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  1. Thanks Gus! Cool period to play and looks great, but I still need need some cavalry (maybe camels?) to add variety to the force...oh and another 100 Mahdi spearmen! 😃
  2. Monday night we revisited The Men Who Would be Kings Rules this time the setting was the Sudan 1885! We chose Scenario H, A Sigh of Relief from the rules with the Mahdists on the attack. The game played so quickly we actually played the it twice the players swapping sides! The attacker tactics in both games were pretty simple CHARGE, in hindsight maybe no the best idea. Game 1 and the Mahdists were unable to overrun their objective and were driven back by the firepower on the British reinforcements. They didn't really look in with a chance of winning at any point. Game
  3. Yes odd topic title, let me explain. For my TGAA games which are based in an urban environment I need lots of buildings and I think full buildings placed on a table edge are wasted so decided to build some facades from scratch. That never got off the ground but I thought about some cheap Sarissa buildings I have so decided to halve them so I could place them along the table edge to create an urban border... From this... To these... Details and a sample table edge picture are on the blog... Blog Post Link Cheers!
  4. Well we played Terror on Skull Island Game and an entertaining night was had by all! The 4 Expeditions discovered treasures, amazing flora and fauna, fought for their lives, viewed the Mighty Kong and; encountered fetid swamps succumbed to the flora battled fierce native warriors discovered a stranded Aviatrix came face to face with Man-Eating Plants were assailed by dinosaurs! and saved a stray actress before she was sacrificed The winners on the night were the fine English Gentlemen of The Royal Overseas Shooting and Yachting Club but there wasn't
  5. We're set to play tonight! There is an update on the Blog with 'Historical' Notes and team details.. Blog Link! Here's a sample Player sheet... A teaser of what could happen, really just wanted to show off one of Al's carnivorous plants!
  6. Our Yule Tide game will be played next week and I've just put a teaser up on the Blog! Welcome to Skull Island located in the most remote parts of the Pacific Ocean… …an island of dangerous flora… …and even more dangerous fauna… …home of Evil Cults… …and most importantly a land overflowing with great treasures! Three Expeditions and the crew of the SS titan will be vying for prestige as they plunge into Skull Island's impenetrable jungle! Including Dotty Ol' Chaps from Great Britain… …and Evil Nazi's, who of course everyone hate… The Full 'Trailer'
  7. After the success of our first Dead Man's Hand game we took to the Wild West again this time in a town! We had four five character gangs and had a wild card, The Willoughby Travelling Photography Company had set up in town near the Hanging Tree! The shootout got off to a hot start the Lawmen in the centre of town and beset on all sides by Cowboys, Banditos and Indians! Despite the Law taking a couple of pot shots at the Cowboys they came to an arrangement with them to defend the town. The Indians and Banditos similarly ganged up...there’d be some falling out of bed fellows to come!
  8. Recently we played The Battle of Teugen-Hausen using Blucher rules! The scenario was sourced from the oldmeldrumwargamsgroup site, they have a lot of well prepared scenario on their site! A map of the battlefield to help when reading the below... Dave and George commanded the Austrians and Maurice and I the French. Victory would go to the side that occupied Teugen and Hausen at the end of the game or broke the opposition. The main French advanced quickly occupying Teugen and heading toward Hausen, their light cavalry covering their left flank. The A
  9. Tried out Great Escape Games Iron Cross WW II Rules Monday night. Used 10mm Pendraken figures for a 1944 battle between the Jerries and Brits! Two British Platoons deploy with armour support, each infantry base is a section... Scratch one Panzer! The below link takes you to the game AAR and thoughts on the rules for our use (not a full rules review!)... TSOG Blog Link Cheers!
  10. We have only played Dead Man's Hand once but it was such a hoot and the reaction so positive we knew we'd play more often and of course what do you need to play an Old Wild West game but an Old Wild West Town! I was in two minds when it came to this build, do I make just facades and have a Hollywood town or make complete buildings, well I went with the latter! I figured we'd need several buildings and luckily before I started a mate said he had a Wild West Saloon already built great news! My on hand parts included; 2mm 1mm & 0.5mm sheet styrene, pop sticks (ice-cream sticks
  11. We were set for some colonial action last Monday but that game was delayed so we played another Song of Drums and Shakos game as the rules, figures etc were all still close at hand from our last session. We played one of my home-grown scenarios using French and Russians forces, Capture the Bridge! Here's how the game played out... Both sides entered the battlefield in two groups, the French light troops deftly negotiated the fields and prepared to ford the stream while Lieutenant Francois busy sipping Napoleon Brandy and smoking a Gauloises cigarette (I know the time line issues ther
  12. This fortnight we returned to the Song of Drums and Shakos rules, we played the Attack on the Farm House Scenario. Dave and Maurice took command of the colourful Ottomans and I girded up my loins and led the out numbered but better trained Russians. The Story... With Captain Popoff on leave to receive an award after his glorious victory over marauding Turks Sergeant Putin redeployed their small picket force from the bloody site of their last action to a farm house behind a small brook. This would allow the men time to regroup and rest. They believed they had broken contact with the Turks
  13. Last Monday we tried out the Maurice rule set for the first time (coincidentally one of the players on the night was named Maurice...an omen?). Both sides comprised around 68 points of units and being our first game we didn't use any Traits or Notables (sub commanders). The British would be attacking so gained an extra Trained Unit (selected Infantry). The British Morale started at 14 and the Americans had a starting Morale 15. The Americans deployed one of their Units in the town (British Objective) and formed a line with their Conscripts in the front, their artillery on a nice bit
  14. Last Monday we tried out Escape Games Dead Man's Hand Rules! Setting the scene...1870, many Ranchers in the western valleys of Montana were having trouble with outlaws rustling doggies from their herds and then high tailing it into impenetrable mountains. The owners of The Ranch with no Name decided to make a stand against these low lifes and fight back! Some of the Action! The full AAR is on the TSOG Blog! TSOG Blog Link
  15. We revisited our Great Antipodean Adventure campaign last Monday. On the night we tested an updated set of A World Aflame rules, these rules have so much promise but also a few 'issues'. We swapped out the activation and morale rules for this trial, it was a resounding success we ha no issues with matching units off when activating and no book keeping was required when morale testing were needed. The replacement rules came from a VBCW set, Went the day Well. Okay the situation...Sunday May 29 saw the whole of the Sydney city centre engulfed in rioting and flames when all the rival faction
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