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So i only recently got this game when there was a special a few weeks ago. And I am loving the hell out of it.

I'd love to start an online campaign, but that requires that all participants be there at the start and join in each time it opens up again.

Failing that, i'm just happy to talk about the game.

I'm playing the Empires campaign instead of the Vortex, mainly cause it seemed to have more race options, but i honestly didn't look much. I'm playing greenskins with Grimgor as my original hero, though so far i've managed to capture and consolidate Wurrzag and I've almost got Azhag. I have no idea where Grom is located (i got the DLC with him so i know he's around). I love that the greenskins just ignore diplomacy in favour of simply beating up the other mobs boss so that you own all their stuff.


I'm so far at roughly turn 110, also in the middle of a Waaagh that i launched at Thorgrim Grudgebearer. I have conquered his capital city, but i haven't wiped his faction out yet, i'm hoping to do that before the waaagh ends and i lose all those extra units. The next challenge after that will be dealing with Belegar and Settra, both of which have been chomping down on the southern end of my empire.

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It still boggles the mind how such an insanely good quality adaptation was made right when they nuked WFB...

My recommendation for the best "overhaul" mod is the "Grimhammer" overhaul, which improves the game in so many ways. Especially in that it gives factions more interesting choices for your buildings in towns, instead of vanilla where there's often a very clean cut optimal town build you just spam everywhere. It also makes town garrison units linked to your buildings, like older TW titles.

For anyone who has played neither game, I advise to start with the first game. It stands up really well on its own, and the campaign is different from the "mega campaign" in 2, so I still really advise people play the first game first. And then you get to move onto the second and all the small improvements it made!

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