this as a single entry but make it eligible for multiple prizes (if there is a prize breakdown based on type of entry. Actually,
  13. I will commit to painting something...maybe 😛
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