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“Emu Wars - An Intro” - Update Added!

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One of my mates has decided to game the great Emu War of 1932! A few miniatures and some terrain building later and we were set to battle the birds!

With relaxed Covid19 restrictions here we had a play test!

Our piece of Western Australia...

The army ready for action...

Vic, by the truck watching Ray and Bert venturing into the bush...

Ray from the Pickering Brook gang warily avoiding some nasty local wildlife...

The full intro to “Through the fence and Defence...To the wheat fields beyond” is on the TSOG blog
TSOG Emu Wars

BTW do a search on Google for Emu Wars if you want details on how the Australian Army took on some flightless birds and lost 🤪...

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Hi Gentlemen!

Thanks for all your comments!

George has added an update to the TSOG blog with more on the Emu War! There’s details on the making of the tabletop, the rules and the actual history.

Here’s a WIP of the table...


A closeup of the finished job...


And on the history side a picture of the Pickering Brook boys on ‘the bus’...


There’s lots to read on the blog...

TSOG Blog Emu Wars Part 2

I’m not sure where the Emus are from I can check it out, I know the other wildlife come from a variety of places!


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That's a really beautiful aussie rural board there!

Did they really only have Lewis guns? I thought they had a Vickers, I'm sure a single pan of Lewis ammo wouldn't be much good even if it hadn't jammed!

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