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Australian Armour and Artillery Museum

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We were planning to go to Cairns in March this year, but the lockdown but the kybosh on those plans. 

Once they reopen the border to Qld, we'll look at planning it again.  And the economics of flying up or just spending a few days driving up.


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Just thought i'd add, normally the best time to go to Australian Armour and Artillery Museum is in August for AusArmourFest. This year however, they will not be doing tank rides - only a demonstration (which is itself impressive).

This is particularly annoying for me as normally AusArmourfest clashes with other stuff i have going on, but i made it my business to go last year, only to forego having a ride as it is quite expensive.

For anyone who is interested in coming along just for the demonstration, AusArmourFest is on the 29th-30th August this year.

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Jwai (ex-WAU) went a couple of years back, for their first armourfest (iirc) and commented that some of the tanks are better suited to the more petite body types (You pretty much have to be a munchkin to fit into most Sov tanks (their crews were often less solid of build and shorter. ).

I've been in a T-72, they aren't exactly roomy, and I'm 5'7.  

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