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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all Just letting those interested in taking part know, there is a globally-involved Kriegsspiel game starting up through facebook (just type Sealion 40; it's a private group). It's dedicated to re-enacting Operation Sealion (1940), Hitler's abandoned planned invasion of England. The game will be at command level so no individual troops are involved or required athough you can show off some minis to while the time before kickoff. The event is due to kick off around autumn northern hemisphere time, and is expected to run through several months. Commitment is a priority. There are alread
  2. So for the last little while I've been collecting and painting some 15mm WW2 stuff, a mix of PSC and FOW mostly. I'm not super happy with most of the first attempts I've made, so I'm revisiting my methods. Painted a base of German grenadiers today and I'm much happier with the result. Especially the bases, which have come out a treat with very little work. I'll try and update this as often as I have anything to show, but my work on this project is kind of sporadic. But we will see. Hopefully this thread will keep me motivated!
  3. Tried out Great Escape Games Iron Cross WW II Rules Monday night. Used 10mm Pendraken figures for a 1944 battle between the Jerries and Brits! Two British Platoons deploy with armour support, each infantry base is a section... Scratch one Panzer! The below link takes you to the game AAR and thoughts on the rules for our use (not a full rules review!)... TSOG Blog Link Cheers!
  4. Over the current lock down I have finally completed my 1/72 Figures, Vehicles & Terrain required to play the CoC Malaya 1942 PSC. Everything ready to go... Some closeups! The jungle production line... Scratch-built Flamethrower Guys (the Aussie won't actually appear in these games but is set for future PTO games!)... The mighty Lanchester A/C is one of those cool interwar armoured cars and looks really cool! It is a Resin UV print from OTP and it is a great model! The detail is fantastic and there is not a print layer to be seen! Japanese support...
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