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  1. i will attempt to finish the goblin spearmen i didnt even get around to starting last month!
  2. im down, to paint some randomly selected confrontation miniature ... computer says goblin spearmen
  3. Just an aside, if you have ever gotten that superglue fog on a clear piece of a model like a windscreen, apparently floor polish will make it go clear again. If you cant find pledge another brand that works is called future
  4. I just use Vallejo "thinner medium", which appears to be similar... I am not sure you would actually even need it, I add it to everything by habit... its definitely the costliest element of the wash, being the same price as paint... you can probably create a decent wash just by using water, ink and pledge. If i was going to do a heap of terrain I would probably leave it out, just make sure to test it on something and let it dry fully for evaluation before throwing it all over your terrain!
  5. Ok, so the heroquest zombie was given a lick of all equal parts... 2 drops of ink, pledge, water and thinner medium. its a fairly dark effect. I then added another two drops of pledge and water to the mixture, so 1 part ink and thinner medium, and 2 parts pledge and water. I inked the remains of the heroquest skeleton with it, and you can hopefully see how it slides off the high points more leaving the high parts less inky while still black lining the crevices...
  6. its pretty much just black ink (paint works too) mixed with pledge "one go" floor polish and water and/or thinner medium too. I dont have an exact ratio as you can change it to get different effects. I suppose the main idea is that the floor polish breaks the water tension allowing the ink to slide right over the high places on the model and sit in all those gaps etc. more ink = darker overall more water = lighter overall more pledge = lighter on raised surfaces (a certain amount is needed to break the water tension and get the ink sitting in all the gaps) more thinner medium = darker on raised surfaces (it thickens the mixture giving a bit more gradient on the shaded areas) the most important point is that pledge dissolves itself. so you have to apply a very thick coat all over the model, then carefully use your brush to collect the excess where it pools. if you apply more wash or drag your brush over the model at the wrong moment it will dissolve your previous efforts and leave strange light coloured spots. It was just trial and error really and did not take long to figure out, I will throw some on a model later tonight and take a few pics ...
  7. Sure! Its Vallejo Black Grey as a base, heavily dry brushed with Shadow Grey, then a lighter one with Coat d'arms Elven Grey. I used citadel bleached bone (which may be the most useful colour in the world) for the penultimate highlight. I used a fairly simple black ink +floor polish wash and very lightly hit the face and a few key spot with a post wash drybrush using Vallejo Ivory. Was by far the easiest model to paint and a nice intermission between hordes of fiddly skeletons and birdmen...
  8. Cheers! I havent played it myself, but I can say the minis were super high quality and easy to assemble with very tight tolerances
  9. Just got done assembling/painting these for my board game centric friend who did not realise what he had gotten himself into 😄
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