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  1. With the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo last Thursday we decided to ‘do’ Waterloo. We would to play our game with 6mm figures on 40mm x 20mm bases representing Brigades using Blucher Rules on an 1800mm x 1000mm playing field. So, with around 1500 little soldiers o the table we went for it! Dave controlled the Allied Army, George the Prussians and Marcus and I took command of the French. The battle began using the armies historical deployment! Initially the French made a wide flanking move on the Allied right while masking Hugomont. This turned into a major battle involving two French Infantry and one French Cavalry Corps. Against this the Allied Army arrayed their I and II Corps as well as the Brunswickers and a good portion of their Cavalry. To distract the French from this major offensive a British cavalry feint was launched against the French right while Bijlandt's Brigade launched an assault on the French Grand Battery (this madness must surely have been ordered by the Prince of Orange!). Both of these attacks were repulsed by the French. At this point the arrival of the Prussians forced the French to deploy a cavalry screen to slow them. This screen made up of two Light Cavalry Divisions and the IV French Cavalry Corps proved very effective and held the Prussians until late in the night when the Guard Cavalry was deployed to relieve the depleted units and maintain the screen. Effectively the Prussians were out of the battle at only a slight discomfort to the French. Meanwhile the French I Infantry Corps attacked the Allied left and in a seesaw struggle crested the ridge and captured Le Haye Saint! The Allied Army was under immense pressure at this point with gaps in the lines and many units out of action but they held together long enough to be saved by the fading light. The arrival of darkness brought the action to an end! The result: The Allied Army had taken heavy losses and had lost control of the Mont Saint Jean Ridge while the Prussians even though they had advanced aggressively had not broken through the French lines. The French at the end of the day commanded a central position the entire Guard Corps intact, the infantry of the VI Corps was still fresh and of course in the morning Grouchy’s men would be available having defeated Thielmann’s Prussians at Wavre. Both sides would have to finish the punch-up on the 19th! The Casualties... The Allies; 10 units lost and 1 retired, with a Break level of 11! The Prussians; 1 unit lost and 1 retired, with a Break level of 11. The French; 9 units lost and 6 retired, with a Break level of 19. Here's some pictures! The initial battlefield from the French side... The French moving around the Allied Army's right flank... Napoleon near his headquarters at La Belle-Alliance directing the Army of the North... D'Erlons Corps advances majestically toward the Mont Saint Jean Ridge with most of the Allied reserve shifted to their right, Jacquinot's Cavalry can be seen cresting the slope! The Prussian II Corps advances behind Von Bulow's troops, Frischemont is in the top left of the picture... The battlefield as night fell the depleted armies positions can be made out, from the west it can be seen the Allied army has been driven from the ridge six Brigades can be made out being pressed back by the French VI Infantry Corps. The Hugomont garrison is isolated. The 3rd Netherlands Division is in the lower left of the picture and the French Imperial Guard can be seen still in reserve behind La Belle-Alliance... From the east view the Mont Saint Jean Ridge has been cleared but Prussians can be seen approaching in force. The Allied garrison of Papelotte/La Haye is still in position... The full AAR with lots of pictures are on the TSOG Blog... TSOG Waterloo AAR Cheers!
  2. Hey Guys thanks for the replies! Thrak the elements for the jungle terrain are all from eBay. Search 1/72 palm trees, bamboo and jungle you’ll eventually see all of what I used. They cheap (made by pseudo slave labour?) in China and had free shipping! Magos we’ve played a bit of CoC now and it works well, we’ll stick with it for our WW II Skirmish gaming. I’ll put the AAR of our Queens Birthday Holiday game up soon!
  3. Over the current lock down I have finally completed my 1/72 Figures, Vehicles & Terrain required to play the CoC Malaya 1942 PSC. Everything ready to go... Some closeups! The jungle production line... Scratch-built Flamethrower Guys (the Aussie won't actually appear in these games but is set for future PTO games!)... The mighty Lanchester A/C is one of those cool interwar armoured cars and looks really cool! It is a Resin UV print from OTP and it is a great model! The detail is fantastic and there is not a print layer to be seen! Japanese support... Here's a link to the TSOG Blog with lots of details and more pictures! TSOG Blog Post We had a Aussie vs Japs game on the Queens Birthday Holiday Monday just to use all this stuff before commencing the campaign, I'll post up an AAR on it soon.
  4. We are using Sixty-One to Sixty-Five Rules, part of the ‘Song of...’ series.
  5. Great looking game, are you going to detail the ships?
  6. The ‘La Bataille‘ games have great graphics! Waterloo in 15mm, looking forward to seeing that. This June we are planning on playing a Waterloo game with Blucher Rules and 6mm figures.
  7. Hi Gentlemen! Thanks for all your comments! George has added an update to the TSOG blog with more on the Emu War! There’s details on the making of the tabletop, the rules and the actual history. Here’s a WIP of the table... A closeup of the finished job... And on the history side a picture of the Pickering Brook boys on ‘the bus’... There’s lots to read on the blog... TSOG Blog Emu Wars Part 2 I’m not sure where the Emus are from I can check it out, I know the other wildlife come from a variety of places! Cheers!
