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  1. they've turned out well - and mixing too much resin is par for the course - it goes a lot further than what you realise!
  2. Looks pretty good to me - but if you think it doesn't look right, then go with your gut 😉
  3. @Krefey How about a list of manufacturers/suppliers in AU as well? Like yourself, Slave2Gaming etc?
  4. I must have something I can do...there may be some analysis paralysis going on... Tomorrow I may just pull out a few different models and roll a die to decide which one/s to paint.
  5. well, with the amount of rain we had this month I didn't have a chance to undercoat...so nothing done for me that's worth submitting 😞
  6. I use my ender3 stock, although it does keep getting out of level, so I probably should do something about that (I prefer printing on my Photon)
  7. Probably a little of both... But mostly the latter (for the record I haven't played a GW game for more than 10 years, and it was mostly the latter reason that drove me away...)
  8. Rick O'Connell - The Mummy Returns "I hate mummies"
  9. Deathclaw finished...wait, I said that earlier Photos
  10. Well, the aim of reducing my backlog is working I've completed the Deathclaw (photo later) and made a start on the other model Of course, I also acquired more models today, so on average I haven't reduced my backlog yet...the 3d printer isn't helping with that either
  11. Has a facetious font/format been nominated yet? If not I'll nominate purple simply because that is what's used on another forum I frequent so I don't get confused 😛
  12. I may resemble this remark - it's been working really well so far (at least this month I'll get something finished...well, finished enough)
  13. Taking a leaf out of Krefey's book, I've gone with a Fallout Deathclaw as my main attempt, with a Reaper Bones Avatar of Sokar as my bonus model. Let's see if I can actually get painting done this month!
  14. I'm sure I've got something I can fit in here..if I can find time to do the work!
  15. Hey look - I can finish my failure from last month, thanks @korocite
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