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Song of Drums and Shakos AAR - Austrians vs Russians 1812

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Was due to catch up with mates on Monday night but our fortnightly game but sadly these nights are now temporarily on hold. Anyway I had set up a Song of Drums & Shakos game so thought what the heck I'll go ahead and play it solitaire! We'll still play it as a group eventually!

Both sides patrols were tasked with occupying a foot bridge during the aftermath of the Battle of Gorodetschna August 1812.

The Austrians got off to a better start than the Russians and were able to get their men into Victory Point earning positions early. After that the Russians were on struggle street never quite having enough activations to get their men into advantageous positions and more importantly their beefy Grenadiers into close combat. It ended in a bloody Austrian victory!

The Russians advance into combat!


The Austrian Jaegers draw first blood gunning down a Russian Grenadier!


The Russian infantry seek cover behind a conveniently placed wagon while their Grenadiers, on the road attract the attention of the Austrian Jaegers!

The Austrian light troops were on fire with their rifles and in one turn gunned down 3 Russians! After that chances of a Russian victory looked slim!

The full AAR with pictures is on the TSOG Blog...
Song of Drums-and-Shakos-AAR


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