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Battletech is coming back!

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Hi guys, thought I would start a topic to find like minded players.

I'm getting back into battletech after being away from the game for almost 30 years.  I've already found 2 other like minded players amongst (hopefully) a budding community here in Canberra.

To restart my collection I already have 2 of the new starter boxes, 12 tanks (of 5 different designs).

By the end of the week I should have another 4 mechs and 2 aerospace fighters.

And I'm in the kickstarter in a big way - I have spent about $700 on it.


Are you still playing or getting back into the game?

Let us all know.

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Always loved the BattleTech universe, but never got into the actual tabletop game much.  I'm also in Canberra, so might be fun to try and find some time to play occasionally.

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Word on the street is that there will be a once a month thing happening at Jolt - the Tuesday night thing has stopped since the organiser retired and moved back to Batemans Bay.  The first one still needs a date to be set.  There is a Canberra BTech facebook group that gets a bit of traffic.

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Tuesday won't work for me unfortunately. I have CIT on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  Leaving my wife 3 nights in a row to look after our 4yo seems like a sure fire way to get into trouble :P

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Do you have a link to the Battletech kickstarter? (Too lazy to search....)

Always loved the models and the universe, only ever played the computer games, but absolutely loved Mech Commander, always fancied at the very least painting a lance or two.....

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I can not leave Campbelltown NSW until things get the all clear.  I am also probably only going to Canberra for CnCon when/if it occurs this year.


I have a small collection of Battletech minis and some scenery including 3D foam terrain boards that I used a while back to host Battletech at MOAB.

I might be able to do something once this CV19 is finished in about 3 or 4 years.




Capellan mechs and Battle armour close up.JPG

Clan frontline mechs.JPG

Clan protomecjs and battle armours.JPG

Clan second line mechs.JPG

Clan Vehicles.JPG

ComStar WOB  mixed force.JPG

Dracons Combine army mechs vehicles infantry and battle armour.JPG

Federated Suns mechs vehicles infantry and battle armour.JPG

Free Worlds League mechs and Battle Armour.JPG

Gargantuan mechs and map scale drop ship.JPG

Kellhounds wolf dragoons mechs and battle armour Barbers marauders II mechs.JPG

Lyran Battalion + Vehicle Battle Armour Battalion.JPG

Solaris VII mechs.JPG

My Battletech miniature Collection.docx

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