  8. One of my mates has decided to game the great Emu War of 1932! A few miniatures and some terrain building later and we were set to battle the birds! With relaxed Covid19 restrictions here we had a play test! Our piece of Western Australia... The army ready for action... Vic, by the truck watching Ray and Bert venturing into the bush... Ray from the Pickering Brook gang warily avoiding some nasty local wildlife... The full intro to “Through the fence and Defence...To the wheat fields beyond” is on the TSOG blog TSOG Emu Wars BTW do a search on Google for Emu Wars if you want details on how the Australian Army took on some flightless birds and lost 🤪...
  9. Hey MK thanks for your reply! 😃 I’ll be playing a game ‘solo’ in the next couple of weeks so will post the AAR up and see what response there is, gotta get a TGAA game done I’ve had planned for a while played first with the World Aflame Rules. Cheers!
  10. Just wondering how many Australians (this being an Aussie based forum) play Chain of Command by the TFL? The board has dedicated Flames of War and Bolt Action forums is there enough interest to have a Chain of Command one? I know FoW doesn’t compare doesn’t compare directly to CoC but BA does, platoon sized forces , so is BA more popular here in Oz than CoC? I’ve played both BA and CoC and prefer the latter. I have a good collection of 1/56 figures for European games and am just finishing up 1/72 forces to play a Malaya 1942 campaign...
  11. Late June 1863 the Southern Boys of Major General Early’s Division of the Army of Northern Virginia advanced through York towards Wrightsville with the intention of securing the bridge located there to enable a crossing of the mighty Susquehanna River! Hastily organised Federal Forces were organised to face the Confederate invaders and clashes occurred! At one small but steeply banked stream north east of York soldiers from both the North and the South searched for a suitable place to cross. With the hot afternoon sun beating down on the men clad in blue and grey a small footbridge with nearby fords was discovered and spot quickly became the focal point of their attention. It was not long before shouting and the crack of gunfire broke the serenity of that fateful summers’ day... The action was hot and fast once the sides engaged. The Southerners got to the objective, the footbridge first but both their flanks performed poorly. Meanwhile the Union forces deployed their flank troops well and were winning the firefight when the sides faced each other across the stream. I need of a decisive action to turn the tide the rebels charged across the footbridge in an effort to crack the Yankee centre! The federals however counter charged and in a bloody melee on the bridge defeated the Rebel attack which in turn caused the Southerners morale to crack and they retired leaving the crucial stream crossing in Union hands. Rebel Skirmishers were the first to reach the footbridge... The Yankees successfully got around the Rebels left flank! While the battle for the bridge continued a firefight commenced across the stream... The Rebs advance in the centre the battle was still there to be won despite the poor performance on their flanks... The climax of the action to secure the crucial bridge near York is reached, Yankees and Rebs charge and counter charge... "Hurrah! Take that Johnney Reb!" The battle is won by the Union after a decisive melee occurred on the footbridge... The scenario details and the full AAR with more pictures is on the TSOG Blog... TSOG Blog Link Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the heads up on this!
  13. Cheers Magos! I always prefer a proper scenario to so called ‘pickup’ games with balanced sides adds flavour and interest...
  14. We played this game using Blucher rules a few weeks ago with yet another scenario from the ‘oldmeldrumwargamesgroup’ team. This time we played the Battle of Grossbeeren (must be a good scenario as it has the word beer in it!). Here's how the battle developed, there were three main phases; the initial French advance, secondly the French IV Corp trying to breakout of the woods near Blackenfeld while the French VII Corps secured Grossbeeren and then finally the Prussian attack to capture Gossbeeren and the heights. The battle begins as the French IV Corps emerges from the woods before Prussians intent of defending the town of Blackenfeld... While the battle for Blackenfeld raged the French VII Corps captured the scenario objectives, the town of Grossbeeren and the heights beside it, as they are still concealed they are represented by the 'blinds'... The French IV Corps disperses the Prussians at Blackenfeld... ...but they had done their job these French had been delayed long enough and would not be available to relocate to Grossbeeren and Von Bulow brought on the Prussian right wing...16 Prussian Brigades now faced 7 French brigades! The French put up stiff resistance but the Prussians prevailed and were soon fighting in the streets of Grossbeeren... The full AAR is on the TSOG Blog... Blucher AAR Battle of Grossbeeren Cheers!
  15. Was due to catch up with mates on Monday night but our fortnightly game but sadly these nights are now temporarily on hold. Anyway I had set up a Song of Drums & Shakos game so thought what the heck I'll go ahead and play it solitaire! We'll still play it as a group eventually! Both sides patrols were tasked with occupying a foot bridge during the aftermath of the Battle of Gorodetschna August 1812. The Austrians got off to a better start than the Russians and were able to get their men into Victory Point earning positions early. After that the Russians were on struggle street never quite having enough activations to get their men into advantageous positions and more importantly their beefy Grenadiers into close combat. It ended in a bloody Austrian victory! The Russians advance into combat! The Austrian Jaegers draw first blood gunning down a Russian Grenadier! The Russian infantry seek cover behind a conveniently placed wagon while their Grenadiers, on the road attract the attention of the Austrian Jaegers! The Austrian light troops were on fire with their rifles and in one turn gunned down 3 Russians! After that chances of a Russian victory looked slim! The full AAR with pictures is on the TSOG Blog... Song of Drums-and-Shakos-AAR Cheers!
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