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  1. Maybe I'll repurpose last month's necromancer for this month's competition (one of these day's I'll actually get something finished!)
  2. Agreed, that's a mightly fine effort! I failed miserably on my efforts, I did get it undercoated, but that's about it
  3. What @Krefey said, light/careful application of a wash
  4. I have something to paint for this...must find it tomorrow and post! Found Necromancer from the TrollTrader Desert of the Dead kickstarter
  5. So further update - again very little has occurred this month, but at least I have photos. This is what I'm planning to complete: Tanks picture - St Chamond, Schnedier, 5 x Renault FT Infantry picture - 2 x Fusilier Platoons, 4 x 75mm guns, 2 x MG platoon, 8 x Mortars, 2 x 37mm guns, 3 x flamethrower teams, command teams, and some WW2 french on the RHS. So I have 2 more 75mm guns, 1 more MG platoon and 4 more mortars than originally identified, and I still have at least one fusilier platoon that isn't in the picture. Undercoat is um...Plastic Soldier company Khaki, started pain
  6. Now open for entries - remember this is self-assessed, so please feel free to enter if you haven't previously won a painting competition 😉 (oh, and if you make money out of your painting it probably means you aren't a beginner any more either 🙂 )
  7. At the request of a couple of members we've (well I've) decided to run beginner painting competitions in parallel with the regular monthly competitions. The plan at this stage is to run 3 of these throughout the year. As with the monthly comps there will be theme, selected by the winner of the previous competition. There may be a small prize on offer as well. The purpose of these competitions is to provide less confident painters with a space where they can submit a piece without feeling disheartened by the excellent work that many of this community are capable of. As such ther
  8. Just an update on this, I will be setting up semi-regular beginner/intermediate painting comps that may overlap with the reglar monthly comps, I just need to put together the rules - the main differences between the beginner comps and the regular comps will be that there will be some eligibility rules, and they'll probably run over 6 weeks rather than monthly. As with the regular monthly comps these will be themed with the winner of the previous comp selecting the next theme. More information to come soon.
  9. The tricky bit there is identifying when people are in that beginner/intermediate category - as most hobbyists are their own worst critics 😉 I would suggest that running a beginner one every month may be a bit much, but perhaps 2-3 times a year may be supportable
  10. very nice work For attachments, the total size you have available is listed on the posts - so it is possible you've reached the limit for your membership? Subscribers have a larger limit
  11. It's also why I picked a project that isn't quite as ambitious as some of the other projects Just ambitious for me considering that I only got 5 miniatures painted in the last 12 months
  12. Unfortunately due to school holidays and work I didn't have any time to get to this during January...didn't even have time to dig out all the models! Hopefully something will get done in February.
  13. Absolutely nothing wrong with starting with a small project - my initial project aims wouldn't be much bigger than that, if it's bigger at all (15mm). But for me this project is about getting motivation to actually get a project finished rather than starting it and leaving it languishing for the next 5 years...
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